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  1. ZWC

    Armada: Indomitable

    two of the same planes..... missed opportunity the only good that came out off the CV rework is that a player does see his/hers planes and fly in them. Therefor to be able to choose a type is very important. all the same type of planes is missing the fact where a part of the fun lies in for players. The same why I hate the fact that there is not a Stuka on my GZ anymore..... Do you devs actually know what players like???? I whould have loved the sea-fire on this CV and not only one type of plane same stupid way that there is no sea fury on any Britt CV
  2. Hello dear WG team, a very nice newyear to all of you. But,... Why is this as "new" in the message box???? I did ask this before for obvious reasons.It is so hard to find the added content in these refreshed old-news articles. It pops up like "new" but I can't find the NEW in the already known to all.Well??? what is new about this. which part of text did you changed,... for I don't see any new text in top of the article.
  3. Why is this as "new" in the message box???? Always so hard to find the added content in these news Well??? what is new about this. what part of text did you altered
  4. ZWC, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    Hello all! well this was not about skills at all. It was like playing CoOp.... Brainless or smart,... everybody lost. CV, DD, Cruisers or BB... no matter what. only lost a few (about 7 tops) because you sometimes make a mistake in a dull moment. Most fun was at level 10 ,... when it was about finding out what ship to use. Radio finder looked like an edge over the opponent,... but this is only the case where we actually have to battle.... not in this mode though. I'm very happy it's done. level 1 in about 47 battles, was a row of brainless coop-look-a-like. I'm sure I was not the reason why I won.... it's simply the ship in the right upgrades... and the right skilled commander you take on it. Pure secondary build Tirpitz. (commander skills, flags, upgrades) no counter possible. only need some tricks (skills) how to use this ship against all other types. Sorry for ruining the fun for some. I actually was glad to loose some games.
  5. ZWC

    The History of Günther Lütjens

    Well if WG keeps putting commanders in the arsenal like this,... it's time to give that section a coupon. And please, alter his skills so it will be worth getting him.
  6. ZWC

    The History of Günther Lütjens

    As I asked in a seperate topic..... that was no reply on... I ask WG,... will he be in somekind of task as reward. Like all others were. even only briefly and just ones. 175000 coal is nice for those who didn't want or could finish the former tasks. now this commander is ONLY to be obtained for coal ! ??? You give him only one special skill.... because only one fits per class...... and will only help (activate) when battle ends....
  7. 100% spot-on! I got Benham, Missouri, Belfast etc. only ship I don't have is the Musashi. Out of the 60 mega's and 20 big's (1x20 mega , 1x20 big's and 40 mega's in Italian pack) I got 22 ship drops. I did use the dubloons drops on buying new containers. (14 mega's and 23 big's) Missouri drop was when there were still 8 "normal premiums" out. Benham and Belfast drop was when still 6 were to drop. then when all normal drops were done... all rare's dropped in port. so these über rare's did drop before I had all normals and rare's Good drop-rate on my account... don't let it fool you, many players don't have such luck. (like me normally doesn't) PS. in all little containers... the great tier 10 rewards! nothing , nothing and nothing again. (next year hoping for sure steel as tier10 snowflakes)
  8. not complaining about the drop-rate of Mega's. those are quit good. and the Big's are decent aswell. but come-on a tiny little santa baby per tier 10......
  9. Hello WG! there might be some players who are really really lucky.... but almost nobody will get something out of those little Santa's. actually the 75 steel from tier 8 and 9 is far more rewarding...... Yes although last year was way better as this year if we talk about steel. I really had wished for the 75 steel instead of the 250 wurth off container Those little Santa's that drops only less (except for the few lucky players that got a good ship ) Now I totally get it you offer us 2 free plus 2 free little Santa's... But the reward for tier 10 snowflakes could at the least have been Big Santa's Please ,... next year. if there will be snowflakes again....for tier 10. Let the reward be better as those for tier 9 and even 8 Now reward for tier 7 is even better a reward. I do prefer a know 750 coal above a unknown but most likely 4 camos
  10. Hello WG! Well we used to get all special commanders by doing tasks. as reward. Okay, you started to sell some for a huge amount of coal.... but we were able to win them first to. Why isn't there a task to win our good old Günther? Or will there be one just after people might have wasted 175000 coal... after all,... he is German and we know how German items and crew, are most wanted in games and collections. butreally, no chance to obtain him by playing
  11. ZWC

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    well?... are you now? Because I was very,...very quick to sign up.... but still not got a tester key.
  12. Premium ships are useful for speeding up commander skill points. They make you some better credits. But the XP they stockpile is totally worthless, senseless and only for those who like to waste extra money
  13. Well about the Christmas holidays for newbies.... I know a lot of new players hardly having tier 6 yet... These players could be gifted camos and signals for their tier 1 to 4 ships. (you know, the camos veterans will get out-of the tier10 containers) Totally worthless drops to players that obtained some tier 10 already, but welcome to new players that can use those little boosts to progress in grind a bit less-slow. Why not skip those camos, normal signals and premium hours in tier 10 containers and offer those as rewards for winning in a low tier ship. That way MORE people will participate in the present drops of wintertime.
  14. No need to get rude, Mr Pavlov! I totally have no interest in reading your posts.... not even one off the 20,000 plus! but since there are over twenty-thousand of them, Yeah,... sorry ... once in every while I stumbles over one. I just wanted to help you out here, .... Think! If you had almost all ships last year and therefor was hoping for a good chance to finally win a good ship.... Well that chance have dropped because of all the added ships... So instead of being almost curtain the re-drop will offer you the few good left-outs... you now probably get that premium you didn't buy for obvious reasens. In case you have all those ships already.... you not getting doubloons this year but one of the worthless camos by higher chance
  15. You don't get it right. there is not more to win. If you win a container, you win one and not more. So out of that container comes less chance of the good surprise ! I'm sure you got that to, but was just defending WG again