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  1. How many French BBs did you get?

    All that i wanted to get... zero! And collection has been completed... only good thing are camos, no use of french commander.
  2. Kinda interesting considering WG are the ones who created it and actually changed the game to create this meta. But sure... its players fault, right? o_O When you have certain meta and WG comes and makes changes stating that they dont like it, and creates abomination that we have today, you cant go and say its not their fault... or that they will never do anything regarding meta change. But i agree, that they wont improve it, maybe make it just even worse.
  3. Riding the map border BS

    So let BBs ride it for days, but DDs should die quickly if they hit it somehow? Moar pro BB posts!!!!11!1! :P
  4. Musings on Class / Ship Balance

    If they are well balanced, they should all have under 50%. But it will always average under 50% at the same tier. But yes, for todays game, its too far from 50% mark, but long ago... draws were VERY common. CVs were way too OP, and people just mass hugged to not get deleted and in return CVs couldnt do anything and game time would just run out and it would be draw with 1-2 ships dead in total. It was bad, as well as before domination was introduced. Base camping and waiting. You had draw every couple of games.
  5. Musings on Class / Ship Balance

    As it was explained before, average for all CVs same tier has to be under 50% and if they are well balanced, it should be under 50% for both. 1 draw and average no longer can be 50%. And since long ago draws were very common... 50(non mirror) games 25 games, 12 wins each, 1 draw Stats would look like this Hakuryu 25 games, 12 wins, 1 draw 48% win rate Midway 25 games, 12 wins, 1 draw 48% win rate. And the fact that some have hidden stats, like papedipupi with his op win rate in CVs.
  6. Musings on Class / Ship Balance

    Heh, first one i checked(one i remember), and its private. papedipupi profile is private, hidden stats. And as far as i remember he had something like 85-90% win. Still, has to be under 50% avg for same tier, just not by that much, and guess hidden ones skew it.
  7. Musings on Class / Ship Balance

    My bad in that quoted post, i halved the wrong number, but same thing. should just halve the number of battles, but halving the % accomplishes the same. Example: 10 matches, 4 wins by each, 2 draws 10 40% 10 40% if we were to add both up, its 20% of 20 battles, but its actually 10% of 20 or 20% of 10. Like i said above, i halved the % instead averaging the CV battles when it comes to calculating number of total draws, my bad. It was quick maths, not good one! It does end with same number of draws though. But yes, 7.85% of all games with CVs ended in draws according to wows-numbers... with unknown time period and only those that didnt hide stats. But yes, sadly on wows numbers you cannot select time period. So who knows since when are those stats? The other guy posted last 2 months. My point is just that its logical to be under 50%. By how much... thats different story.
  8. Musings on Class / Ship Balance

    And anyone who claimed that would indeed be ridiculous. But 3.925% of battles is much less ridiculous. Remember that 1 draw with CVs counts as 2 battles with no win, 1 for each!
  9. Musings on Class / Ship Balance

    Why exactly? It makes perfect sense. There still CAN be draws, altough its rare. So if two CVs are decently balanced between themselves, it HAS to be under 50% for both. its logic and common sense. Even if you check other tiers, you see that avg winrate of all CVs on that tier is under 50%. Sure some have above 50%, but if one has 51% for example, other has <49%, just because 50% avg between them is nearly impossible (0 draws in huge number of games). Only tiers where one has above 50% are very imbalanced tiers where one CV is much stronger than other. Calling it ridiculous is kinda... ridiculous...
  10. Musings on Class / Ship Balance

    I guess its from https://wows-numbers.com/ships/ I checked there and exactly the same as he posted. Just select carriers and T10
  11. Musings on Class / Ship Balance

    CVs win ratio is kinda... different thing. First of, there are always same number of them per team, so overall their winrate should be slightly under 50% (odd draw or two). Even if there is more of one than another, their number will go towards 50% because of more mirror matches that result in 50% win ratio. So... their win ratio stats are close to useless, at least regarding their balance with other classes, as its decent to show balance between different CVs though. At least looking at their win ratio, they seem fairly balanced between themselves. P.S. tho its kinda interesting that their win rate on warships today is above 50%... how exactly, i dont know, unless there are games where only one team has CV, it should be max 50% between them, but both above 50% in last 2 weeks? Lol Luckily WOWs numbers stats make more sense.
  12. Nuked by CV - no rewards

