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  1. OldJoe

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I didn't participate in the first round of the test, so here are my first impressions: 1 - Basically I really like the new gameplay. 2- Controls seem to be completely screwed up at the moment. I don't know if it's a bug or lags or if I do anything wrong but sometimes the planes turn with the mouse just fine, some seconds later I'm only able to steer the planes with the keyboard and sometimes the planes refuse to take any steering command at all. 3- AA - As far as I know you are supposed to dodge the flak burst clouds but apart from the control problems it seems to be completely impossible from time to time. I had one occasion today when I though I had evaded the AA and the next second my entire squad was shot down- Granted, it was stock Lexington vs. Worcester that time, but as getting thrown into T10 games is more the rule than the exception for T8, I think that there should be at least a bit of a chance to break through and do some damage. 4- CV control: Having no information about your CVs health or consumables while in flight is plain bad. As is having to give up your current flight just to modify your ship's speed even if you control the course with map waypoints.
  2. OldJoe

    General Feedback - 0.7.7 PTS

    Same problem yesterday evening. After clicking 'open container' the game became unresponsive. Only way out was task-killing.
  3. OldJoe

    Please fix TVIII matchmaking ASAP

    I've written down the matchmaking for the last 50 tier 8 battles till about a week ago, because I wanted to know if it's really that bad or it's just down to increased perception of 'bad' games: The total numbers: I've been low-tier in 60%, mid-tier in 10% and high-tier in 30% of those 50 matches. The numbers did vary only about 2% for each ship class, although the sample size is quite small.
  4. OldJoe

    General Feedback

    Tested the Collision Avoidance with DDs and BBs - it looks good. Definitely an improvement over the old system. I'm really considering to keep it activated after the patch and usually it was the first thing I recommended to disable for new players...
  5. OldJoe

    Space Battles

    Looks great at first sight, but is very tiring for the eyes after some minutes. As it is basically only a random tier X battle for all, the usual problems arise (BBs strong, DDs clueless) and kill much of the fun. The missing in-game explanations for meteor shower and psy field will make playing this mode for most players very unpleasant imo. And is there some way to estimate the target speed? Funnel flames seem to be the same for every speed setting. Compared to the really entertaining bath tub battles this mode sadly does not shine.
  6. OldJoe

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Priority AA target or secondary artillery target not properly selectable 2. Reproduction steps Select priority target by using Ctrl+left mouse 3. Result The 'hit box' for the click seems to be off. You can target ships or squadrons by clicking way above the icon, but not lower than the health bar... 4. Expected result Click should be recognized over the complete icon/health bar/name area
  7. OldJoe

    Bug reports

    Played two games in Lexington yesterday and on several occasions my planes did not accept a strafe order despite several clicks. UI overall felt even more sluggish than on live server. My ping to test server was below 40ms, no other game lags, so I assume there is some overall UI latency problem...
  8. OldJoe

    Bug reports

    Can confim both bugs. Rudder bug is not limited to any ship, just got it playing an Iowa
  9. OldJoe

    Bug Reports

    I noticed yesterday that the mission progress bar was one step behind in the after battle report. The "play one battle" showed an empty bar although it was obviously finished, the missions for the badges were showing always one part too few. For example in part 1 : 0 progress after one victory, 1/2 after the second. This continued through all the mission parts. 1. Description Minor Bug: Mission progress bar in after battle report lagging behind. 2. Reproduction steps Finish a mission step 3. Result Mission progress bar always one step short. 4. Expected result Progress bar should show correct percentage of mission progress 5. Technical details Noted on December 28th on all missions
  10. OldJoe

    Stuck At Loading Screen After Patch

    glad to hear
  11. OldJoe

    Stuck At Loading Screen After Patch

    I had the same problem, both on PT server and now after the patch on live server. Only way I found to make the game work again was to delete the preferences.xml file from the game folder. You lose all your settings, but the game starts...
  12. OldJoe

    Other Changes

    Thanks for listening and dropping the minimap ship name abbreviations in the second test run! Full ship names are so much better to read. (I still don't like them written in capital letters)
  13. OldJoe

    Other Changes

    I really appreciate, that you are implementing the ship names on minimap! But: I don't like the capital letter ship 'names' and the missing option to select text size. I'm using the minimap ship name mod at the moment and I never had problems with fully written ship names (8pt font size) regarding clutter on the minimap or readability. Please make it an option to use abbreviations or full ship names on the minimap (and NOT in capital letters only please!!) or like said before, introduce some simply moddable (say .txt) 'translation file' and let players customize it.
  14. OldJoe

    Where's 0..6.1?

    On the support page, server maintenance was always scheduled for tomorrow. Just another typo.....
  15. OldJoe

    Public Test Update - 31/01/2017

    * The smoke problem seems to be history, I ran into no nasty surprises so far when I tried the RN cruisers. good work! * The buffs to US cruisers look good. Any chance that the Indianapolis gets little love regarding detection and ROF, too?