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  1. Ew_

    Poll - FPS Issues

    Its a complex question that cannot be answered with either yes or no. The lag still builds up the same way, but doesnt persist between battles anymore (just like with the experimental modification from WG staff). So nyeah? Partially, the game doesnt degrade to utterly unplayable, but the FPS still drops significantly even on high end hardware like my i7 6700K @4.5GHz and my 1070 thats slightly OCd. I run no mods for the game, it is a clean install and i did format and reinstall windows some weeks ago. Everything is up to date. But hey the stutter is gone at least. Then again i have a different view of what is acceptable as i get motion sickness below ~90FPS, when it drops from 144 to 80, thats an unplayable slideshow for me. Which happens when a lot of stuff is rendered and a lot of icons are about, like a sea of torpedoes. Worth noting is that these performance drops did not happen before the yearshift. 0.7.0 introduced them as it solved the game crashes for me.
  2. Ew_

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Yeaaaah, really unskilled enemies, but even worse allies. Cant beat superior numbers in a radar minotaur, but hey i tried , maybe if i hadnt miserably failed the torpedobeats in the start there i could have.. https://replayswows.com/replay/19368#stats
  3. Ew_

    0.7.2 FPS Drop fix

    Here are my findings Lag still builds up exactly like before, causing lower FPS/stuttering etc the longer a battle goes on and the more junk is spotted/rendered and more UI icons there are, just like before, but it doesnt persist between battles anymore! So even tho the FPS drops people report still happens, they dont absolutely wreck performance and build up more and more each battle reducing FPS from the start. In other words each battle starts at 144FPS and degrades from there in said battle, rather than degrading per battle played and battles starting at 80~ with severe stutter. That being said the FPS drops are quite significant still, per battle the longer it is. The worst so far was when nearly the entire enemy team was spotted and enemy Shimakaze, Gearing, and yugmo with torpedo reload dropped a total of 41 torpedoes over a single cap at the same time. And allied Gearing and ognevoi fired theirs at the same time as well.
  4. Ew_

    0.7.2 FPS Drop fix

    And this modification wont get you banned for using non-approved mods yes?
  5. Ew_

    Bug Reports

    Dunno if its due to WG patching something but since i switched from Ultra sound quality to High sound quality i've not gotten the FPS drops. Tho also increases my suspicion that its related to sound/caching/file loading rather than graphics specific to Ultra sound quality. As the sound quality also drops when the stutters hit. Just cause i tabbed out and back into the game ofc, next battle i got the stutters and had to restart the client.
  6. Ew_

    What would you recommend?

    Yeah i got the Permacamo for my precious Minotaur, best purchuase i ever made in a WG title thb, then again i play it a lot, like, a really lot. Im not even running premium account anymore, not grinding anything and still earning credits(altho not that much without premium account active), but never losing any anyways.
  7. Ew_

    FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    Thank you for saving me some motion sickness!
  8. Ew_

    FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    WG sure like to blame external factors as much as they can, they currently claim its Nvidia Freestyle (part of Geforce Experience) that causes it and to solve any performance drops one should stop using it, anyone here Not using it? I cannot play without it due to the Blurry render method triggering my motion sickness. Something which WG Support... Well. "Solved Dear Ew_, Thank you for contacting the Wargaming Support again. Just make sure to play the game without any NVIDIA driver enhancements." What a bunch of morons WGs support is.
  9. Ew_

    FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    This also reminds me of when WG introduced a middleware(shitware) in WoT dynamically unloaded everything not in view and re-rendered it when they started entering the FoV again. This screwed performance over for everyone, the solution was to remove the broken middleware. Has the WoWS team fallen into the same trap where they "optimize" and end up just making it worse with middlewares?
  10. afaik its a five strike system now, each strike is permanent and the fifth gives permanent ban.
  11. Ew_

    Engine boost modification upgrade on FR bbs

    The battleships have 3 minutes engine boost by default, the engine boost for DDs and Cruisers extend their 2 minutes to 3 minutes. So no it doesnt need it, you could concider it always being on for BBs.
  12. I noticed this A Lot at tiers 6-7, somehow people expect everyone to stupidly push broadside, and when you dont, and just continue to farm damage whilst they wait for you to be a stupid idiot. They start raging and calling you noob, because you dont suicide to them... Same with people who go to a flank and ignorantly flame the other flank with no awareness of what is going on. People blame their own lack of skill/initiative on... enemies thats way better than them, and allies fighting elsewhere.
  13. Ew_

    At what tier do RN BBs begin firing HE

    They change back and forth, depending on targets as well. Whetever you do, fire AP exclusively with the Monarch tho, i see so many spamming its trash HE. Go for normal pens(not waterline) for lol damage against all BBs and just delete any cruiser with citadels. I play tier10 only or grinds to tier10, but the Monarch? I just couldnt sell it, it was so much fun.
  14. Ew_

    No excitement for Super Containers

    Kinda got that as well since the only thing i want now is Premium time or dubloons to buy premium In december i got the speed boost duration module radar duration module damage control duration module 2x hydro duration module This year? 150 economic flags and 50 camos and 2000 dubloons. Which i've wasted on 3 day premiums for weekends.
  15. Ew_

    WTF happen to my bee?

    Its heavily plagiarized rather than copied, you can see the hands, the bomb, the bee body, the inverted leg and distorted wing. The only "original" part is the face that may be a copy from somewhere else. It does break the copyright of Disneys patch. But you cant find it by image searching the image, you have to check up this manually by going through bee patches. Im going to assume that WG simply reverse image searched it, and eventually properly checked it up, or were contacted by Disney.