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  1. chib1977

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    Really cool Chib1977 Graf spee or perth thanks
  2. chib1977

    Missouri 750k free xp ?

  3. chib1977

    Perth is in the Premium Shop

    Hahahahah ,shhhh ,im doing research.....on my phone......
  4. chib1977

    Perth is in the Premium Shop

    Lol ,sorry for the offtopic ,but doncaster here too. Be even more uncanny if we all worked at the same place !!!
  5. chib1977

    König Albert in the EU Shop

    Wait ,so its finally been released !! And we are expected to pay for it !! This is disgraceful, why isn't it given for free?. Ill be sending a ticket and waiting for my personal apology ,hand delivered to my door by dasha ,along with a 16" meat feast and 20 park drive cigs......pffft
  6. Ive just got to work ,im still trying to decide if thats just made my potential day better ,or worse.....must focus......google is not my friend.......
  7. chib1977

    RN Cruiser smoke is disgusting

    I'd love to be deeply offended ,however i have to agree ,this forum really does reflect badly on the british populous ,in an attempt to counter all the negativity ,i love the british trees in WoT ,WoWp and here also ,im just happy to be able to play my nation in a game. Just hoping this forum returns to being ,interesting ,informative and helpful ,as opposed to the current crop of topics that are repetitive and tiresome.
  8. The seaplane posted by takru in news from RU ,anyone know what plane it is and what ship would normally have it ?
  9. chib1977

    BRAVO WG (A British cruisers topic).

    I like the brit tanks in WoT ,an i will play and hopefully like the brit ships too and if i dont ,ah well ,no big loss ,tbh i think the game really needs to come up with some kind of interesting end game content other than the repetitive nature of the battles once you no longer have anything to grind ,i find it hard to maintain interest ,which is annoying because i want to "want" to log in and play
  10. chib1977


    "By your command"....love caprica 6..
  11. chib1977

    Will the RN cruiser make high tier battles worse?

    Couldn't the british trait have been "good sea keeping" ,so there not super fast ,but they are very nimble and dont bleed speed while turning ,quick acceleration and deceleration ect ,fast tracking turrets ,rapid fire ,mediocure damage ,making them specialized harrassers ,skirmish like playstyle ? Just an alternative to the gun related shenanigans that seem to be causing such a headache ,also if there struggling now ,whats the italian ,french going to be handicapped with ? Lol
  12. chib1977

    Thunder Lighting

    Was thinking more "bohemian rapsody" but i guess motorhead was the better choice.
  13. chib1977


    I quit smoking ,so anything i spend on games i consider an investment as opposed to "literally burning money" and if it ends ,it ends ,id be a bit gutted but then id move on. My biggest regret was the season pass for the division...ugh ,that could have bought me 2 chinese take outs !!!
  14. chib1977

    Prepare for Ranked Battles Season 5!

    Thats cool ,would have been nice to have had some engaging team content to play however ,but hey ho ,ty for letting me know