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  1. __Helmut_Kohl__

    0.9.1 - Updates to Upgrades

    Thank you for the answer. The fact that the +2 flak explosions were moved to the AA mod 2 (last slot) instead though, indicates that it is actually considered more effective. Meaning that this is actually an AA-nerf in order to make dodging flak easier for the less skilled CV players.
  2. __Helmut_Kohl__

    sneak Asashio nerf (rant)..

    Why do you think it says "range of assured acquisition" ? Also I read it somewhere from WG. It would be a bit stupid if the 2.5 detection torps would suddenly be more stealthy with this upgrade, don't you think?
  3. __Helmut_Kohl__

    sneak Asashio nerf (rant)..

    No, the upgrade just sets the minimum detection 1.8, the stupid torps stay stupid at 2.5. And +5% speed will not change that, as it just means 14.8 sec(!) reaction time for the target, instead of 15.5 sec.
  4. __Helmut_Kohl__

    ST, matchmaker changes.

    Buff rocket-planes, we still have too many TX games with 4 DDs per side.
  5. __Helmut_Kohl__

    sneak Asashio nerf (rant)..

    Maybe I qualify to answer this: You only play it for the torps. I really don't like this new upgrade, as Deepwater-torps have always been a trade-off, especially Asashio's torps. And especially Asashio's main targets are likely to have the upgrade installed.
  6. __Helmut_Kohl__

    0.9.1 - Updates to Upgrades

    Why did you remove the additional Flak bursts from AA mod 1 ? Just interested in the balancing decision behind this. @MrConway maybe?
  7. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Changes in the armory

    Flint is quite cheap - maybe you would feel different if you had spent more. Still it is your opinion and that's ok.
  8. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Changes in the armory

    Did you recently spend your steel on one of the ships that will be transformed into coal yourself ?
  9. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Changes in the armory

    There is no point in trying to fight you on that opinion, but you know very well that steel is much harder to get than coal and that this is a punch in the gut for everyone who recently bought such a ship for steel.
  10. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Changes in the armory

    @MrConway will we be able to get a steel refund on Neustrashimy, Flint and Black ? Earning steel requires a lot of hard work and devotion to the game. People have put in that work and earned the steel to be able to acquire ships that are otherwise not available. They have spent their hard earned steel on these particular ships believing that they can only be acquired this way. Personally, I bought Neustrashimy for steel just a month ago and now I feel kind of fooled, as I could just have gotten it for coal by waiting a few months more.
  11. __Helmut_Kohl__

    ★AA exploit! Sector reinforcement sniping☆

    That is because of the spotting delay for ships firing their AA - it is generally annoying in a CV. Why is there even such a delay in the first place?
  12. Yes. Fighters would actually need to be more resistant to AA and they would need to ignore enemy fighters, to be useful for air interception at all.
  13. __Helmut_Kohl__

    WG causing the Blowouts?

    Most people just don't show up there yet, as they don't have enough battles yet.
  14. __Helmut_Kohl__

    First game in the Puerto Rico.

    And your thoughts on the ship (and your result screens) are too important for the existing threads, I understand.