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  1. ColdHeat


    Yeah perhaps.. the only problem is getting there. My point being that the qualification to even make it out of the lowest league is unnecessary frustrating and close to a waste of time. Maybe I'm seeing this too much from a customers point of view with an "invested time/gain taken from it" perspective that doesnt make it appear worth it but to be fair I would already be happy if the process wouldnt feel frustrating at times and thus make me question why I'm doing this to myself. I've heard of people who actually took the help of their friends to make it through qualification phases and the overall tenor in Discord was that staying in silver league is enough to most as the hassle to qualify for gold simply doesnt appear worth it to them. So WG truly build a high wall that needs to be climbed to advance. Not sure though if it's a skill wall, a time needed to invest wall or just an RNG wall.
  2. ColdHeat


    As a rather new player to ranked I can only stress to overthing the qualification part. I failed the qualification period 3 times in a row due despite that I think I actually have the skill to be part of silver league. It's always the same: rush through bronze league in a breeze, then fail at an extremely frustrating qualification due to the back and forth. It's not uncommon to finally reach 4 stars and then fall back to 1 again, which makes the whole process of trying to reach a higher league appear annoying, a matter of RNG and thus ultimatively a questionable investment of time. 5 stars appear too much. 3 would entirely suffice or changing to a qualification system to play 5 games and have to win 3 of those in order to proceed, otherwise to start over again. I've read some sneering posts towards the OP at page one with an attitude of "it's to seperate the strong from the weak" but to me that's more a pseudo elitist attitude that ultimatively abandons objectivity for being able to clap yourself on the back. To present an argument why: When I play in qualification from bronze to silver I already play mostly with and against silver league players and despite that I typically qualify in my own team in the top third (to stress it again - with players who already have "proven" they have what it takes to be in silver league) and I still struggle. Overall it appears to me like RNG plays too much of a factor due to the severe fluctuation of your teammates performance, which possibly plays an even larger factor in lower leagues.
  3. ColdHeat

    Entwickler-Bulletin zum Update 0.10.4

    Alle Kapitäne sollten nach einer Änderung ihres Skillbaumes einen kostenlosen Reskill bekommen, nicht nur BBs mit Deadeye. Immerhin hat man seinen Kapitän so geskillt, wie man es zu diesem Zeitpunkt für am Sinnvollsten erachtete. Findet man als Kreuzerkapitän jetzt jedoch einen der verbesserten Skills sinnvoller als seine bisherige Wahl, darf man schön Dublonen ausgeben dies zu korrigieren. Die Änderung von Dead Eye an sich finde ich sinnvoll, da Kämpfe dynamischer werden und Initiative zu zeigen belohnt werden sollte statt bestraft.. aber es durch einen nahezu nutzlosen Skill zu ersetzen erscheint mir dann doch übers Ziel hinausgeschossen.
  4. ColdHeat

    How does the skill "Gun Feeder" work?

    Thanks. I will look into this further and monitor if strange happenings occur again or if it is my fault in the heat of the battle.
  5. I'm struggling to find anything about her and recommended captain skills after the skills rework. How does she perform for you after said update and have you noticed any noteworthy difference? I've read somewhere that the deck armor mostly is 26mm now in her range, just below the 25mm she could pen with her HE, making it much harder now for her to pen the decks without IPHE. On top of it Pyro only gives a single % more to firechance now which adds it up to 10% which sound rather mediocre. So is there even a way around IPHE for her now? Have you found any captain skills that work good for her?
  6. It says "time taken to switch shell types (when all guns are loaded) -50%". At certain commanders even -75%. This appears to me as when I see a target of opportunity and want to switch to AP shells with my Alaska it should only cost me 5 seconds of reload time (from originally 20). Yet I encountered situations where I needed to reload the full 20 seconds despite all guns been loaded first and some of my clanmates claimed that there would only be a 75% chance that the time is reduced. Is that really true? If so the explanation of the skill would be completely misleading which leaves me doubtful of that explanation.
  7. Same problem here today. Had a GREAT round, wanted to see the details but after a somewhat longer loading the game skipped directly to the port and claimed that I couldnt see the statistics anymore. Disappointing
  8. ColdHeat

    Will we ever be able to hide ARP ships?

