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  1. Operations: Give us Schnellboots!

    Apart from the fact that they are 3 times bigger than a Schnellboot and only do 36 knots ?
  2. Operations: Give us Schnellboots!

    The Schnellboots from Operation Dynamo are of course a total meme. I wonder if it would be a lot of work to let us control these ourselves in a new Operation...
  3. Did you get any British DD-missions from the containers?

    Got this. Quite happy. Don't think I can change my vote though...
  4. STALINGRAD cruiser. how to get him??

    Clan Wars and Ranked only. It was a ton of work over a long time to get that ship. Especially for those of us who have to work in a real job as well...
  5. Clan Base 2.0: WG favoring BIG clans again

    Fair point, but what about our existing members ? Should they not be able to get full steel/coal boni ?
  6. Clan Base 2.0: WG favoring BIG clans again

    Are you for real ? Of course we need steel and coal bonuses to attract players at our level.
  7. Clan Base 2.0: WG favoring BIG clans again

    If there is indeed no good solution, we have to choose from what is left. Countless small clans not being able to build a proper base is worse than a few big clans having nothing to spend on anymore.
  8. Clan Base 2.0: WG favoring BIG clans again

    Clan Size = Capacity
  9. Clan Base 2.0: WG favoring BIG clans again

    No I just want the small clans to have adequate prices as well. Thx mate.
  10. Clan Base 2.0: WG favoring BIG clans again

    I was told from NA that for the "steel port" alone you need 260.000 Oil. Coal sitting somewhere at 150.000 Oil. So only the big clans will be able to give their members all the bonuses. Does WG want the smaller clans to disappear entirely ? It is hard enough to get new members already. Big clans already have a lot of advantages over smaller ones. (For example: They can field multiple CW divisions under the same rating simultaneously, so they reach Typhoon/Hurricane at day 1 or 2 of CW already. Instead of letting them field their divisions under multiple ratings - but only one division at a time for each rating - so that they would have to grind just like the rest...) But that was still fine with me. What is not ok though, is letting the small clans starve because they simply cannot build a proper base anymore. What is the plan here WG ? You obviously did not want the new base to be a grind for everyone, since you didn't increase the upgrade cost with clan size / increase the cost for expansion after upgades. Do you only want a few big clans ?
  11. Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    CVs will still try to use their single squadron to spot a capping DD etc, but that is ok. The problem is indeed just the omnipresence of RTS carriers in a game that focuses on concealment.
  12. Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    The problem was simply the amount of squadrons enabling a single player to keep everyone spotted. But I think you know that.
  13. I'm a submarine...you're a submarine...we're submarines

    Nah that would just be your average 20km-Shimakaze-guy. The rest of us is actually playing DDs like super-light-cruisers.
  14. I'm a submarine...you're a submarine...we're submarines

    Its all such a big drama... How about this: the game is going to need new content in order to generate profit. As long as they make this new content interesting, that is good for the game. So lets all just kick back and wait for the actual details of a possible introduction into the normal gameplay, before we jump to conclusions.