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  1. rjotto77

    Absurd email with link to bonus.

    I got the 30 premium camo, but did not got the 1 Day Premium for being Rank 1 and the 3x all flags for win. Something went wrong at WG, happen.
  2. rjotto77

    every game lost, think of giving up already

    Or not: And it was the same after last Sunday. If my memory is correct, only 2 battles was a Win in ~7 days. But as always, its just me. 0 and 1056 damage with Batthelships all day long. Suddenly I forgot how and where to shot. Correct.
  3. rjotto77

    This weekend has been horrendous ...

    I realized less and less of my friends are playing the game. Me included. Weekend comes and you can book the pretty series of lost battles if your win ratio is above 49%. RNG is funny. All normal days, your guns works. On weekend, its the 1020-1560 time with BB, 200-500 CA/CL, 0-100-200 in DD. My Scharnhorst showed me in this weekend how to shot and hit without a single point of damage, HE included. 80% of the AP hit: 0 damage, 19%: 600-10XX, 1% for not letting you die without some DMG for points. HE does not damage but starts fire, when I was lucky enough, fire burned down some ships. Suddenly forgot how and where to shot. And the Lucky Shots from the other side.Get hit by one shell on the flag pole at stern, Detonation! Cool. Then you can see two more ships from your team going into the soup with the same way. And the winners, you can see(if you check) nice 4-500WTR point heroes with less than 15K average damage and around 30-40% win ratio raised up to 60-80% on Saturday and Sunday. But hey, they know what they do. Sitting on the open water showing their full side to us and shot like crazy and give insane amount of damage to well angled ships while shots on them just scratching the paint on their ships. I am at the point now, where I wont buy premium time again to waste it on weekends. If WG want to give fun to the weekend warrior/bad players, set the MM for average score. Bad players against bad players, mediocre vs. mediocre, and pros against pros. There are lost battles, many, where you come out with a smile on your face because the other team was pretty good but each side had to bleed to death. Losing against better players is not frustrating. You can learn from that, but loosing against Blood Jamie's magical shots from the invincible ship is not. This all is not inspiring me or anyone else to play. And pay.
  4. I did not spent a single cent in the last two weeks, so I was prepared for premium ship discounts or at least some temporary added rare ones. Then, we got discounts on already&continuously discounted Doubloons and Credit. I am a bit disappointed. I was ready to celebrate with WG's WoWs staff by filling up their pockets, all I can hear now is Steam store's evil laugh in the background(again). When you only have your weekends to get some longer fun, you wont waste that for waiting for nothing. I am not against the gifts that we got. Could be better, but now, its not the Earth's End. The servers would have to get the same things when it comes, this diversity is just upsetting many many players. As always. Why we have to feel(EU, SEA, NA, RU communities) every time when something comes out, that we are less important to WG than the other? Not a win-win situation. Easy to blame us, but marketing guys&gals could go for some training to some different companies.
  5. rjotto77

    Goodbye and thanks for NOTHING

    386 Battles. Too small amount to get enough experience with the game, so does not deserved for bashing. This game can be frustrating even if you KNOW(that I am not ) what you have to do with your ships. As I did it too, most of the players just rush through the ships without knowing their real strength. Opening tier V is a pain, you have stock ships against tier VI-VII. the game could be much more tolerate at tier V. Its OK to get matched with tier VI, but VII is a bit more than majority of new or low level players can handle. They do what they can, come up to the forum and voice their frustration. Annoying yes, but every each of us started this game somewhere. And none of us was a newborn pro. OP, keep it easy. Play more up to tier IV, don't go higher before you get in touch how to handle the situations around you. Get some ingame friends(or RL) and team up. Much easier. Or, follow your team, stay with the other ships. You dont have to rush ahead even if you are in a DD and some of your team members force you to do that. When you does not find fun in the game, leave it alone for a time. Playing WoWs can be a real pain, but it just get better with the time and the collected knowledge. You will be good one day and you will smile when you read a similar post like you here. Heads up, things will change.
  6. I wish you continuous citadel hits for 200, 600,1020 and 2240 points in all of your battles just like we have.
  7. rjotto77

    Heavy lags and kicked back to port

    Yes, me. Had at least 5-6 battles with heavy lagg and kick back to login screen. I had to check my connection and resource usage in task manager, but everything seems normal. I was able to log back and continue the battle.
  8. rjotto77

    weekend battles are strange

    This. I started to play this game in end of this January, I tried my best to evolve and get some skills and that resulted in a huge positive change as I take a look on my stats. But, as I do more and more battles and get better aiming it is so transparent that damage mechanism is working against you. Win or lose the battle is not comes only for keeping eye on the objective, but more likely how much damage you can bring and how much ships you can sank. Its pretty disappointing, when all of your shots miss the target left and right side on clear broadside or hits causing zero or joke category of damage. You cant damage glass thin ships, while when you are in the same ship you get citadel hits all the time even from angry looks on you. Karma: as you get positive karma, the MM will take you with total useless players and place you to the bottom of the foodchain. Uptiering +2 all the time in 90% of the battles. I know, you still can be competitive there, if you can bring damage. Funny is, when a battle is clearly lost, you can bring serious damage while you miss everything in before. I always start to mock someone for get some complains to kick back the positive karma to 0. It works. Matchmaking: In my opinion, if MM would be cut back to +/- 1 tier, majority of the players would be far more satisfied with the results and overall with the battles. It is my opinion, can be argue against, but for an example, 9-10Km effective shooting range against 15+Km while your ship can be detected from 10+Km is not a challenge, but a massacre. St.Luis vs Königsberg/Kongo/CVs/ etc., just to name it. Losing: I don't know who thinks that continuous losing is make the players happy. Frustration can be sky high in this game. Frustrated, disappointed players will not really open the wallets to support for that. At least, I wont support the game until this miracle with the damage will be gone. I don't want magic shots or anything else that give you unfair advantages above other players for premium stuffs(any), but I want fair and enjoyable game at least. You are totally right for me about this game is favorizing the bad player. They need to have fun, that is ok, but if someone is bad by his/her stats, match them up with other bad players instead nerfing out the hell from the ones, who are try to be better or simply better. I left War Thunder for the same reason. There, the game is giving god like abilities to new and low level players to one shot everything while deflect all shots. At rank 100, you are the God of Central Gear Leg critical and the Ultimate Instadie Noob. I really hope, Wargaming does not want to follow Gaijin's way. That is a total failure. I wish, someday(soon) this fishy things with WoWs will change. Sick to see possible good games goes into wrong direction. I hope, WoWs will not ends up as WoWp.
  9. rjotto77

    weekend battles are strange

    600 and 1020 most of the time in tier VI-VIII or zero damage. V and below damage works better, but I guess I just lost my aiming skills totally for today... My friends on TS reports the same. The game is pretty unplayable. Have to mention the uptiering is insane too. Funny when I causing 70-80k in New York and Wyoming uptiered to VI-VII, but I cant collect 20k in New Mexico/Fuso in tier VI battles. I really don't know what to think.
  10. rjotto77

    Public Test General Feedback

    No bugs found yet. This new version of the game is simply amazing. Weather adds a lot deeper immersion, not bad for a new start. I hope we will see more variety in weather situations. Crosshairs are cool. I think, everyone can find one that suits the needs. Overall, after this patch, the game feels like a new one. Its great. Very good job from the development team. Thank you guys&gals.