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  1. I've submitted a ticket to wargaming. Hopefully they'll get back to me soon. In the mean time any suggestions for me are welcome.
  2. I tried it and it didn't work I'm afraid
  3. Ok I will try that. Queue times are a bit long at 4:12am so I'll likely try tomorrow
  4. Here is another example of it happening. The tracers can clearly be seen in a different location to where the shells actually explode. please note 43ms ping.
  5. What I meant when I said it would get better or worse is that surely if it was just lag, the problem wouldn't be constant. It would come and go just as lag does. Unless you live in Australia and play on the EU server. Then you'd constantly have 200ms ping but I live in the UK and play on the EU server. Sometimes the game works sometimes it does this but it'll do it for weeks not like a petty lag spike that last a few minutes at best.
  6. If you're saying lag doesn't get better or worse then you're straight up lying because ping, packet loss and jitter all change - all the time. I'm also not sure what you mean by an issue close to home.
  7. You know I think it's something to do with how the ships are rendered upon detection. When they render in a normal match the exhaust fumes from the smoke stacks appear first and a split second later the ships model appears. In a game where this bug occurs, the ships model appears (stationary but with a wash at the bow of the ship as though it is moving and then suddenly starts moving). Maybe this delay in movement when the ship renders is what is causing the desync between the model and the hitbox?
  8. Lag would mean it gets better and worse but this is uniform across all the matches I play.
  9. It's hard to see but my ping in the attachment says 35ms (not the notorious -35) and I can tell you that it's not just small amounts of time until it resyncs and goes back to normal. This happens for the whole match, every match. Like I said other games would lag too.
  10. Sorry here is the attachment
  11. So when the game was release this happened and there was no fix to be found anywhere. It seemed to just fix itself. About a week ago I started playing again and it was all really fun until yesterday. The desync was back. It's not my internet because it doesn't happen on any other games and my ping and jitter are fine (plugin won't run so packet loss wouldn't show but that's fine because I'd notice it on other games). I don't know why it happens or what to do about it. You can see on the attached picture that it's displaying the ship somewhere else (the shells wouldn't explode in mid air). This makes aiming way harder and also completely removes me from the game mentally.
  12. jgt201196

    Lag, FPS drops and sound stuttering

    When you say we all have server issues, what do you mean? Because I've had horrible desync issues and I feel like it's just me