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  1. Guys, let's cut 'em some slack... I know its tough seeing that all of the sudden there's a T9 Premium on sale and a BB at that but I highly doubt that JB can be compared to either the Musashi or the Missouri. It is, after all a Richelieu-Class BB which are sturdy but anything from overpowered in their general layout and the MGRB sure is a nice touch but with the other ships that have it I never felt like it was a gamechanger. Let's see how she fares a couple of months into the game.
  2. Delta_Leader

    Battleship Rework

    I honestly believe what people don't get is that in order to play a ship well, you have to adapt to the ship itself. So I believe discussing wether or not to nerf a whole class of ships or rework it or however you want to put it is time better put to use elsewhere. There are strong ships and there are weak ones, and if you die early on youre either unlucky or if it happens too often you should reevaluate if you understood how to play the ship in the way you should play it.
  3. Delta_Leader

    Waterline discussion

    Gotta say I'm more confused than I was previously... I mean cool stuff people but are we getting the CL split with 7.4 which will probably drop this thursday or the week after or are we not? The comments in this regard were a bit vague.
  4. Delta_Leader

    RN BB NERF(rebalance) incomming?

    Actually I have 123 battles in my Minotaur, 83 of which were won. If you don't play the Minotaur as agressively as some it can be more annoying to hit than the chaba. Of course that only works if you stay at a range where enemy shells take enough time to get to you. No. But makes it not necessarily a strength if the sustained AA power isn't given, which it certainly isn't with the Conq. It is. Because when ever do you fight against just one enemy. Just one targeting you is seldomly only one present. I don't know about that. But I got four different people on teamspeak having the same opinion so it might be a common misconception or it might have to do with that AP penetration is highly dependent on your angle and you can never angle against everyone who could shoot at you. Yes but she has somewhat of a turtleback and a significantly stronger citadel ceiling. I'd say that balances it against a somewhat lower citadel. I just did 173k damage in my Monty shooting only HE... I'd say there is damage to back it up. And while I'm passionate, I'm not great. I'd love to keep dreaming if it were true. It has only twice the effective HP if it can make full use of it's heal. And it seldomly can. Damage from Torpedoes (from which it takes more damage than most other T10 BBs) and AP can't really be repaired. It only has twice the effective HP if the enemy team doesn't shoot AP at it. Yup. And I hate to quote you here: A ship can't be all great. Negligible maybe, let's have WG decide about that. But Surely GK has the survivability because it's not all about the theoretical health. GK has far more raw health and an armor model that lets it tank a lot more damage. All right, let's do the numbers game, I'm not Flamu but I have been playing for quite a while: Montana: 403 Battles, WR 48%, Avg. dmg: 89k; avg. pot. dmg: 1.42M Yamato: 68 Battles, WR 56%, Avg. dmg: 121k; avg. pot. dmg: 1.58M GK: 163 Battles, WR 53%, Avg dmg: 107k; avg. pot. dmg: 1.73M Conq: 160 Battles, WR 48%, Avg dmg: 114k; avg. pot. dmg: 1.50M I'm no Flamu but if Flamu is your bar this game would go down the drain fast. He might be a great guy but you can't judge a game or it's contents by it's best players even if they have numbers like this. That's why I'm so insitent on WG to look at the raw numbers and not the outcry supported by the best players around.
  5. Delta_Leader

    RN BB NERF(rebalance) incomming?

    The one is quite a bit more difficult to hit than the other
  6. Delta_Leader

    RN BB NERF(rebalance) incomming?