    So, are people just figuring this out? It was obvious since beta. I argued about that long time ago, how CVs shouldnt be able to beat any and every ship out there that is not group hugging. It should have certain ships(classes) it never wants to go against and certain ships that he really wants to go for. Then i was attacked by ship/history fanboys how CVs are supposed to beat everything and crap like that. First of all, some replies here just show how badly designed CVs are and how badly they influence gameplay(not to mention how baffled i am for people just taking it as something obvious and normal, when its shockingly bad design). So pretty much, you say choice is: either CV will ruin your gameplay completely or you will diminish it yourself and have to pick certain things, effectively eliminating choice. First CVs might or might not be in the game, and then not to mention how even if you do go for AA, why would CV have to go for you? The issue of CV can counter all crap... what use is of AA ship near your BB or something like that, if CV can just ignore said BB and take out anyone else? It would make sense if he still would have to go for that one, then your AA and support make sense. But if he can just ignore the supported/AA spec one and kill everyone else(like even DDs), then its either all spec AA or hug or ruined game for some and useless AA spec for others. Lose-lose-lose-lose-...-lose scenario. Basically, removes all choices and diminishes everyones gameplay right at the start just because there is a possibility that you might face CV in a game, as its not even guaranteed. And even then, it might prove to be almost completely useless unless whole team ruins the game for everyone with mass hug. Game without CV = better game. If that is not bad design, then what the hell is?
  13. I finished the collection already, with 3 duplicates to spare, without premium containers, just those from missions. Got no mission, and i dont mind that becaase i wouldnt play a single game in any ship i got, but credits from selling it would be quite welcome. Though, by extension, commander is also useless, at least until french DD tree comes around.
  14. Well, it worked before, no reason why it wouldnt work now. You see, this current state of CAs was a band-aid after they nerfed CAs against BBs. Before that CAs had both lower ranges and their HE was weaker. Zao for example used AP 90% of time. You fought at 8-12km ranges and used just AP. Most games went by without ever shooting a single HE shell. Once they nerfed CAs, they died out and almost completely vanished from the game, and then they increased their range and made them all HE spammers, so they can dodge to stay alive and do something at those ranges. It was WG way of making CAs "useful" after they made them unable to survive and battle at lower ranges. You can imagine how that resulted in more campy gameplay and DD infestation that followed after BB numbers went through the roof. So yeah, let them fight closer again by reverting that nerf in update, lower their ranges and make their HE weaker. By extension, should also remove another crappy "feature", radar, and profit from more balanced and teamplay oriented gameplay, where CAs sit in the "middle" of the team, behind DDs, able to screen torps, support DDs and contest caps and all in all discourage blob gameplay (well, that is already extremely bad way of playing, but for some reason people think its good... but with CA vs BB balance reverted, they will need to spread or they would be very ineffective shooting everyone at the bow and bouncing). More balanced MM, easier to find games, more players, more fun. Win-win-win-win-win-...-win situation. Well, except maybe for BBabies. But back then BBs were still the best performers, so good ones wouldnt suffer at all.
  15. Buff to high tier credits

    Yes, but if you dont enjoy highest level play? There are plenty of "twinks" in RPGs and people play lower levels a lot, because they enjoy it more than higher levels. That is my point! Some people love high tiers, some love low tiers, low tiers are not forced to spend time, effort and money to play, but those that love higher tiers are forced to, even after they did spent MUCH MORE time and effort in getting to what they want to play. There are plenty of people who prefer T5 than T10 gameplay in WoWs, why force those that dont want to be there to be there and ruining time of those that want to be there... because T10 players go to lower tiers and play terribly, just to get it over with. Yet lower tiers are never forced to go into higher... wonder why? It actually makes it worse for those that love lower tiers too... Its lose-lose situation. Its logic and common sense, but ok. In WoW low level PvP and stuff is quite alive, and no one is forcing anyone to do it. Hell, some of the most expensive items you can sell are low level rare items because demand for those are so big, and its only for low level play. There is even option to turn off getting XP in low level PvP so you dont level up. But people that love higher levels are not forced to play with those on lower levels. That is how its done properly.