    It would help if people could acknowledge that if it's not a problem for you personally it doesn't necessarily mean that it's also not a problem for anybody else.. As I wrote before: WG already declared that they realized the problem and were working on it. Good for you if this was never a a concern to you but the intention of this thread wasn't a poll but when the announced fix can be expected to arrived.
  9. ColdHeat

    Will we ever be able to hide ARP ships?

    I was absolutely unaware to which extend of hostility such an ordinary question would lead. After reading the linked thread from 2018 of the exact same topic I expected the same ability of adult discussion purely about the topic... Yet two years later some people somehow seem to take this very personal, as if they had to defend themselves and respond with toxic mockery. I have no beef with Anime or people dedicated enough to their guilty pleasure to even set their avatars to some barely of age girls with cat ears yet neither did I expect to have to justify my own preferences in any way. I'm a fan of historical authenticity and I'm a fan of filters that actually work to keep my lineup clearly arranged and tidy. That's about it. When WG stated 2 years ago that they are aware of this problem and already working on it and 2 years later it's still the same problem then I'd regard it justified to ask where the problem lies or if they might have changed their plans. Because simply turning these ships into some "normal" ones doesnt solve that ships I rarely play still take a rather big part of my ships wheel. This is what it looks for me: And while I rarely play them it's not like they don't have their value, as e.g. in the recent Snowflakes event, and could thus simply be sold. It's only that they're completely dead weight to me for 90% of the rest of my time and I would prefer them hidden.
  10. That statement is from Crysantos from 2018. You would think in over 2 years this fix would have made it to the game..
  11. ColdHeat

    PSA: Santa Containers

    At first I thought "Well.. lets help WG a bit and go for the reroll. After all they said it goes quicker this way. 2 days later nothing had happened so I scratched that ticket and asked for the manual refund. After 2 weeks still on the waiting I'm glad I did. If they are equally slow with the reroll I wouldnt want to imagine all the people unable to play despite perhaps even having paid for premium or unable to open the christmas calender.
  12. ColdHeat

    PSA: Santa Containers

    I´m still waiting for the refund. What the hell is going on there?
  13. I made the mistake to ask Wargaming for a rollback in order to help them solve the situation faster. 24h passed and still nothing happened. Now I'm stuck being unable to play, unable to open the christmas calender and accept those gifts and honestly... thinking about it I should have chosen "delete the items by hand" just as protest to make em notice that trying to fool your customers is not something accepted by the community but lashes back at you.
  14. I should have known better but to buy Gambling Containers for 60€ in the first place. Received an Ochakov, an Marblehead Lima ( I would have never bought this hideous copycat ship in the first place) and a Duca D'Acosta. So not ultra fail but pretty much. Unfortunately no premium account from the remaining 17 chests to make the spending at least somehow worthwile. Now I read that they are also rigged scam containers - or at least WG "forgot" to find the correct words to describe how they actually function. So my chances were minimal to begin with. What lovely news that totally not make me feel fooled If WG would have allowed truly random chances for the ships to be obtained and on top of it revealed the chances to get the good prices for each container in the first place I would have regarded it as a fair sales event towards your community under the hood of "celebration". The way it is though it appears sadly more like borderline scam that attempts to portray chances of getting desireable expensive or rare ships... that were hardly ever existant in the first place. The way this whole event was concepted doesnt appear like benefitial to both sides at all. It's rather only attractive to those die hard collector fans who already own 80% of the ships and want to get the truly expensive ones to complete their collection while the casual players in hope for some good random ships in order to help them speed up their process or offer some additional gameplay variety serve as the cash cows. In this regard: Happy holidays everyone. At least WG are possibly cheering when they look at their bank account
  15. ColdHeat


    Dann scheint es aber nicht richtig zu funktionieren. Ich habe zum Beispiele diese "belästige 3 Leute mit Werbung" Aufgabe nicht erfüllt, konnte sie aber dennoch erfolgreich abschließen und sie zählt zu meinem Fortschrittsbalken.