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  1. john1953

    "Splash into Summer"

    Cheers ColonelPete. As you say must have completed them in the backround without realising it.
  2. john1953

    "Splash into Summer"

    Hi. Refer to the above from last weeks news. Ticked on the relevant button to participate. Confirmed I was in. Cannot find any of the missions listed. Any idea where they can be found? Cheers.
  3. john1953

    L.Tarigo - Captain Disappeared!

    That would seem to be the case. I have a Captain for the L.Tarigo in the Reserve, this was the six pointer that came with the ship and I put straight to Reserve. I think I probably was using the Captain that I utilised on the Venezia + Napoli. I was able to use that Captain on L Tarigo without re-training but this would now appear not to be an available option when L Tarigo became a "normal" ship as against "early access". I can still use the Venezia Captain but will require to "pay" for re-training. Did not realise this was the case with early access ships. Thanks for the info.
  4. john1953

    L.Tarigo - Captain Disappeared!

    Thanks for your reply. Yes I checked my reserve twice.
  5. Logged in tonight. First game was with the Italian D/D L.Tarigo. This is the only Italian line ship I have played for the past 3/4 weeks. Nothing changed my side since yesterdays game with L.Tarigo. Port shows the ship with no Commander. Yesterday and previously I had a Commander in place with at least 16 points. The ship had concealment 6.5Km, additional range 9Km, Superintendent plus others. Am I missing something or has anyone else experienced this glitch.
  6. Hi. Just something that has come to mind when I have just reached Schlieffen in the German line. Ship has excellent secondaries and that is the build I am utilising. Now maybe the silly bit. Obviously the main armament turrets require to be traversed on the target and how many can hit will depend on the angle of your ship. What happens with secondaries where the turrets are fixed. Do all your secondaries fire on the designated target or only the ones on say the port or starboard side of your ship depending on your position relative to the red ship? If I am heading directly to the target is it the secondaries at the front which fire? Cheers.
  7. Sorry for my ignorance but I have seen the above term appearing more recently. Asked the question on yesterdays topic on "Tier 10 Special Russian Cruiser" which has now been deleted for obvious reasons. Two contributors had replied but obviously unable to view. Cheers.
  8. john1953

    Question Re Carriers.

    Presently working through the final Pan Asian missions. One sub mission to complete - Destroy 80 Enemy Aircraft. Playing Tiers9/10 AA Specialists - Halland/Wooster/Mino. So far today have played nine games. On the screen which shows you ships available there have been a minimum of two carriers up to five carriers in the queue. Game begins and on the nine occassions no carrier has appeared in game. Very difficult to shoot down planes when very few exist. Is this dependant on Type of Ship/Tier being played or is it just random
  9. john1953

    Why are soo many players cowards ?

    Coward Definition - " a person who is not brave and is too eager to avoid danger, difficulty, or pain: " It is a game no one gets hurt, no real danger, no pain felt. They are not cowards just players who are probably not fully aware how the game "should" work (majority of base). Whether it is from an economic point of view or tactics etc.
  10. john1953


    Being dim as usual. Codes accepted. Cannot find missions anywhere. Someone please clarify where it is found and under what name. Cheers.
  11. john1953

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    Totally Random as anticipated. My 25 Certificates utilised on 5 Mega Containers. Total received 55 camos- not great. Have another account with 1 Certificate only choice the Santas Gift Container - joy Tier 7 Yukon.
  12. john1953

    Toiling With Riga

    Thanks for your thoughts. Although a further year of playing Riga has helped. LOL.
  13. john1953

    Supercontainer Contents Project 2021

    First and only Super Container to date - HMS Hood + 10 point Commander.
  14. john1953

    Dutch Cruiser Tokens

    Decided to let the Dutch tokens convert to credits which I assumed was today on the loading of the 0.10.8 Patch. They have certainly disappeared from the Armory but I have not seen any notification of credits being received from the notificatrions on log-on. Is this still to happen? Cheers.
  15. john1953

    De Ruyter - Tokens.

    Plus to be fair I did receive another Captain (3 Points) + Port Slot. As said above I should be grateful for the bountiful gifts of WG.