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  1. In Game Center you can change the region if I remember correctly. It is possible you need to download the game again tho, so I agree that the region chager mod is your best bet if you don't want to redownload.
  2. Crapgame0507

    Ranked will be dominated by these two ships.....

    Does not make any difference. Ranked is just another random with fewer players in a battle. Especially at the end when most of the "good" players are on top and the "bots" with remaining endurance still trying to get higher. This is what ranked is, nothing more.
  3. Crapgame0507

    Arpeggio Compensation and More

    45k got the Takao and only 15k got the Nachi... nuff said. No more explanation is required to justify this failure. These kind of missions should be the same for every server. You know it is a big difference when there are ppl who can do something in low tier while others must play in T8... And then we can get a real T6 premium from missions with relative ease ;) Good job.
  4. Crapgame0507

    Arpeggio Compensation and More

    We can view it as an issue, yes. I mean, how hard can it be to distribute content that is already in the game client? This is beyond me
  5. No surprise there, destroyers and cruisers cap a lot more than battleships and cap matters way too much. Besides, BBs suffering the "zombie jelly-brain syndrome" (an insult invented by me), meaning most ppl who playing them are like: "Urgghh... BIGG GUNZ... Arggggh... BIGG DAMAGE!!!" And anyway, every battleship stay as far as possible while cruisers and destroyers clash. And this is a fact. It is sickening they claim it's because of lack of support... it is BB players who does not support and concentrate exclusively to damage. I'm starting to dislike them more than cowardly cruiser enthusiasts.
  6. Crapgame0507

    Fleet of Fog

    Plus the camo only means -3% detectability so Takao can still be very very stealthy with mod and a captain skill. But if you think that's not enough you can setup your nippon heavies for gunnery too, Takao can have 3-4 sec (not sure about the exact value) rudder shift wich is absolutely fantastic and HE is a very nice choice against BBs' when they running or steaming forward. Srsly,.you rarely see more versatile ships than these babes. They require a little time to get used to tho. When I bought Atago I was very disappointed and wanted a refund but after a few rounds I was glad I chose her. Guess it's the same with Takao
  7. Crapgame0507

    Arpeggio Compensation and More

    15 russians killed and the mission just kept mocking me after every battle cuz it popped up even if I killed another nation's ship Gave up after 15. If you had plenty of russians at high tier, you guys were very lucky. End of story. The very few I met was hunted down ruthlessly by someone other, at least 4-5 kills I worked for was stolen by even LOWER tier players... Just... I gave up. Not worth the time. Loking forward to the flag.
  8. Crapgame0507

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Could you repeat that? It wasn't perfectly clear ;)
  9. Crapgame0507

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Well I do! I even started to offer gift boxes for russian captains if they come to me and allow me to frag 'em ;)
  10. Crapgame0507

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Because we EU players are inferior species and happily bark for a bare bone that was thrown at us Honestly, ppl, you threaten not to pay for the game anymore but how many of you will actually do it? It is nice that you put up a signature on forums, but will you actually stop paying and playing?
  11. Crapgame0507

    Battleship players: what is your problem? Why won't you tank?

    You know what is the problem? The range of high tier battlehsips. That makes ppl think that they have ~20 km firing range for the purpose of sniping.
  12. Crapgame0507

    Blyskawica vs Leningrad

    I am eyeing the Leningrad mostly because of her ridicilously fast top speed. If she's anywhere near in performance to the Anshan and Blyska, I'm game, cuz I love em both I am used to the fewer guns of the Anshan so the relatively blocked turrets not really a problem for me. I doubt you can go wrong with any of them, they are fun. Much, much more playable for the average mass than the russian DDs. I think they are very close in playstyle too so yeah, does not matter wich one you buy out of the two tier 7s.
  13. Crapgame0507

    ARP missions coming to an end

    If there are russian ships I play a jap dd... not an ideal situation
  14. Crapgame0507

    ARP missions coming to an end

    The pink-brown is Ashigara, the red one is Haguro, greenish named Nachi and the full-out pink is Myoko And no, the 500 hits is for ARP Myoko. Btw, ppl! Play them ruskies cuz I only have 9 kills so far.
  15. Crapgame0507

    ARP missions coming to an end

    That's the Myoko and u can get her for 200 secondary gun hits I think. Or is it 500 hits? Heck if I remember.