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  1. Dont call GF and mess in the port at the same time

    Support might be willing to restore it. You will need to have the credits available though.
  2. Please help me with Aircraft Carriers

    Midway has 200dpm on its 127mm, Haku has 250dpm on its 100mm. Doubling that is nice, but will it stop another TX CV? Increasing your panick radius from 3.5 to 4.2 km is significant in any case.
  3. Please help me with Aircraft Carriers

    I think DefAA on CVs will only boost the mid range guns (not sure though). So it might be more useful to skill AFT and increase the panick radius.
  4. Well, we met you guys when we were still in Gale and you were Typhoon already. While I am personally fine with it (and it luckily went well for us), I don't see why it is a good idea to mix Gale and Typhoon. Why not +1/-1 ? Would be much more balanced.
  5. CBT has returned please sum up the last 2 years.

    Trump became president, and Bitcoin went through the roof for a while.
  6. Please help me with Aircraft Carriers

    According to that 3dgamemodels site, one Saipan 1000lb HE bomb has a firechance of 1.62, compared to 0.05 on a USN DD shell. So DE will buff your firechance from 162% to 164%. Why would you take that???
  7. Actually WG made this ship especially for (people like) you. It is not meant to be versatile and competitive, but to simply inflict high damage on BBs.
  8. What is the Purpose of the GZ Hydro WG?

    Not talking AFT skill here, but upgrade module.
  9. What is the Purpose of the GZ Hydro WG?

    It is only useful, if you lost all your planes. I would prefer more range on the secondaries, since the weak fighters make it impossible to slot the secondary upgrade.
  10. Twitch Q&A 15/02

    France will be the one TX BB that has only 8 guns. The shells are already inaccurate by nature. Why does the dispersion have to be that bad too?
  11. DDs and citadelling= longest penetration you made

    Dude, there are mostly little children here...
  12. WoWs Warpack - Is it legal?

    "Autoshot" is the best mod for eating Pizza. Actually tired of shooting the guns myself.
  13. Graf Zeppelin Test ship.

    Yeah it is crazy, how weak the GZ is against the Enterprise. That one mistake cost him his few fighters, and made him helpless for the rest of the game. But of course you could even have forced the engagement with him having an advantage, just to make him bleed those few fighters anyway. GZ is simply screwed against a decent enemy CV.
  14. I don't think any premium ship except the Sims earns bonus experience. And no, you are probably just allowed to put in any french captain.
  15. Graf Zeppelin Test ship.

    As long as the ship doesn't have to give up anything important for the Hydro/Secondaries, I'm loving it. Because whenever your team loses, you at least get a chance to push in and have some fun. But yeah, it will not help CV play, so it should just be a compensation for the awful concealment, nothing more.