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  1. iratecabbie

    Nelson confirmed cost and stats

    me neither,,, 450 000 free exp sitting in my account just waiting for this moment,,,
  2. iratecabbie

    Hoods out!

    I Would normally have leapt on this today but sorry, I'm not able to pay £85 for it. I will be waiting till the 9th. WG, I'm a good and loyal customer who since 2011 has spent a lot of money with you, fill out all the surveys you send me and have recommended this game and others under your banner to lots of people and generally I don't question your actions, but this "Staggered" release is in my opinion a bit of a slap in the face for not just me but for all your loyal customers. If you had offered all three versions today I would probably have gone for the middle version, but now I will be waiting for the 9th.
  3. iratecabbie

    Why 5.5 gets delayed for EU

    Ok so its delayed because there is a problem, So? I'm happy that they are going to fix it before launching it, Id rather be playing a working game.
  4. I totally agree, I would like a captain qualifications to be permanent.
  5. iratecabbie

    British Fleet?

    It does really seem wrong that the RN is not being given any attention, especially considering how many of its ships, admirals and battle are almost household names, Come on WG, do the righ thing and bring on the Brits!
  6. iratecabbie

    Warspites range

    Leave Warspite as she is, When you know how to handle her and get the best out of her she is a force to be reckoned with. The shell dispersion is great and the guns have a decent velocity making it quite easy for me to land 6 out of 8 shells on target, her AA is sufficient as is her secondaries, and her turn rate is simply excellent. Armour is also good but made far better by her ability to dodge incoming rounds. Spend time learning how to fight with warspite and she will not let you down. I routinely take out nagato--fuso-new mexico and colorados with her. yes her range is a bit weak, but her stealth is good so she can usually sneak up into range without a problem. Seriously,, best premium ship in game imho.
  7. iratecabbie

    HMS Hood

    As I understand it from the various articles I have read about both hood and Bismarck both ships were flawed in design. As a Battle cruiser the hood was designed to carry out a role that had become obsolete with the invention of radar and naval aviation. At the time of the battle cruisers birth navies used light cruisers and armoured cruisers for scouting, these vessels would range ahead of a battle fleet and would on sighting the enemy relay their sighting reports to the heavier battleships behind them. The battle cruiser was designed to be a ship that could chase down and destroy these light scouting forces, so they were made to be fast and given a battle ships guns so as to be able to overpower the cruisers with ease and armour sufficient to protect them against a cruisers guns. The one time that they were used in this role (the battle of the Falklands in 1914) they performed exactly as planned and easily chased down and over whelmed the slower, weaker cruisers of von Spee's squadron. The downfall for battle cruisers was their sheer size and fire power, its hard to look at them and to forget that what your seeing is a cruiser killer and not a battleship killer. instead you see a huge ship packing a battleships punch with a cruisers speed, a vessel that can get to the critical point of a battle quickly. Its this sort of thought that leads to them being used as "a battle cruiser fleet" at dogger bank and jutland. where at the latter they go up against battleships and get hammered. (incidentally I see ww1 german battlecruisers as more truly fast battleships due to their excellent armour) Hood being on the slips at the time of Jutland was heavily modified before even being completed, her armour was actually pretty decent by ww1 standards and by ww2 her armour was even better having been given some upgrades over the course of her life, but it is a mistake to see her as a first class battleship. she was by 1941 and old ship, heavily used (remember she had already had a very active war) and she had not had the full modernization that ships like the Warspite and renown had gone through. On her own she was no match for the Bismarck, but with Prince of wales on hand the odds were on her side, more 18 big guns vs 8. and I think had she not been blown up then even with Prince of wales having technical problems I feel the battle would have been tactical defeat for the Germans who would have almost certainly broken off the battle to preserve their ships rather then get stuck in to a slug fest to the death so far from a friendly port. Other actions between German and RN ships bear this out, for instance Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were both chased off by the Renown, another ww1 battlecruiser after renown scored hits on Gneisenau's fire control, These two modern and powerful German fast battleships on paper should have had little trouble destroying the Renown, yet they ran from the fight so as to avoid the risk of damage and destruction. AS to the "superiority" of Kreigsmarine gunnery, Just remember HMS Warspite managed to land a 15inch shell on the Italian battleship Guilio Ceasare at 26000 yards I think its very wrong to assume The Kreigsmarine had a monopoly on good gunnery. As to what killed Hood, I think it was more down to poor ammunition handling than anything else. Ted Briggs reported seeing 4inch AA shells stacked up near the after turrets and there was a large fire in that area just prior to the hood blowing up. I think what most likely happened was that a shell set a fire amongst the exposed AA ammo, and this fire flashed down to the cordite handling rooms via either ventilation shafts or poorly secured anti flash doors. Captain leach on Prince of Wales reported a huge deflagration Hood, (think of a giant roman candle) before the explosion, this is commonly how Cordite tends to cook off. I very much doubt a 15 inch shell managed to penetrate the ship deeply enough to do this but a flash fire can go places a shell cannot. OK Bismarcks turn. Bismarck and her sister Tirpitz was a deeply flawed design. Yes she looked great, was fast and had a powerful and effective main battery, but she also had a very poorly laid out secondary armament with two types of gun for anti air and anti surface work instead of one type for dual purpose as in the King George V Class. This alone was a waste of tonnage that could have been better spent on armour, add to this the poor armour distribution, (weak armour on the conning tower and actually quite weak deck armour), overly fragile fire control radars, (in almost every surface battle featuring a heavy german surface unit their radar was nearly always put out of action by their own guns recoil). Bismarcks greatest strengths were her speed and excellent main battery gunnery, but she was not actually all that spectacular, I feel that the Italian Littorio's were probably a much better combat vessel as was the King George the 5th class. (and yes I know POW was a KG5-but it wasn't actually finished when it took on the Bismarck and it still managed to inflict damage the effectively forced Bismarck to abandon her mission---in effect defeating the strategic aim of the german mission. As to the reasons why Bismarck took so much to sink,, well that is simple sinking a ship with gunfire alone is acknowledged widely as being a slow process, The RN hammered the hell out of Bismarck, they knocked out 3 of its 4 turrets, smashed its upperworks to bits set her on fire and generally ruined her day. there was no way that the Bismarck would have been able to make home under her own power--even if the RN let her, nor was it likely that she could have been towed home. Yes her engines were still running, but there was no control position still active, she was flooding from several penetrating hits to her belt-- (16 inchers--saw them on the wreck in videos) and of course just about every ship in the royal navy was trying to shoot torpedos at her. At best she may have lasted another hour or so, but eventually either a fire would have touched off a magazine, or she would have flooded enough to lose stability and would have rolled over. I think that while the crew may have taken steps to scuttle her, I am more inclined to think that after being inside a steel box being hit with 16 inch shells for an extended period, they couldn't wait to get out of there before it sank, either ways even if they did scuttle her, it was only hastening the inevitable and was more a face saving exercise than a practical effort to stop her being taken as a prize.
  8. iratecabbie

    HMS Sheffield Sinking

    irc The Excocet that hit the Sheffield didn't actually explode, instead it was the fire caused by its fuel and rocket motor that set the ship afire and caused her loss. In hindsight that's one small blessing to count, as had the warhead gone off a lot more people would have died.