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  1. Bart_S

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - Interface

    Incoming Fire Alert is visible way too briefly after the update
  2. Bart_S

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    mtm78, on 17 October 2016 - 06:42 PM, said: And if the game is so 'dumb' why the heck are you not better then me? "Dumbing down" means overly simplifying certain things and I feel the game is going in that direction to make things easier for new players (different shell colors and smoke boundaries are an example of that in my opinion). This might help to grow the playerbase but takes away an element of depth. Also, if you use stats as an argument, you should perhaps learn to read them. Hint: compare the ships we both have.
  3. Bart_S

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    It sure is funny that there are still people who don't want to have a possible advantage over other players by using third-party tools, right? But seeing how vigorously you defend this mod in the other thread, I can tell that this concept seems strange to you... Btw. I'm also against including it into the game since I don't want any more dumbing down of the gameplay.
  4. Bart_S

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    This one (aka the navigator mod): 60 - 9. AltHud. 60 - By W03L0BED. Modification shows the relative angle of captured the target enemy ship towards your ship. It boggles my mind how this is still allowed and even part of an "official" modpack. It gives a clear advantage over other players (which is basically the definition of cheating) because guessing the angle and heading of a ship can be quite tricky without it. Not only that, it also changes colors depending on how likely AP shells auto-bounce. It's just ridiculous.
  5. Hi there, as some of you might already have noticed, there's a special offer which gives you more doubloons if you pay via Paypal. Sounds good? Well, only under certain circumstances. I created a chart displaying the value (I used number of Doubloons per Euro) and used the special offers Ultimate Treat and The Cherry on Top as comparison. The 30 days of premium in both specials have been converted to their in-game value: 2500 doubloons. Starting at 9700 Doubloons (+ 1455 Doubloons, 34.83 Euro) you actually get better value for your money compared to the other offers. PS. The hardest part was trying to figure how WG calculates the prices. I ended up approximating an exponential function which differs by a cent here and there but that's accurate enough.
  6. Bart_S

    KEYBINDINGS keep resetting !

    Here, the moment I try to change RMB from "free look camera" to "quick view camera", CTRL+Click doesn't work anymore and of course the quick view cam doesn't either.
  7. Bart_S

    Public Test 0.5.5 Rewards

    Is there a time limit for claiming the bonus and when does the premium time get activated, at once or at the first login?
  8. Bart_S

    Game crashing

    Reinstalling the game fixed the issue. Incidentally, I've downloaded the same amount of data (2.8 Gb and later another 5.5 Gb) during the reinstall as I did during the "update" earlier...
  9. Bart_S

    Tirpitz! Buy it!

    Well, I've actually managed to lose credits in the two first games I played, lol.
  10. Bart_S

    Radar Consumable

    Russian cruisers at Tier 8 and up. American cruisers get it in another patch
  11. Bart_S

    Game crashing

    I just encountered the same issue, also Win 10.
  12. Bart_S

    Admiral Hipper visual Hull B upgrade

    Still the same second hull...
  13. Bart_S

    Advanced Fire Control or Manual Fire Control?

    I went for AFC again. Higher range for secondaries and AA is more usefull in my opinion and manual targeting gives a damage boost nonetheless, just not as much as with the skill.
  14. Bart_S

    The Colorado... seriously?

    This patch completely broke the Colorado for me somehow. Before I averaged 65000 damage and had decent spread and hit performance. Now it's just one desaster after the other. Shells land everwhere but where I aimed and even if they hit, it's just for minimal damage (like 4 hits, 2000 damage and so on) mostly. Some occasional citadel hits on cruisers still happen but I can't remember a single decent battleship hit. I'm doing fine in my other ships, so no idea what's going on here...