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    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    True, its end of company product Wows.Every product have phases - baby, teenager, adult, old people, and dead phase.Analyzing latest WoT and WoWs missions, they show us dead phase begins.They wanna grab as many money as possible before product completelly die.Hope WoT phase will not die too soon.I like WoT, and also WoWs, just not so much time for Wows after WoT.
  2. armandio

    Vive la France Part 1


    I need only 4 items for french collections. Today finish last mission and got 7 containers.And what surprise?!? I got 5 duplicates and 2 items. So I need only 2 items more.I make from duplicates 1 more item.And had 2 duplicates left.Need 1 item to finish mission or 1 duplicate.But mission tasks are over, I cant get more containers.Only in shop.And I must buy 1 container to complete french commander mission...I bought of course 1 container cause wanted that french commander.But I feel very sad.I don't worry I spend 2.7 Euro.Wargaming befool me.I feel sad cause I feel to be forced to buy containers from Wargaming shop to finish mission. I dont start next mission.I dont want to feel sad and frustrated at the end of mission when not enough items and I am forced to buy containers with items.