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  1. cosworth1977

    Win Rate and High stat player attitudes

    you can give tips etc to people in the game but hardly they wil understand you. Thats the trouble these days with Wows
  2. cosworth1977

    Win Rate and High stat player attitudes

    most people you wanne give advice to cant even understand english. so why bother ? Wg should make different language clusters. Problem solved
  3. cosworth1977

    Flame in fight chat

    trouble is if you wanne help people in the game most of them dont even understand english. Or play for fun and if they get killed then its just to the next battle.
  4. people stil believe they get everthing for free. You really think you get a serious answer from wg with the way you comment on others ?
  5. ranked is the perfect way for WG to earn lots of money. see loyang invasion in the games.
  6. cosworth1977

    How to reduce toxic behaviour

    Best way is to disable chat for people who have their ship sunk. And get rid of those idiots who are only in the rear and not even near a objective and farm dmg and get hugely rewarded for it.
  7. cosworth1977

    Joining NA server, help a nerd

    aslain is usable with the region switcher but remember NA sometimes have patches earlier or later.
  8. cosworth1977

    Twins who tried to be identical but ended up being different

    if you have a decent pc performance is not a problem. Maybe the patches are the problem . seeing latest patch is a disaster with lags etc
  9. cosworth1977

    Event reward captains - where are their special attributes displayed?

    putting prem ships in the game is more a priority then fixing things in the game itself. Its just a 1 bigg [edited]cash cow
  10. Can happen. its just a cv thats all :) When i see that youtube vid it feels like watching a game into a other game.
  11. people will addept if they going to put in the live version. Same with invisi fire.
  12. cosworth1977

    Be honest (Stats)

    And handy to know who will back you up and who will flee when first enemy is sighted and shooting at them. Or figure out who should be a priority target :P Or let team know who to be carefull for. Other trouble is the communication in the game. so manny players cant even understand basic english
  13. cosworth1977

    Karma and Ranked

    karma staus zero and never knew there was karma in the game or you could compliment or report a player :) Cant find a reason to even give a compliment to a person. They are players like you and me and they wanne play a game
  14. cosworth1977

    Be honest (Stats)

    get stats mod running on sec monitor and you dont ever have to look up something :P It comes nice and handy in screen and you know who you have to be carefull for or in division who you have to focus. or tell team carefull for player .
  15. cosworth1977

    Be honest (Stats)

    stats mod should be a default thing in the game. Looking up stats on a second site have no need if wg would implement stats into the game. and seeing those nice stats sites having ads etc wg could do that to generate some income of it .