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  1. Got to my first level 4 skill on an IJN cruiser captain. Looking at it myself, it seems to come down to Demolition Expert (DE) or Survivability Expert (SE). I've googled this and DE seems more popular than SE, but SE would give about 8% more hitpoints. Still, DE still looks a bit better as I assume SE would be best (i.e. balanced for) on a destroyer. Which would you recommend using?
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  3. Now, obviously this could just be due to people yoloing more on the test server, or playing with ships they lack experience with etc. But I was surprised just how similar the tiers felt. A top-tier battleship is faster but less maneuverable than their tier 4 brethren. Rate of fire is about the same between tiers and the hit points/DPS ratio is also similar. Accuracy is better and the range is longer, but that seemed to be the only differences. This also goes for the cruisers. I didn't try the destroyers. I was also surprised that I could just jump into a top-tier battleship/cruiser and play no worse than at the low tiers - I'd expected to have some pretty bad games due to lack of experience but they were fine. How does the gameplay change on the real server, or is the gameplay the same at all tiers?
  4. Just wanted to say thanks everyone as this is a lot clearer now :-)
  5. Cheers guys, I meant in-game penetration tables: Something like Warthunders tooltips. I also mentioned it in case I was missing an obvious indication such as the cursor turning green/red if you could/couldn't penetrate. Yep, I knew to fire whatever was preloaded before changing to the desired ammo-type. Let's suggest a specific scenario: I get a new ship: The tier 5 Russian cruiser and I anticipate coming up against the tier 5 Russian battleship: Is it possible for me to find out in advance roughly at what angle/range I can penetrate the citadel of that battleship (or say, an average tier 5 battleship) and if so how do I find out that info?
  6. I think I have somewhat of a handle on this: For any ship: At DDs you ALWAYS fire HE. At other ships at long range (plunging fire) you fire HE. Then if you are a cruiser/battleship: At shorter ranges (when you are hitting the side of the ship) you fire AP and aim for the central waterline to try to get citadel hits. All good so far, but a few things I don't understand:Battleships have very long reload times, so changing ammo type based on target range seems impractical. iChaseGaming seems to fire AP all the time - is this the right thing to do? Does AP have a certain amount of penetration like WoT, so I should only fire at AP when I can penetrate the armour? If so, how can I tell how much penetration a given ship's AP shells have, and how much armour other ships have? Does this amount of penetrations drop off at range? If so, how much - are there penetration tables?Why not plunge fire with AP as shouldn't the citadel have less armour on top and be a bigger target?
  7. Yep, I spent some money on WoT. Played for about 2,000 hours as well.
  8. Thank you all. A bit of a review: I'm up to tier 4 dds and tier 3 other lines. The game seems fun and I'm Mostly enjoying the dds although I've only just realised I don't get spotting damage which seems strange. I see they are 'looking into it' but I think it's fair to say if it's not in the game yet then it'll probably never exist. This does seem odd though since I thought the purpose of a fleet destroyer was to spot the enemy. Overall the grind and P2W does seem somewhat less than WoT as there are no useless stock guns or premium ammo. Having said that I do still find the whole F2P nonsense annoying. Not because I mind spending money on a game (I've spent £1-2k on WoT), but instead because A. the prices are poor value relative to premium games, and B. because of the additional complexity this brings to the UI - if this was a premium game you could remove 1/2 to 3/4 of the garage UI and mechanics. And that leads me to the only really bad thing I've found so far... The severely restricted garage slots: I think I ran out of them by tier 2!
  9. Cheers guys, I'll hold off buying any premium at the moment. Currently just enjoying the low-tier dds so firstly I haven't hit that credit crunch and secondly there isn't a high-tier distinct premium dd on sale anyway.
  10. Thanks for the help. If the stock grinds are as bad as WoT then that is a big sticking point. It sounds like it's best to just play the game for fun at the low tiers then and see if it sticks. I have 26k gold in WoT. Would I be right in thinking I can't use it for anything except premium time in WoWS?
  11. Is there anywhere that displays the mean net earnings for premium ships (such as VBAddict for WoT)? I've had a look at a few stats site but can't find earnings. If not, what would the average player's average net silver earnings be for say, a tier 5 vs a tier 7 vs tier 8 premium? I ask as there are a few premiums (T5 Murmansk, T7 Atlanta etc) on EU on sale. Would one of these be worth getting or is it best just to get a tier 8? Thanks
  12. Hi, Longtime WoT player considering getting into WoWS. So, disappointed there's no UK branch, but anyway... I have a few questions about the game: 1. How much pay for advantage is there? I can see better fire extinguishers and avoiding stock grinds. Presumably crew skill upgrades. Anything else? 2. My biggest concern: How bad is the grind in terms of grinding out modules? Are many ships rubbish stock (as in WoT) or are they just slightly less powerful than a fully upgraded ship? 3. Are there any lines with a pleasant grind, or lines to avoid? Thanks