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    Vive la France Part 1


    I need only 4 items for french collections. Today finish last mission and got 7 containers.And what surprise?!? I got 5 duplicates and 2 items. So I need only 2 items more.I make from duplicates 1 more item.And had 2 duplicates left.Need 1 item to finish mission or 1 duplicate.But mission tasks are over, I cant get more containers.Only in shop.And I must buy 1 container to complete french commander mission...I bought of course 1 container cause wanted that french commander.But I feel very sad.I don't worry I spend 2.7 Euro.Wargaming befool me.I feel sad cause I feel to be forced to buy containers from Wargaming shop to finish mission. I dont start next mission.I dont want to feel sad and frustrated at the end of mission when not enough items and I am forced to buy containers with items.