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  1. __Helmut_Kohl__

    New EULA?

    Well, there is at least one here, who couldn't care less before playing a video game, which is me. It honestly doesn't matter what it says. Nothing it could say would change my mind about playing the game anyway.
  2. __Helmut_Kohl__

    New EULA?

    No lawyer in his right mind would ever read an EULA before playing a video game. 1. https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?qid=1429176294813&uri=CELEX%3A31993L0013 2. Who cares anyway? What's going to happen to you?
  3. __Helmut_Kohl__

    New EULA?

    Is there any scenario in which you would not simply accept the EULA to play the game?
  4. __Helmut_Kohl__

    dont buy super ships until!

    That's something around 7.5 mil credits. Will certainly not wait around 5 weeks for that, if I want to buy a ship.
  5. __Helmut_Kohl__


    PSA: I would wait for the patch notes on Monday, before using the coupon.
  6. __Helmut_Kohl__

    What's the rationale behind -1 / + 1 match making?

    Because they want you to keep grinding those higher tier ships? What do you think is their business model, sweet summer child?
  7. __Helmut_Kohl__

    [Poll] Did you buy the Tier XI "Superships"?

    WG has got you covered mate, you can actually play CW without them:
  8. __Helmut_Kohl__

    [Poll] Did you buy the Tier XI "Superships"?

    Excuse me Sir, are these your most played ships:
  9. __Helmut_Kohl__

    [Poll] Did you buy the Tier XI "Superships"?

    You forgot the CVs.
  10. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Can We Nerf British BCs' AA?

    I am generally not concerned by a Mino if I am not in a T8 CV. Unless he is low, he is not a great target though, so I will usually just spot him on the way to my actual target.
  11. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Can We Nerf British BCs' AA?

    If that thing is in your way or close to your target, a strike will be too costly, so I actually avoid it.
  12. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Can We Nerf British BCs' AA?

    Austin and T9/10 NL CA can actually be quite scary with AA skills and activated DefAA.
  13. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Can We Nerf British BCs' AA?

    Doesn't look like you are actually countering them, if they keep winning...
  14. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Can We Nerf British BCs' AA?

    It's easy to talk for you behind your fancy keyboard with those "A/D buttons".