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  1. armandio

    Vive la France Part 1


    I need only 4 items for french collections. Today finish last mission and got 7 containers.And what surprise?!? I got 5 duplicates and 2 items. So I need only 2 items more.I make from duplicates 1 more item.And had 2 duplicates left.Need 1 item to finish mission or 1 duplicate.But mission tasks are over, I cant get more containers.Only in shop.And I must buy 1 container to complete french commander mission...I bought of course 1 container cause wanted that french commander.But I feel very sad.I don't worry I spend 2.7 Euro.Wargaming befool me.I feel sad cause I feel to be forced to buy containers from Wargaming shop to finish mission. I dont start next mission.I dont want to feel sad and frustrated at the end of mission when not enough items and I am forced to buy containers with items.
  2. armandio

    Huang He (Aurora)

    Just got HUANGHE from Supercontainer. I choose consumable container this time, usually I choose lucky container.First time won ship from s.container.
  3. armandio

    Clash of th elements!

    Stfup idiot. Dont call me stupid.
  4. armandio

    Clash of th elements!

    Very very stupid event, very very. I am very dissapointed.
  5. armandio

    Clash of th elements!

    True. What do u think why they did it? Maybe its mistake with WoT mission?!?
  6. armandio

    Clash of th elements!

    Only kamikaze seems interest to me. I dont need those stupid modifications.
  7. armandio

    Clash of th elements!

    Honestly I want quiet to play warships due to this Kamikaze mission, I just still try to do impossible...
  8. armandio

    Clash of th elements!

    I must play 9-11 hours per day to complete the week mission? How is that possible? And that 3 times in row?!? What u smoke WG? Very good quality.
  9. armandio

    Clash of th elements!

    I ts not a bit too hard mission made by WG?!? Honestly I get more pain then pleasure trying to did that Kamikaze mission.Its impossible.Especially ribbons. For who WG made that Kamikaze mission?
  10. armandio

    New Idea!

    Can You make possibility to land and service my aircrafts on allies aircraft carrier in case my aircraft carrier is destroyed in the battle?!? They spend too much fuel flying arround without own aircraft carrier....
  11. armandio

    Improving performance in Ranked Battles

    BB always camp, and that game is lost. If bb dont camp, but help push, game is won. Maybe bb camp for not losing star in losing team...?!? trying to get 1 st place in losing team...?!?