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  1. Lukewehr

    Server down?

    Problem solved, it was indeed just me Close it please.
  2. Lukewehr

    Server down?

    Or is it just me...
  3. Lukewehr

    New Code from twitter

    Selfawareness is a huge component that allows you to do well in this game as in life... good for you padawan. Ps copy paste is still typing technically...
  4. Lukewehr

    New Code from twitter

    omg 3 camos 300% than normal codes?!!!! I feel blessed and all just by typing in the letters like little trained monkeys...... good good.
  5. Lukewehr

    New Codes

    Oh thank you thank you thanks thanks so much more stuff to click on and feel good oh so much thank you again so next time ill click on those beautiful boxes or pay a little fortune for the next copy ship , spasiba... кровь
  6. Lukewehr

    Just got Scheillefen!

    Use her in ranked, she ll be happy and reward you with insane win rate.
  7. After the third crate you get the option to open em crates all at once, so its not that bad.
  8. Lukewehr

    new code - 26 November *update: 3rd set of code*

    I mean guys if you havent figured it by now i really dont know..., opening crates inserting codes are all part of the same "brain numbing" strategy to softly but steadily introduce the gambling part of this game. This strategy prays on the most vulnerable and gullible, thats why its so despicable and somewhere even banned by law, now with that said, post your codes and stuff all fine and dandy but PLEASE dont come and write " its all free what are you complaing about" cause this is not free at all just so you know.
  9. Lukewehr

    I'm going to pass on this

    Lol quite funny to see forumites constantly arguing about this . For me it was enough when i bought the belfast just to find out that many of her characteristics eere changed heavily short after. Sure general changes sure needed balance bla bla , the only thing it really matters to me is that they conned me into buying an item and switching to another AFTER my purchase. Too bad those were the last crowns i ever used in this game which i still play and enjoy but from a free money oint of view.
  10. Really bad choice of wording using "outrage" i blame my norwegian heritage for that , and it wasnt intended directly to your powst ofc.
  11. I agree with you on all points but here is a question of tolerance, we can tolerate the many different angles wg looks at to make this game the gold mine it is. You have plenty of tools allowing to completely ignore any extra war camo and frankly i do not get the outrage, its that simple.... theres a LOT of people willing to buy that stuff so just sit back and relax.
  12. ive got her via the mission chain , for free then and i have noticed that in the last years ships available for free play they tend to... oh well how can i put this.... suck? I dont like her but ofc your mileage may vary , meaning maybe you like her, most def not worth 9k dubs thtas the only thing im sure about.
  13. Lukewehr

    Distant Voyages Container - Camo Drop Rate.

    Drop rate of anything in those boxes for gullibles is of course abysmal but i can assure you that bucks drop rate in lestas bank account is alive and kicking thanks for asking!
  14. When i see posts like this.... planning... what planning omg for all of you raging at WG actions , they are perfectly right thats the only way to treat this community .
  15. Lukewehr

    Anniversary bonus code

    wow didnt notice this.... thats strong ...but but in a way right (not condoning the figurative language tho)