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  1. Hi. Just a question with regard to possible future ships to be made available either with Coal or Free XP. I am aware there are two months to run and plenty of time to accumulate more coal/XP. However if hypothetically the Musashi was withdrawn say tomorrow would I be better to;- 1) Buy with my Free XP 750K (presently 760K accumulated) 2) Buy with coal 132K with coupon ( presently hold 140K ) I suppose I am asking views on the relative worth of FreeXP vs Coal now and in future developments by WG. Get out your crystal balls! Cheers.
  2. john1953

    Ovechkin Missions Stage 5

    Thanks everyone. Completed in Magnus-s in two games. I continually forget that these "special" ships can be used in other missions. Cheers.
  3. john1953

    Ovechkin Missions Stage 5

    Any hints on the above. Completed 500 Main Armament hits + 100 Modules. Struggling with 500 Secondary Armament hits. Best ships to use? Cheers.
  4. john1953

    Problem Logging-In

    Anyone else having a problem. When I bring up the game center the pictorial side of things are shown but no narrative. Unable to input user details and password. Cheers.
  5. john1953

    Bug Reports

    Hi. Thanks for taking an interest in replying. Regretably I am not talking about the final receipt of the rewards on my "live" account. I do understand that these are available a few days after the patch is applied. In this case I am referring to the actual notification in-game on the Test Server. You are probably aware that when you complete a reward in-game on the test server you receive a notification on the port screen advising that the task has been completed and that the reward will be credited to your live account. As an example when you completed one game in a Random battle on the test server you received an notification on the port screen advising that signal flags 17X 3 would be received on your live account. In this case I completed three random battles and the event screen indicated that I would receive 10 Type 6 Camos however no confirmation of this was indicated. Either you do note receive 10 Camos for completing three Random Battles on the Test server, in which case the Events Screen is wrong or alternatively there is a bug. Cheers.
  6. john1953

    Bug Reports

    Hi. Sorry if I have made a mistake here. The Events page accessed from the Port Screen on the Test Server indicates " Get 10 "Type" 6 Camos on Live Server for playing three Random Battles. Battles completed but no notification shown that Reward has been granted as is the norm. Is there a problem? I received notification of receiving 17 x 3 Signal flags for playing one game on PTS. Cheers.
  7. john1953

    Public Test Rewards

    Still nothing here. Are we supposed to receive an email or is it an in-game notification.
  8. john1953

    Public Test Rewards

    Still nothing here.Thought I had missed out but most seem in the same boat ( Battleship, Cruiser etc.)
  9. john1953

    Public Test Rewards

    Cheers Crysantos
  10. john1953

    Public Test Rewards

    Hi. Participated in the recent Public Tests for the first time and completed the noted missions. I understand that WG will email when the rewards can be claimed. I assumed it would be on the day the update was applied. To date still nothing. Anyone received theirs or can advise when they might be available. Cheers.
  11. john1953

    Clan Question

    Would like to join a Clan to be eligible for some of this weeks missions. I am not by any means a great player, average at best. 1) How do you join a Clan? 2) Is it all very serious in Clan games. Cheers.
  12. On these forums note regular comment on WG's communications either being non-existent or poorly worded in respect of changes/missions/challenges etc. Collecting as much XP as possible to get the Missouri before it is withdrawn. Getting there and would want to grind right up to the last day in order to lessen the requirement to use gold to convert to free XP. Are we confident that there will be clear info made available with regard to the day of withdrawal or could it be slipped under the radar. Cheers.
  13. john1953

    Vive le France Collection

    Hi. Sorry if I appear thick but this is the first time I have participated on the Test Server. I have completed all the missions which give various rewards flags, signals etc. I understand from the blurb that these are not credited/shown on your main account until Wargaming email you advising you are to then access a specific web page to collect the rewards. Fair enough. I have one last mission noted to complete on the Test Server, have a game in a French battleship. I cannot see any French battleship available on the interface. Am I missing something. Cheers.
  14. Hi. Probably like many on this forum looking towards obtaining enough Free XP to buy the Missouri before it disappears. In my own case I presently have 625K Free XP so I should manage even if I need to buy some gold to convert. My question is it worth it. I see many videos/ posts advising earnings of over a million silver in a "normal" game, with some games much higher. Sometimes however there is little detail with regards to whether the ship was covered in flags to boost earnings or whether it was first win of the day etc. Figures from one of the stats sites show that the Missouri average is;- Average Damage 70,028 Average XP 1,660 What would this equate to in earnings for a bog standard game with no enhancements? The same site shows the Nelson has Average Damage of 62,000 with Average XP of 1,443, not a million miles different from the Missouri. Should I use my free XP to buy the Nelson at half the cost. Any info would be appreciated. Cheers.
  15. john1953

    Tier 10 Cruiser Choice

    Thanks for all the info. At the end of the day settled for Hindenburg and Henri IV as I have enjoyed the French cruiser line. Cheers.