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  1. ArrNgee

    The Colorado... seriously?

    I think it's fine.. Needs to be played aggressive, but that's fine by me No problems citadel-hitting big BBs
  2. ArrNgee

    Soon advancing to tier 8..

    Thanks I'll share the secret, I startet playing during 3x XP weekend 3x XP + XP flags + Premium account adds up to quite a bit.. And I might have converted "some" XP on my way to the North Carolina from the Warspite, Murmansk, Atago, Sims, Gremyaschy, Yubari, Arkansas Beta
  3. So.. With the Colorado in my docks, I'm quickly advancing to the North Carolina ... I have the Atago as a tier 8 premium, but as it's not a BB, it doesn't represent tier 8 BB gameplay. How is the BB gameplay at higher tiers? Sniping from 20km's constantly? I know I have just over 100 battles and less than 50% winrate at the moment, but with this amount of battles, the WR doesn't mean anything at all. If you want to give me crap about sticking to lower tiers with so few battles, please take the time to actually check my individual ship-stats..
  4. ArrNgee

    WG'ing's way of stealing Gold through demounting modules.

    Well, honestly it's just stupid NOT demounting since the credits loss of destroying is far greater than the minor loss of gold. I get that you are a "freebie" and didn't want to pay, but the credit loss is real when destroying instead of holding on to the modules
  5. ArrNgee

    Is it possible to win in this game?

    I'm at 44% wins I have very few games in full release though.. But we had to carry hard with a division mate with New Mexico to win just one game (100k+ damage EACH)
  6. ArrNgee

    Cleveland - Help AP deals no damage

    You must be a BB player? Do you know how little XP you get from "just supporting the BBs? Unless the enemy is stupid they will never even be within engagementrange for your guns when you have a battleship close to you.. Cruiser playstyle for me is using the sheer amount of firepower to piss targets off with fires, torps and whatever I can throw at them. If a DD tries to get you, you should wreck it. But I will never "hang out" with BBs engaging people from 15-20km as that makes me nothing else than the BB meatshield
  7. ArrNgee

    Rewards for Premium ships are not scaling properly

    Lol a waste? The Atlanta makes me 500k credits on a real good battle and 300-400k on good ones (after expenses)
  8. ArrNgee

    WoT who?

    I stopped playing WoT with any seriousness and started playing waffen E100 with 150mm gun and HE ammo only
  9. ArrNgee

    Nagato- Useless.

    Actually I prefer nagato to the Fuso.. Met a Yamato today and ate 10-30k HP off per salvo (7km range)
  10. ArrNgee

    Q: Do we keep port slots after Closed Beta is over?

    Will gold I spend in-game be returned? E.g. I bought the Atlanta, will I have the gold I spent for that refunded? (of course as in-game gold)
  11. ArrNgee

    In what way are you related to (Navy) ships?

    I guess just being Norwegian qualifies Our history of travelling across the continental seas in longboats only navigating by the stars to today's navy being one of Europe's most modern navies. The only way to make contact with other people was with goddamn boats unless you wanted to stumble your way into Russia or Finland in the north where there was really nothing to live for.. Personally I don't have any association with the navy or its history, I just like big "boats" with big guns
  12. ArrNgee

    Battleship rebalance suggestion - avoid draws

    Very good suggestion. They could essentially make the domination battles the standard and only gamemode as it is "impossible" to draw it while they rework the others.
  13. ArrNgee

    Battleship rebalance suggestion - avoid draws

    How come it will cause me trouble? I just posted a short post with some ideas to be discussed, if you mean "trouble" by making a discussion, that's just what I want. Point of this is making a discussion to find a way of having less draws
  14. ArrNgee

    Battleship rebalance suggestion - avoid draws

    If not, they need to recuce the map sizes to make it less of a draw-fest
  15. As it stands now, I have way too many draws due to battleships staying alive for too long. Often the game goes like this: - Battleships go to opposite sides, shoot blanks at 20km and get the occasional hit. - Staying so far away cruisers and DD's can't get close enough to strike them - Battle goes down to 5 minutes and only some low HP cruisers and DD's are left + some full HP BB's - Enemy has a d*c*-head BB that has been hiding all game in the back - Team decides to try and kill him since it will take 3-4 minutes getting to their cap and another 3 mins or so to cap - Game ends in draw since they can't kill him and have to stay on long range due to limited time Suggestion: Option 1: Increase turret speed and make the BB's more nimble. Take away their insane range (e.g. 20km --> 14 km) -This will force them to come closer to engage and thus letting others engage them easier aswell -The increased turret speed and maneuvrability will make possible staying closer du to being able to turn the turrets and ability to dodge torps easier Option 2: Take away some HP (e.g. 56k --> 45k) and increase their accuracy slightly. - This will make them die a bit quicker and make them able to kill each other a bit easier What are your thoughts on this? Please answer in the poll