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  1. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Your "Famous Last Words"

    Here is Fastmotion's Forum: https://wows.createaforum.com/index.php
  2. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Farewell Fourmites.

    @Bear__Necessities See you on Discord mate. o7
  3. __Helmut_Kohl__

    What do you think of Jager?

    Why does everyone compare it to the Halland? It is not a TX. And since the playstyle is different, it should also not be compared to Östergötland, but to something like the Yugumo (let's not compare it to Benham, which is currently not available anyway).
  4. __Helmut_Kohl__

    What do you think of Jager?

    Why does a collection have to be something of material value? Many people just do it for the "hunt". And isn't it normal to waste some money on your hobbys, instead of investing all of it?
  5. __Helmut_Kohl__

    What do you think of Jager?

    If you don't think that fast torps with a tight spread are interesting... Z-44 with SE has 22.500 HP; Jäger with SE and SI has an overall potential HP pool of around 31.800 HP. Smoke on Jäger would be nice yes, but to me it is not really needed. Both ships have pathtic guns. If I want a gunboat or a JOAT, I will play something else. At least Jäger has amazing concealment, which Z-44 does not have.
  6. __Helmut_Kohl__

    What do you think of Jager?

    If you think so. To me Z-44 has nothing interesting. Jäger is also no Benham, but the fast torps combined with amazig concealment and heals look like it could be a lot of fun to play (as long as you don't get focused by a CV, which is true for any ship).
  7. __Helmut_Kohl__

    What are your thoughts on the Halford?

    Talk to the hand.
  8. __Helmut_Kohl__

    What are your thoughts on the Halford?

    I was actually wondering if this is a bug or intentional, because it does not display two bars for the two squadrons. Did WG state somewhere if it is supposed to have two charges?
  9. __Helmut_Kohl__

    What are your thoughts on the Halford?

    @DerKleine I would be more interested in your actual opinion about the ship than you trying to argue against a wall. :)
  10. __Helmut_Kohl__

    New auction

    I don't really play the game anymore, so I will not get any more steel. This means I only spend the steel I got left for stuff that is new or unique. After buying Gato I have 55k left. So ist doesn't make any sense to spend 30k on this old DD that was never really exceptional and got powercrept a lot since release.
  11. __Helmut_Kohl__

    New auction

    I had just used my coupon to get Neustra for steel then and did not see the point in getting Somers without coupon before the removal, even though I had more than enough steel. Today it makes even less sense for me to get it, even though I still have plenty of steel left. They added so many ships that are stronger and much cheaper to get...
  12. __Helmut_Kohl__

    New auction

    They only said it may return in the future. But not how or for which resource: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/update-0912-new-year/ https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/update-0102-italian-battleships-part-2/ Well, it did return with this auction.
  13. __Helmut_Kohl__

    New auction

    No, they said that only for Neustra, Black and Flint.
  14. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Somers is just WAY worse Gearing?

    If you put Somers' 3x4 on top of each other, you have a much tighter spread compared to Gearing's 2x5 on top of each other. This is because one Somers set has the same spread as one Gearing set, just with 1 torpedo less. The possibility to stack torps like this made Somers especially useful against bow-in Stalingrads etc. back in the day, when it was used in CW a lot.
  15. __Helmut_Kohl__

    New auction

    WoT has been in said "final phase" since 2015 or so, still going strong...