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  1. Viper911

    Bug Reports

    Dunno if this would help but the mid game Big World engine Crashes, they seem to pop up every time the game reaches 2.38 gig ram usage in task manager, can reproduce on my PC over and over again on windows 7 64 bit, 32 gig ram installed, so tried out leaving my laptop running the game, and lo and behold same OS now with only 12 gig ram but still crashes the second the warships application reaches 2.38 gig ram.
  2. Viper911

    Clans Feedback

    the fact all you hear is how little clans have in regards to WoWs is a reason i was not overly worried that i could not join or create a clan in the end for patch 0.6.0, when you think i already paid £8:50 or so For a Wargaming Clan taht was always led to believe would be for all 3 games when clan functions came about, to have to pay another £8:50 to create the same clan again for just world of warships, all this while clans/guilds whatever you wish to call them in every single other game i have ever played are either Free or require you to use In Game Credit, for way more clan functionality than we get currently for the current setup, especially with WoWs ofc, to me this eek's money grab £17 to have a clan across the Wargaming Network of games to me is way to much when you consider the benefits to an individual that cash could give.
  3. Viper911

    Clans Feedback

    same sort of issue, all my current clan in WoT are stuck with our clan tab in WoWs and nothing in it, creats an issue of not being able to reform the clan in WoWs, as i cant create/join another as i am in a clan already from WoT, the clan i am commander of lol.
  4. Viper911

    Clans from WoT and WoWp

    Interestingly my Wot/WoWp clan tab is showing next to my profile, and all my contacts from the clan have clan tags in there contact names, but yea click the clan tab next to my profile and nothing in there, but seeing as we all use Teamspeak no real need to fix this, if you dont get full access in WoWs oh well, paying another 2500 gold for very little is not really worth the hassle.
  5. Viper911

    War of Warship:paciffic War

    hi there wargaming,i assume the game in this title is not made by you for the I-store, yet this app just popped up for me, and its using an in game Picture of an Essex Class Battleship from World of Warships when its docked in the in-game menu's to promote there own game through the suggested App adverts, pretty sure they should not be doing that?
  6. yep finally having a good game and typically about to actually win, with 3 kills under my belt and bam, nope your going to get no win, server down.... sigh, everyday this game seems to want to make me play less.
  7. Viper911


    everyone to there own i guess, but i just find it has to many issues for me, i prefer the sims in almost every way except torps ofc.
  8. Viper911


    yup agree, i'm a 54%er on sims, not great butt ok, with the Blyska i have won 1 game from 10, yes its guns are ok, its torps are ok, but that its issue, a dd is a bad choice to have a jack of all trades with, DD's like the sims are designed to be stealth boats, the japs, stealth torper's, and that what makes them great, the fact it is jack of all trades means it dosent actualy excel in anything, which is kinda what a dd needs to do. Simply put if ya team is playing bad it can not turn a game around and help carry like US and IJN ships. a real problem.
  9. Viper911


    actually i agree with Schafmeister the sims just feels a better ship in every way, the additional 1km range, faster firing guns, better turret turn speed and better concealment just make the sims, imo a more well rounded destroyer, yes its torpedo's suck, but there good at herding a ship to turn the way you want them too, it small and quick nature in regards to shift and turret traverse for me at least are far more important than a few additional guns, as a dd id rather not be spotted, than stand out like a sore thumb when firing my main armament on something that is defo designed with gunboat characteristics as they both are.
  10. Viper911

    Kitakami First Impressions

    yea i would probably wait and pick up a different tier 8 when 1 comes about, something that has a far better balance to it or pick up the tier 7 Atlanta which picks up that bill nicely
  11. Viper911

    Kitakami First Impressions

    So after purchasing and playing the Kitakami, what do i think of it.... well nothing positive i am afraid, unfortunately it may have a huge amount of torps, but that is ultimately its biggest flaw is the fact its citadel is the entire ship, all thanks to the sheer amount of turrets this ship has, 2 hits almost anywhere from a tier 7 and up cruiser or battleship is you back in port and selecting another ship, the stats don't add up to anything close to what you think they would, its turn radius and acceleration is not good enough to really use ambush tactics, along with the fact your not a destroyer so you don't have a personal smoke screen, if it had the sort of sustained gun power of even close to anything it would not be an issue, but for something as large as it is, as easy to crit as it is, and has over 10k less health than similar cruisers of its tier this really does feel like its one to avoid, will keep playing and testing, but cant help but think it has no place in the game as it stands, to find a similar combat capacity you have to look towards tier 4 cruisers........ enough said.
  12. Viper911

    Ram damage

    ramming does need looking at, was in a game where me and another cruser both blew up yet we touched at about 2 knots speed each and running side by side, in real life we would have been lucky to scrape paint off, and yet both of us were destroyed and lost over 20k each
  13. Viper911

    Aircraft Destroyed xp

    Seriously as an aircraft carrier i find that if you give yourself an anti air roll over a anti ship roll your crucified for it, ive seen games where i have shot down 3x more than a second aircraft carrier, and as ive used my wings to protect his torpedo bombers and he gets 1 kill and only a few aircraft destroyed and here i am killing 20+ aircraft defending him and allowing him to do his role, yet for his 1 kill he earns far more xp thanks to torpedo damage, this feels like punishment for a different play style and an effective play style for winning. Just wondered if anyone else has a similar opinion to me on this matter.
  14. Viper911


    bombs are very good at starting fires on enemy aircraft carriers, which is what really they were deployed to attack, they can still do reasonable damage to battleships as well if your lucky, and good planning with ensure an increased hit ratio, if ya hitting across an enemy ship you are seriously lessening the chance of damaging hits.