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  1. XFXCookie

    New rocket mechanics in Detail

    it's more in the 12-15km range apart from tXs, which is still much. add in commander skills and you've got cancer on the field, everywhere i look it's just torps torps torps different results then, but what i get is what i said above, people in cruisers would rather focus a juicy full-HP BS than a DD, cause hurr durr damage. usually ends up in DDs being alive for very long, and me having to either shoot them myself with a 30s reload and then die either to torps or other BSs. heck that's why i just play coop now. true, but i didnt count them since there's 1 of them per match and i guess everyone knows they die last, but since they camp behind an island that's just natural
  2. XFXCookie

    New rocket mechanics in Detail

    torps sure seem infinite, since pretty much every ship has them, even BSs. just sayin how it is in the game, usually the last surviving players are DDs that can just spam torps from 15km. 🙄🙄🙄
  3. XFXCookie

    New rocket mechanics in Detail

    But the thing is, if you try to aim with the new rockets the DDs can literally just turn and evade all of your rockets. I play brit CVs that have fast rockets, and it's very hard to hit, almost pointless to even try, they just turn either way and that's that. The other thing is DDs just don't die in PvP games, they torp spam and smoke and that's that, it was important to at least have CVs to counter them, since most cruiser players prefer to focus BSs and other cruisers... Not a good change imo.
  4. IMO the torp situation is far, far worse than just planes. I understand these add more torps to the mix, but they're so low damage that sometimes it's better to just shoot your guns.(I have Ise, not Tone though) Meanwhile every cruiser and every DD has a gajillion torps going everywhere with 10k damage a pop and 8-20km range, makes for not very fun gameplay. And they'll be adding subs, so hey, more torps. Most of the maps just kinda don't work well with this I'd say. Would be a lot better for balancing to nerf torp damage, planes are limited anyway.
  5. I don't know what to say really, sometimes I do lose teammates too fast(including myself, whoops) but more often than not for some reason or another Raptor just doesnt get there in time, and it happens so often that I made this topic. Usually just one or two minutes would be more than enough to fix it.
  6. This is such a waste of time, 20 mins doing everything right and killing all the enemies just to find this dumb [edited]waste of bytes not go forward which is his only job and waste 20 min of my life for barely any XP to grind already too grindy tier 6s This happens every other Op try, and nobody even blocked the [edited] yes, i'm saltier than the Ocean map right now just add 5 mins more to the round and gimme all my lost xp back muchas gracias devs
  7. XFXCookie

    ISE: the 1st hybrid monster. But what about skills?

    so do 2 extra turrets from a fuso... i have it and imo it takes more effort to do consistent damage than fuso
  8. XFXCookie

    ST 0.10.5, new ships

    Neat, thanks, means it may be available for less than 8k gold then, like the ZF-6 which suits me perfectly
  9. XFXCookie

    ST 0.10.5, new ships

    If anyone has played the dutch premium t8 cruiser, is it worth waiting for instead of just getting something for the same price now?(doubloons)
  10. XFXCookie

    Update 0.10.4 – German Destroyers: Part 2

    sooo the biggest tryhards in the game that only care about winning and not having fun can play? no thanks
  11. XFXCookie

    How does spotting damage work?

    used to, but it's way too grindy and arcadey for me. and yeah, it's a bit harder, but i got it, thanks!
  12. XFXCookie

    How does spotting damage work?

    Thanks for the advice, I guess CVs are my best bet then
  13. XFXCookie

    How does spotting damage work?

    no wonder i get so low then. doesnt make sense to me, but okay. thanks!
  14. So I'm doing a spotting damage mission, and I don't get it, every time I'm the one that gets the spotted ribbon and am closest to the enemy ship and i leave others to destroy them, yet i only get 1-5k spotting damage for every match, can someone explain why that is and how I can get it? I play Co-op with mostly battleships and cruisers, if that matters Thank you
  15. XFXCookie

    Godzilla vs. Kong in World of Warships

    welp. thanks for checking anyway! edit: forget everything i said, i can't keep excusing WG from the whole situation, this is sucks big time ngl