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  1. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Georgia/Ohio topkek thread

    Can you stop spreading wrong information as a moderator ?! People will believe you. She still has "battlecruiser dispersion" (based on Graf Spee). She has the normal heal. The reload is simply quicker, like on Massachusetts/Gascogne.
  2. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Georgia/Ohio topkek thread

    Hold your horses, it is Graf Spee dispersion, which is in the middle between cruisers and BBs. But you only have six guns as well, just like said Graf Spee, which can feel underwhelming at times. Plus it has worse sigma (1.8) than Graf Spee (1.9).
  3. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Lexington- What upgrades to choose?

    Why do you even think you need 68mm for a light cruiser? Please stop giving "advice" without actual knowledge on the matter, as some people might believe you.
  4. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Lexington- What upgrades to choose?

    At lower tiers (T8 and less) where CVs don't have deck armor, you can damage them more easily. But if the CV is not an idiot, you can't kill it without losing the game in the meantime.
  5. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Lexington- What upgrades to choose?

    Inb4 Beastmaster goes on about how the his posts are subjective and cannot be false/lies. The question whether he posted a build or not is of course a fact, not an opinion.
  6. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Lexington- What upgrades to choose?

    Answering to this would be against the forum rules. Have a nice day buddy.
  7. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Lexington- What upgrades to choose?

    Stop it with the "glass cannon" already. A decent CV player doesn't need an AA or secondary build to stay alive till the end. Just pay attention to the minimap and don't just park somewhere. All you need is a brain.
  8. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Lexington- What upgrades to choose?

    You know nothing John Snow. Yes they will wreck your team rather quickly, especially DDs and also cruisers if they have AP bombs. Your refusal to part in the actual battle is a huge burden for your team. No you cannot kill a good CV player that fast.
  9. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Lexington- What upgrades to choose?

    Really? NO, it is not a "glass cannon", because you don't need any AA investment to stay alive. Just don't park your CV when attacked. NO, it is not "all or nothing", because an enemy CV will never be able to kill you before you have raped their team in the meantime. How do you think "nothing" is supposed to look like?! You dying 5 min into the game to a snipe attempt?! Maybe you can pull that off, but that would be rather questionable.
  10. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Lexington- What upgrades to choose?

    Dude what are you talking about? Enemy CV being stupid enough to try to snipe you all game is the best thing that can happen to you. And no, you don't need to invest anything into AA to stay alive. Just keep moving and evading torpedoes, that's it. You can also leave a Fighter when starting a new attack squadron, no extra effort necessary. Overall, you will farm his team while he is wasting his time.
  11. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Lexington- What upgrades to choose?

    Sight Stabilization is not worth the 4P in my opinion, as the effect is very small. And DE is also not useful, if you are using Tiny Tims. I currently like this build:
  12. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Montana buff when?

    Hey dude, you don't really want to talk about sharing an account here I believe.
  13. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Ranks not showing on the end battle screen

    It has been changed quite a while ago, at least two updates, maybe more.
  14. __Helmut_Kohl__

    Where is the promissed ARP hide in port?

    This fix should be #1 on the list of least important fixes.
  15. __Helmut_Kohl__

    DD carries the game, CV gets the blame

    You just have more sympathy for him now, because you also failed to dominate Ranked in CVs, like you promised before in every second thread...