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  1. Well fine, Conqueror has 11km while Missouri and Iowa have 12km then. Still not gamebreaking to me.
  2. Really? Not even on the minimap? Can you link it?
  3. The team will still see them. And that is what matters.
  4. To be honest IJN torpedoes are still good enough. You just cannot sit in the back spamming them without ever getting into danger yourself. Instead you have to get into the action and catch them off guard. My IJN DDs will farm lots of salty RN BB tears...
  5. Perth is super silly and OP as [edited].
  6. My Missouri doesn't care about T10. Just like my T-55A in WoT never did...
  7. This division might benefit even more from a Missouri with concealment and Radar.
  8. Penetrating AP and HE shells can be repaired quite a lot, which is exactly their strength. Only citadel hits from AP or torpedoes are their weakness. Which is exactly why we will see typical BBaby camping in the back. The good HE of RN BBs will even support that. Not even the ultimate brawling class (German BBs) was able to change that.
  9. Missouri has similar concealment AND radar. It has the same vulnerability to torpedoes and IFHE that keeps it in the 2nd line.
  10. Torpedo damage is dealt to the citadel. So they can only heal 10% of it. They have nothing to spot torpedoes in the water (no plane/hydro). It will be very risky for them to use their concealment to get into the 1st line of battle. Good nerf would be shorter AA range, so CV-Torpedoes can be a hard-counter to prevent them from going lone-wolf.
  11. I am sick of dumb players who don't understand how the classes interact. Ruins the game for me.
  12. Everyone relax. Compared to IOWA, Conqueror has -1km on sea and +1km on air detection. (11/12 vs 12/11) With so many spotter planes around, it is kind of similar concealment. IOWA is not breaking the game either.
  13. Worked for me. Received that "Armored Warface" code from the initial loot too, but also coins which you can use to get a "loot pack" which then contains the warships code.
  14. Best against bow-on BBs seems to be using 419mm and HE. Has been said already.
  15. You also get special flags for trying the ships (3 of each per ship). Nice.