    I absolutely do. You might have a different opinion but calling everything else lies is a level Donald Trump is on and I hope you don't want to be on his level. Because you couldn't prove a single lie there, factually you proved me wrong in no point. I would disagree, it's not mandatory. I'm running superintendent, survivability and fire prevention as well as vigilance. I rely on my divisions and or team for AA protection and I know I'm not the only one doing so. It depends on the philosophy you play with I guess, if you play to your strenghts or if you try to make your ship a good allround ship. I'm not doing the latter but that's just my opinion. Hang on you got apples and oranges again. I'm glad we can agree on that Conq makes HE spam obsolete but we also all know that if you are getting focussed not even a zomboid heal will save you. And that's where every shell does damage comes in because if more than three people shoot at you it no longer matters if you have a heal like this or not. And even in every video you see AP salvos coming in doing more damage than they would to another T10BB. I agree with you that stealth means survivability up to some very relevant degree. But since stealth firing was removed it is a two-edged sword: While you can stealth up you can't do damage. You can't have both. Which puts stealth in a whole different relation to overall game performance. While you can angle against every other AP salvo, it is odd though that AP salvos in general, no matter the angle tend to do a bit more damage against Conq than any other BB. You might not see it in the few selects on youtube, but pay attention to it next time you play against it. The submerged Citadel is a general problem though: Which BBs at T10 can you reliably citadel these days? Of course that doesn't make Conq any worse in your eyes but it's not a problem that's unique to it. Sure Monty doesn't but Monty has more accurate guns and superheavy AP shells. Although AP is not up for discussion here I'd say the guns are on par, while Conq has higher Alpha, Monty has a bit higher accuracy and significantly better AP. GK two very important things Conq doesn't have: It has far better survivability and somewhat of an immunity zone inside its secondary battery range. Adding onto that, you might forget that GK has a better accuracy in horizontal dispersion. While it has a worse sigma, it's dispersion value in meters is better at least last time I checked.
  7. Delta_Leader

    RN BB NERF(rebalance) incomming?

    So you would say if you were to write about say the Yamato you would start any of those else? The guns are good, survivabiliy is good, the heal is better than the Monty's and the Kurfurst's and even the stealth is decent. I'd say what comes after is what counts. Just my opinion on that but I think just good is not enough any more. I dont think a ship needs something which deserves the trait utterly bad.
  8. Delta_Leader

    RN BB NERF(rebalance) incomming?

    You mean like those people crying now? Coming from the one who didn't take on any point of my original post so far I find that hard to believe.
  9. Delta_Leader

    RN BB NERF(rebalance) incomming?

    That doesn't make any sense. I don't need to. You got a search function for that.
  10. Delta_Leader

    RN BB NERF(rebalance) incomming?

    It doesn't. Your condescending behavior only takes substance away from what could have been a serious discussion, about I don't know. The game. Instead of people posting stuff here.
  11. Delta_Leader

    RN BB NERF(rebalance) incomming?

    No I'm guessing you missed that Cruiser's HE spam isn't good for the game. A few months back this part of the forum was filled with posts like "I'm getting burned to death, nerf cruisers". Sounds familiar?
  12. Delta_Leader

    RN BB NERF(rebalance) incomming?

    Nope, the other way round: Cruiser's HE spam doesn't work against the Conq. And thats a good thing.
  13. Delta_Leader

    RN BB NERF(rebalance) incomming?

    You might as well say you were too lazy to read what I wrote if that's what youre going for.
  14. Delta_Leader

    RN BB NERF(rebalance) incomming?

