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  1. john1953

    Bonus 200% Coupon

    Doh! Totally obsessed with the Premium Shop totally overlooked the Armory. Thanks
  2. john1953

    Bonus 200% Coupon

    Been fortunate to receive out of the blue a Coupon with 200% Cashback on purchases from Premium Store. I understand if i say bought 5,000 doubloons with cash I would receive 15,000 doubloons in total. The coupon states that if I purchase a ship in cash I would receive the ship plus 2x the doubloon value of the ship. As the ships in the shop are all cash where do I find the doubloon equivalent. Cheers.
  3. john1953

    Coal Disparity in Ships Available

    Just reviewing ships available utilising coal. It strikes me as strange that you have five ships available requiring under 53K coal with the remaining six all needing at least 228K of coal. You would think that there would be some options covering the middle ground
  4. The luck of the draw. None of the ships on offer owned other than Huanghe and Anshan. I had the Huanghe in my port and my son had the Anshan on his account so I was familiar with both. Sods law, I receive the Anshan in my container and he received the Huanghe. Not to worry both for free.
  5. john1953

    Question Re-Directive 2

    Unfortunately never been attracted to CV's and do not have one in port.
  6. john1953

    Question Re-Directive 2

    Making my way through the Second Directive. Making decent progress. However struggling with the "Clear Skies" section. This is not due to my inability to down planes, I wish i was getting the opportunity. Fifteen games today, tiers 6-10, and so far not one in game carrier. Surely when we have such a directive it is not beyond Wargaming to ensure at least one carrier per game.