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  1. comintogetu

    Halloween Stream LIVE with Giveaway

  2. comintogetu

    Super League Challenge

    OK, that makes sense, but still tier 5 in ranked? Really not getting this
  3. comintogetu

    Super League Challenge

    Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere but I could find anything. How does this Super league challenge work? "play a tier 5 in ranked and get a container" 2 points on this: 1. Ranked is tier 7 only, so no tier 5 2. Wut? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. comintogetu

    So do you think the world will end on Tuesday?

    And to think, Trumps first action as El Presidente will be to make a black family homeless....
  5. comintogetu

    Server down / problems?

    The support page says " MINOR technical issues". A 30 minute reboot of the servers says more than minor to me, but what do I know. Gonna have to go back to candy crush at this rate!
  6. comintogetu

    Patch Update 0.5.2 - Your thoughts?

    Random thought (i.e in work and not too much time to read); the xp and in some cases credit reward has been increased for a fair few ships - as i'm a really bad player I rely on my premium ships to make credits, will premium ships get any increase in reward?
  7. comintogetu

    Bonus code

    No joy here either - submitted a ticket to try and get a reason why not - its not much but it would be nice to know why it didnt work and to let the EU staff know that something the marketing department dreamed up kinda, sorta didnt work....................again EDIT: tried both the invite and existing codes on my alt account (which i havent used for wows yet) and neither worked....
  8. At least it might work - the other giveaway on alienware arena (for existing players) WOWSALIENWARE doesnt work at all (at least for me)
  9. ....and it would appear to be a premium. Reward ship for some up coming mission?
  10. comintogetu

    Newb need alittle help...

    lead the target and make sure you are within your gun range. enjoy
  11. was just using the tenryu as an example. all ships lean a certain amount when making a sharp turn. was just wondering was all
  12. Imagine you are in a fast moving cruiser, lets say tenryu for example. if a torp hits you on the starboard side as you are turning to starboard, your waterline is artificially raised as the ship leans. when you straighten up, the point where the torp hit should no longer be in the water. does flooding continue?
  13. comintogetu

    Best Premships yet

    Bought the Warspite as I saw someone on the forums calling it trollspite. I find it a nice ship to play - its also the only ship in which I have survived a random battle.....yes, I really do suck that hard at this game! But I'll still play it coz its fun ( and not WoT - yet)
  14. comintogetu

    Open beta launch

    We're listening