    Jesus H Christ I keep wondering why people listen to Flamu and Youtubers and base their opinion solely on what they see. You have to realize that anyone with those stats can make any ship look OP, hell you could make the Krasny Krim look OP. And they don't take the first game they play and put it on Youtube, that is one game of maybe 50 and everyone has a good game there. So let's take a peak and the raw facts here, and I'll start with the minor ones before going to the big ones, and I'm only gonna talk about the Conqueror because frankly I love her and I don't consider her OP, I'm comparing this all right now to what happened a year ago with the Kurfurst and WG did NOTHING and it was the right choice, hell they even buffed it a bit since then (before brit BBs came out btw): 1. The AA You call that OP? Well it sure is strong but unless you build it for AA, meaning improving it's range dramatically it won't hurt any carrier player unless he's stupid enough to attack it first thing in the game. You don't do that against either the Conq or the Monty for that matter. And speccing for AA will rip you of some of your greatest strenghts in this ship. But only wait until youre a couple of minutes into the game because Conq's AA gets eaten up piece by piece like Donny Trump at a KFC free wings night, meaning: Get shot by HE only a couple of times and you can kiss a substantial part your AA goodbye. Btw, Monty's AA survives quite a bit more and this durability still gives Monty the Top AA-BB spot in my opinion. 2. The stealth Yup, it's good. But did you ever play against a ship with a catapult fighter? When I played my first game in Conq I thought I would be a god in it. Turns out, every stupid ship with a catapult fighter spots you and only until late game you can think about stealthing up again. Don't even mention if the enemy has a CV because the strong part of your AA only reaches out 3.5km. 3. The survivability Let's take a look at the raw facts here: The heal is good. No one is going to deny that. BUT IT NEEDS IT. Take a peak at the armor model, EVERY HE shell fired at it will pen and do damage. Adding onto that, it has a lot of flat surfaces, especially when you try to kite away from your enemy in her, enemies will pen you pretty well (ever look at that rear??? flat and 32mm). If you were to nerf that heal, this ship would die like it's a Minotaur. Only that Conq doesn't have smoke... And I won't even comment on the ridiculous Matchup Conq vs Yamato because Yamato will just lolpen Conq at any angle and deal massive damage. At that point, let's take a look at the heal again, and now let's use our collective brains: Heals in general heal the majority of damage dealt by HE, AP damage is far less repairable. If you shoot Conq with AP Conq will have a really bad day because that heal is worth NOTHING if you don't take HE damage. In that way I even dare to say Conq might be WG's try to reduce HE spam because HE spam DOESNT Edited WORK. In a sense that it doesn't work against it because it gets repaired, obviously... And that's a good thing. So I dare saying plenty of people crying about Conq supposedly being OP are HE spammers who thought their Kutuzov would get them as far with RN BBs as it used to. I for one am glad it doesn't. 4. The HE Well sure, it's good. But I did a little comparison a while back and found out something interesting: Play a BB with HE and you will have a lot of fun. You won't be making any friends but the difference between a Monty playing HE only and a Conq playing HE only is MINIMAL. Oh and then there would be the Kurfurst on HE only and that's just brutal. So I dare eveyone complaining about the HE to try that in another T10 BB. You will be a part of the people you might otherwise despise so much but in my opinion the hatetrain only got rolling because WG actually advertised the option of shooting HE on it while it didn't do so in any other BB. Conq still has higher HE Alpha but this might balance out that if you're not careful enough or if people start shooting back at you you will have a bad day. In conclusion, Conq is the logical step after Minotaur, and no one is complaining about her. Both ships take massive amounts of damage (IF SHOT AT IN THE RIGHT WAY), both have great guns and good stealth. Get yourselves together and start thinking of ways to Play against Conq, don't be lazy sitting on your butts whining about supposed OP-Ness and get up and devise a way to kill her. Just a hint that got me very far: Take your Moines or Minotaur and shoot AP at it. Worked for me all of the six times I tried it, melted Conq down and the Repair wasn't worth jack because you friggin can't repair as much AP damage. So WG is doing the right thing to wait. Because the only people playing Conq right now are people who either have to work long hours and thus can't afford a lengthy grindand people who are really good. And you are compairing apples and oranges if you compare stats now. You can start compairing stats if the Average Joe who may have a prem account but doesn't have a 70% win rate has it and has 100+ games in it. So thank you for that, WG. Don't listen to the hatetrain. Listen to facts. And sadly enough, today only datamining will give you those. So long... This post has been edited by the moderation team due to swearing.
  15. Delta_Leader

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - British Battleships

    I'm sorry this is complete BS imo. Try to play her. She eats damage like there's no tomorrow, her superheal only works against HE damage for the most part, and her HE while strong is far from OP. To me, she is a bigger version of the Minotaur and I like that. She's more squishy than any TX BB (and remember almost anyone can citadel her through the back, she's got a flat 32mm surface there I've started to play HE on my Monty and Kurfurst to show the difference and frankly there barely is a difference. Try shooting HE with your Kurfurst, you would be surprised how well she does. Next thing you can't compare those statistics yet and WG is right not to comment on those statistics yet. Not even 6.5 thousand games played in the conqueror doesn't count as data yet that's the beginnings. Remember the fuss about Kurfurst... no one is complaining about her any more and I doubt this would be any different. And please stop basing the discussion around videos on Youtube... Remember only good games get on youtube. Basing a judgement on a youtube video is like trying to perform surgery after watching an episode of General Hospital.