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  1. Oh well jingles commentaries were a huge reason why i started playing this game in the first place, no more money from me until this mess is sorted out, thats for sure.
  2. Yes thanks for the info but my point was that he updated first the us forum then the eu one which i find strange cause it is the first time since im using that modpack
  3. Nope, official european forum section mods reads
  4. AFAIK Aslains modpack is still on Edit... found it on the U.S. forum strange he posted it there first.
  5. This ^^^^^^ Im sure of what im saying for direct experience due to an episode im not particularly proud of, during a battle i notice a pink dd trying to "park" his ship as far as possible from the battle and then go afk , well i decided to go and say hello who knows maybe we can be friends.... after the first impact the dd is really angry and im sure he doesnt want to be friends cause he launches his torpedoes but with my great surprise after the first two torps he dies and i get like 70o damage or so... true story. Lol sorry Pzycho i finally realized what you were trying to say... you mean you have to do some more damage to get the mirror damage, tsk tsk nope niet nicht.
  6. Yeah i got what you said but i thought we were discussing OP s argument? He claims the BB was already pink BEFORE she shelled his ship so step one is already there, the force has never been stronger with me
  7. Hi mr Pzycho, if you read carefully ops post you ll notice he says "There's a battleship who's pink" , now i wasnt first in my class in English but i can assure you that it means the BB was already pink or i wouldnt have made such a bald statement in the first place.
  8. Ahem i have to call a bs on this one dear OP, so the battleship was pink unloaded on you and you are left with 15% of your health. You see if he was pink unloading on you would have had the only result of the damage being mirrored and multiplied on himself with the result of chopping off his health while you would have suffered a minor damage. The system works like a charm, what doesnt work is either your attention for details or your love for fantasy.
  9. How can an event that only rewards kills damage done and ribbons and vicotries be an incentive for bot?? I guess if you start as a naysayer you will have to feed on that reputation...
  10. Just reporting that disable chat isnt working
  11. Can you please tell me where did you read about the cruiser requirement? (unless of course you are joking then forget about it)
  12. Since you cannot withdraw your affiliation to a team, which ties your account to the team of your choice id say no its not.
  13. Sorry ill stop you there, you cannot have joined the fire team as it was fully booked (lol) since day1 of this nonsense....
  14. In the last split if you started retraining a captain to one of moving ships you would find him fully retrained after the patch, can we hope the same this patch or...?