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  1. Lukewehr


    Buongiorno , i found the personal file for each captain, you have to go "change commander" and when you hoover the mouse pointer over it will show an " I" for info. I think its really wonky that you have to do this for each nation without the possibility to have an overview... but HEY it looks cool!!!
  2. Lukewehr

    Halland upgrade slots missing

    Thats exactly where the problem was just logged in again and the slots are all there , thanks both mates.
  3. Lukewehr

    Massachusetts RIP

    Nice game indeed , care to share your commander build and which techtree ship is attached to?
  4. Hi all, i just had a look at the Halland and the last 2 upgrade slots are missing, anyone else have noticed this? I cant find anything on the forums.
  5. Lukewehr

    I like the new Commander Skills GUI..so far

    And how a link to an article on how to demount all commanders skills is supposed to be even remotely pertinent to my issues? Not to mention is in italian....sigh
  6. Lukewehr

    I like the new Commander Skills GUI..so far

    So effing happy for you, the only thing i can add is that you must be REALLY easily impressionable if this commander rework impressed you, me not so much, a lot of features have magically disappeared , only the doubloons part is heavily higlighted, where are the reserve captains? how can i change skills on capts off ships?
  7. Lukewehr

    "Hire and Fire" your captains!

    No need to get hostile mate... hes just asking you to NOT be an a**ehole.
  8. Ive been harvesting and keeping elitexp ever since we got news about this newe abomination ill be having 1 2 capt per nation and im good with it, my wallett is more sealed than an irish girl.
  9. Id like to precise that this is just my opinion based on my personal experience with thee game... "your mileage may vary". The last time i have used real money in this game was when they indirectly nerfed Belfast (long time ago?). They said no nerf to premiums and so they find a loophole.... disapppointing. From that day i havent used my card on WG website and im sorry cause to support the game i like i was willing to go the extra mile but this continous deceiving tactics from them just made me decide that simply my investments in this game are poorly administrated. Its really a shame cause the game is so good and a MINIMAL customer care would lead to an ocean of happy paying customers.
  10. Lukewehr

    Where is the link?

    You mean the link to the 4 camos...
  11. Lukewehr

    Great Patch

    Uff silly whiners it is uttely clear that this patch is a secret santa gift that lets us enjoy time with our families in this season holydays!
  12. Lukewehr

    Connection error

    Got in
  13. Lukewehr

    Base XP

    I just had a nice little game in my OPlensk but im focusing on the base Xp thats my best base xp in a while with 227 k damage ( my best is 5766xp 288 k damage) , i was wondering if theres a way to track record XP on the servers as i dont seem to find this info , thanks
  14. Havent got jack but the night is young and i could care less tbh