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  1. ZWC

    Naval Legends: U.S.S. Cod – Part 1

    And if Sub's enter the game,.... finally there is no escaping the OP line must be the German one!
  2. Where did you get that thought? No! re-skilling for Naval-battles?? huh. obvious you don't re-skill for that, but the point I was making is..... the free re-skilling option should be open for clan players! and naval-battles does count as a match between clan's so as clan-battle! Why we do not had the option..... It was about having the option to re-skill for free. for clans... Nobody re-skill a ship for naval battle.
  3. non of my clan got the free resets... Naval battles are clan related! so why not the clan benefits here for us?
  4. @Crysantos Hi, did you received my PM about the errors off invited friends? First try, I had to choose a way... e-mail in this case. But that was linking my own e-mail to the system? rest went wrong as well....
  5. Thanks for reply and sorry not all was on-topic. Still it worries me how sales and shop is running. Invite system is part of sales. I do like the better reward for inviting.... but to me this is a bit late
  6. what worries me is,... last few months. We see many sales of ships that used to be rare... in store or in crates... And more frequently there are containers for sale... We hop from one to next event (including Premium crates) in overlapping... sometimes triple overlap. etc. etc. Now we can have better rewards if we invite people.. is it going downhill ? I mean, if you want more players... than improve the game. Do not implant fantasy BB line's or if, do not make them too good. you mostly "improve" without listening to the players that actually play. Now I know that it's very hard to change things everyone's way.... but it ain't that hard to figure out what real players want. And if even the whales can't keep-up buying all new stuff.... you definite missing
  7. ZWC

    Update 0.8.4: Soviet Battleships!

    - The amount of posts is depressing, I agree. - there is simply no avoiding.... So I guess every single forum visitor had to deal with this agony. - @Bruecki2938 your question is legit seen the high % of non info posts that more seems to be replies just for reply sake. And yes, like every forum has its dwellers... the posts are often... (95%) , pro WG. I guess we should respect his efforts , still many posts did actually info players. But the amount of light attacks towards forum-visitors in these +16k replies does worry me. (a reason why I write this "light" attack as token for lost time)
  8. ZWC

    Developer Diaries: Soviet Battleships

    How sad,... this game was nice for several reasons. One of the reasons was not having Russian Super Fantasy Power! I had high hopes for this NAVAL game just because Russian NAVAL power never really existed. So I figured WG coundn't ruin this NAVAL game by implanting daydreamers. Yet they find a way to implant the German accuracy into their own fantasy BB line. An accuracy, WG neglected to handout to the real masters of accuracy btw. !!!!
  9. ZWC

    May Combat Missions: Bismarck in Action!

    first to spot the German beauty in battle gets a container.... So only CV players will get these rewards.. Hummmm. edit ; got it in the first game. were no CV's in it...
  10. I played 1 battle today. this morning. In my Asashio. 2 CV's per side... one tier 8 and 10. rest was all tier 9 and 10. (so I hat not much of high hopes) till last few minutes our team (me and the 2 CV's) had 410 base points. the enemy team (2 CV's, 2 cruisers and 1 BB left) had about 440 base point) I had to cap a base to get 2 out of the 4! and their planes had me spotted of course. Well we won although just because I finished a Seattle at the last minute. (with guns naturally (torps can't hit Cruisers)) Torps on way to hit their last BB needed just 7 more seconds... but timer closed battle. Was top of my team with 2687 base xp and about 160,000 damage done. a lot of ribbons and heavy caliber. Being a potato, it's sad nobody noticed.
  11. Very funny, (sad actually) so if some mod will show how I'm angled... going forward or reverse and how fast... or does the better aim for you. And some mod will show I'm a potato. All fine, just remember I did my shooting all by my self... who's the potato. And if such player sink my ship just because the split second of "mod" advantage ...... good luck with your life. Fact is, you never know why the player at the other end is performing the way he/she is. (good or bad) So many issues to take in account... PC high end / software / hardware... connection etc. Also personal issues. physical , all kinds. slow or faster reaction time... or disabled somehow. So a potato isn't showing any of these reasons. Surely it's a bit sad if you consider yourself to be better than the potato... for than you probably will blame others a lot... in-case your team lost again. One thing I never liked about legal cheating... is that it is giving you the believe you are actually entitled to use the mod.... and you can do so because you know the game that well. after all you are not a newbie anymore and it isn't really helping much because you are that good yourself already. I personally distaste any kind of altering the vanilla game. But I know this is fact of life, so I never have to feel bad if I loose a game.... might just be the better mods were in the opposite team
  12. ZWC

    Will Somers render the Shimakaze redundant?

    - It is Japanese. (I play nations I like more and was a line I choose to go) btw. I do like the lower Japanese tier line ships as well. - She looks better (matter of opinion) - I like to play the vessels that I like more above the one that performs better. - fast torps not 20km. but 16km. or the close combat 81knots Well I play to have fun and use my free-time as relaxing and well used. To me that is having a good time. Therefor I will not play the meta but simply the vessels of my liking. at that moment of mindset.
  13. ZWC

    Daring/Jutland & Skill retention

    Well it is a bit weird that a captain suddenly looses his memory from his former ship when moved to a new one. I always felt this was wrong, although I understand the game-play point of view about this. Same thing counts for the total knowledge he suddenly can have in his new vessel , as long as I pay 500 gold.... So this is all about the money. I would gladly pay some gold to give him split specialization of the ships he was already captain in. Even better, if this option is only open to choose if played x amount of battles in it. This way you still will need different commanders because of the skill differ per ship. (if it require other skills)
  14. ZWC

    Developer Diaries: Soviet Battleships

    100% agree here on the historical accuracy of German BB and how WG neglects to put this in game. And than they* quote you just to defend WG in some weird way. Sure German BB line not 100% historical, but the point wasn't that hard to catch..... Tirpitz should have radar.... But I guess in WoWs, no German ship will benefit from German superior technology. * they do have more posts on forum than battles played
  15. ZWC

    Armada: Roma

    It's the ship that can get a huge beer-can on top of it. (if you buy the wrong camo, hahaha) That says about all. Always wondered who on earth would spend overpriced beer-can camo.... Please before buying it... I hope you did read these replies above. I hardly feel the urge to take her out.... anymore. Sadly, because she's a real beauty. As many Italian ships. Love the looks, had epic battles in it. but WG seems to hate German, Italian and Japanese tech-tree,...