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  1. Wow, and no fires. Do you have the replay?
  2. The guns seem to only really work against BBs, if you get close. Making GC a daredevil and a partyboat.
  3. The lower armor levels are quite nice. I think you can only eat citadels when making mistakes.
  4. Yeah I kite a lot in that thing. Feels like a heavy cruiser that is just immune to random citadels. Stille more fun than something like the slow October Rev.
  5. Definitely not OP, but good enough to finally have fun in a low tier BB.
  6. Maybe you're right. Don't really play the Aki. Was just thinking that BBs often get out of range, after I set them on fire from smoke, in my Harekaze. Doesn't matter since I usually combine it with flooding, but Aki is lacking torps.
  7. Short range is very handy to disengage after DD fights. Wouldn't pick AFT on my Harekaze. Akizuki is a pure Gunboat though, making the range nice for setting fires, I guess.
  8. Me too, switched from Tanks to Warships last Winter. Got really bored with the way Tanks went ahead... Luckily I had tried the Beta back then.
  9. Absolutely. While the turning circle is really good, the rudder is too slow to open up that wide.
  10. Before the newest IFHE buff, it was perfectly viable to not use it on the Akizuki, to keep a good firechance. Those 100mm are extreme firestarters. Combined with flooding from torps, you can be super dangerous to BBs. And DDs in randoms usually don't angle against you, so you can shoot AP for good results.
  11. Go for it Tank, Gojuadorai and I bought it as well. The speed is what I was missing in October Revolution and Arkansas Beta.
  12. I completely agree with CE+FP for all BBs. I was just pointing out that the strong HE meta is forcing BBs to hide away and disengage more often. (Long range) focus fire is so strong now, that BBs have to stay more passive. At least it is possible to push IFHE smokes now. That supports aggressive play.
  13. Yay the HE meta. Totally not making the game more passive...
  14. So how is it going? Are you getting your first premium in the marathon?