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  1. Lukewehr

    Ranked Season 10

    Thank you for the quick answer and sorry for the noob question...
  2. Lukewehr

    Ranked Season 10

    Hmmmm correct me if im wrong but i remember i read somewhere we would get the rewards for the ranks we are jumping through, ie im starting form rank 15 but ivent been credited with the previous rewards.... any thoughts?
  3. Lukewehr

    [GO NAVY!] Resource Tactics (team-switching)

    If you hover over the gonavy banner it says 22.08, not sure if that means we will be able to collect the 5 loyalty points for that day too ( ireally hope it does or i am sh#%ted
  4. Lukewehr

    T-61 finally coming - and get it a week early!

    Go tell that to the people who bought the premium camo for desmo and now we can have it for playing the game....
  5. Lukewehr

    Technical issues disconnect

    ok got redirrected again thanks for the info Tanatoy.
  6. Lukewehr

    Technical issues disconnect

    Hi all , got back in the server right now....
  7. Lukewehr

    Technical issues disconnect

    Ah ok for a moment it got me there thinking it was something related to my account or something thanks Aotearas
  8. Lukewehr

    Technical issues disconnect

    Hi , i have been disconnected for technical issues anyone else experiencing this?
  9. Lukewehr

    WG FFS fix CV MM or lose all normal players

    This seal cubing is really appalling it has to stop ... can you hear me WEEGEE?
  10. Lukewehr

    Server currently unavailable?

    Thanks for the quick answer mate, missed the red dot somehow.... now gotta get a fix for this insomniac morning, go out for a jog?!!?!
  11. Lukewehr

    Server currently unavailable?

    It doesnt seem possible to connect the server and yet the website indicates 11k players online...
  12. Lukewehr

    My review of this game

    HHHmmmm are your friend gonna review bomb WG as well? ...better give the heads up to Serb , it really wouldnt be fair to unleash such a cyberstorm on him.
  13. Lukewehr

    I installed mods, suddenly I became Unicum

    Alert alert all units we have a tin foil hat situation i repeat this is not a drill all units report to the death star, roger and out.
  14. Lukewehr

    Unable to transfer captains since 0.6.12

    Known bug...https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/77nder/aslains_mod_pack_updatedbug_fixes_102017/
  15. Lukewehr

    Unable to transfer captains since 0.6.12

    Do you have any mod installed? this seems to be a mod related issue