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  1. Listy

    Incomming smoke nerf?

    Yes. I've done it before in my Leander (at ~50% health). A full health Japanese tier VII cruiser came steaming round the corner at under 5km. Luckily I had smoke and hydro ready, and saw him coming. I dumped my smoke, popped the hydro, could see him and carved him up with Main gun and Torps. He just kept blundering along broadside on waiting for me to appear. In that scenario with the new mechanics, I'd be dead, and the team would likely have lost. On one hand cautious use of the consumables, and super intendant skill, and reading the map (oh and possibly a large dash of luck). On the other, sailing in a straight line, waiting to mash the fire button, ????, Profit. I like to kid myself it was all skill no luck, but hey the basics are there, I'd have died and been unable to do anything to him without smoke cover.
  2. Listy

    The reason why BBs hug the map border

    To be fair as a Aggressive BB player I find myself in a quandary. If I push, I'll be alone and I die. Or I can mince around at the back like that. What does one do? I've lost count of the times when I've started off with two or three BB's and a couple of CA's backing me up I lead the charge look around and find they've all peeled off and now I am dead. The solution's I'd think of are: 1: Drop BB main gun range down, and give them all good armour. or, the more elegant solution, which I think works better: 2: An EXP and credits modifier for BB's for distance travelled. With the modifier being increased the further you are away from your base line. This is for the games where you have to turn around to defend the other flank to you.
  3. Listy

    RANT!!- Idiots with torpedoes

    I'm a baaad Listy, but yesterday There was an enemy full health Nelson and an Enemy DD heading towards my Warspite. I charged. Citadeled the Nelson with fore turrets. Killed the DD with rear turrets, turned into the Nelson, the torpedo spread from the DD missed me (mostly, I ate one, which was enough), the Nelson ate several of the Torps, repaired the flooding, my secondaries set him on fire, he killed me, the fires killed him. So without team damage being on that couldn't have happened. I'd like to say thank you to the DD player who forgot that BB's can turn, and to the Bayern that had flanked my hiding position and made it untenable for me to remain in position, forcing this course of action.
  4. Listy

    New HMS Conqueror armament setup leaked

    Honestly, earlier I was thinking "what would be my ideal in game ship?" and I like ROF (negates the RNG and allows quick target switching) with the survivability of a BB, so.. yeah, that.
  5. Listy

    Brits: Special case across the board?

    You did note that I said "after the smoke nerf" right? And you wouldn't have flown off the handle and made yourself look silly now, would you?
  6. Listy

    Brits: Special case across the board?

    Oh I know. I have figured out what the British DD gimmick will be. No torpedo's, but most of the British DD's had hedgehog launchers. A thoroughly unique weapon to the British! Just need to get within 0.1km and fire it, and you'll be rewarded with some light bomb hits on the target. That should complete all the RN ships being largely underpowered, after the smoke nerf, just as WG wants it.
  7. Listy

    Brits: Special case across the board?

    And there's something else that I suspect they've managed to miss-portray. By all accounts, from mates in the know, the 2Pdr Pompom was a pretty damn good AA gun. It, like nearly everything, had good things about it, and bad things about it. It should give pretty scary amounts of Self defence AA fire-power. Also why gimmicks. I mean you want something a bit freaky and different, Two ships names HMS Agincourt and HMS Incomparable. There you go, two utterly unique ships for inclusion in game (Ok one's paper, but you get the idea).
  8. Listy

    Brits: Special case across the board?

    As RN player I wish we weren't so blessed. Just a normal line of ships please. It hurts the RN Cruisers. Especially when someone decides to nerf their one ability later on. Gimmicks are bad, and I wish they'd stop using them. I jokingly said RN BB's would get HE as their thing. Alarmingly I was right. I fear for what will be the RN DD thing. No guns or Torpedo's, just ramming and AA?
  9. Listy

    From the Dev Blog... Smoke!

    To be fair I think that is more a breaking issue than a game play one. We'd love to stay inside the smoke, but physics is a right swine, especially momentum.
  10. Listy

    From the Dev Blog... Smoke!

    Sod it, I'll play a battleship instead.
  11. Listy

    From the Dev Blog... Smoke!

    I'm sitting here in game staring at my Edinburgh, and thinking "What's the point now". Can't bring myself to hit battle either.
  12. Listy

    From the Dev Blog... Smoke!

    Let me see if I have this right... RN CL's lost their HE, Defensive fire ability and thus their ability to shoot aircraft down (I'm only at T8 at the moment), don't have any survivability or protection and recently got their secondaries nerfed all to get smoke. Now you propose to severely hamper their one defence, just because a tiny fraction of your players in coordinated play are acting in a way you don't like. Didn't WOT try something similar to pander to the E-sports crowd which failed miserably and irritated a lot of their player base? If you're set on doing such a horrific thing might I suggest you split the Cruisers into CL and CA classes? You don't even need to alter the ships in game. Because at the moment you're trying to implement something that is going to screw over someone in the Cruisers, and it doesn't matter which way you make the mechanics work its going to effect game play for someone. simply because Cruisers are too broad a class at the moment.
  13. Listy

    RN IFHE: the big question

    Ok thanks.
  14. Listy

    RN IFHE: the big question

    How so? More Pen is always good? Especially if you don't need to worry about over penetrating the target?
  15. Listy

    RN IFHE: the big question

    As RN BB's have better HE, and weaker AP, one has to ask the obvious question, should we be fitting IFHE to it? I know IFHE does some funky stuff with Cruiser shells, but what about bigger rounds? Especially if the RN is meant to mince about at the back using its concealment "advantage", it would seem not having to worry about decreasing range would be a boon for the RN. Is it the way forward? Or just plain ineffective?