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  1. My third highest base exp game in the Minotaur :). 3336 https://replayswows.com/replay/17152#stats
  2. SLI or Crossfire needed !!!

    You dont sit farther from a larger monitor, like a 27" 144Hz IPS monitor. Unless its a TN panel that is where the viewing angles are awful so you need to sit so far from it that the bad viewing angles dont affect colors.
  3. SLI or Crossfire needed !!!

    One GTX970 will struggle hard to maintain 100FPS on its own at 2560x1440. Two will maintain 144FPS at way lower fanspeeds as the power consumption of each card will be lower. Same with 290X. Even a 1080Ti isnt enough even today, id need four-five times the 1080Tis performance to be happy today at 2560x1440! not even 4K. But games demands wont stand still whilst the graphics front extremely slowly steps forward due to total lack of competition.
  4. New bonus codes

    Yes cause people blatantly ripping other peoples work and not even crediting the sources should be thanked.
  5. New bonus codes

    Head over to reddit instead :)
  6. Pay Pal not being a great pal

    Could be that your bank now by default blocks non-secure payment methods. If full support for 3D Secure which is a 2FA with your bank exists. As banks modernize these unsecure payment methods are blocked by default have have to be unlocked temporarily when you intentionally want to use an unsecure payment method. It has even driven Paypal to psuedo-support 3D secure, with their "authorize once" system, tho only with select few banks who were willing to compromise their security for Paypal. As paypal signed to cover any losses caused by scams or paypal being hacked.
  7. Cockblocked a tryhard tier 10 division with my solo Manotaur so hard that i got reported Manotaur confirmed OP?
  8. SLI or Crossfire needed !!!

    Sorry i forgot to mention one thing, it was a while ago i ran crossfire so i had forgotten. WoWS and the Bigworld engine only supports crossfire/SLI in Fullscreen mode, not windowed or windowed fullscreen. You have to set it manually in Settings to Full-screen. No other option but the Full-Screen one. Full-Screen Windowed is just another Windowmode. Makes it a pain to tab in and out if you browse the internet etc if you are dead tho. To be more specific, the drivers are the ones lacking support for windowed/borderless mode. Not the games.
  9. SLI or Crossfire needed !!!

    There is crossfire and SLI support for WoWS, it scales very well as well. One 290X gets 70-90 FPS, two 290X in crossfire gets 144 stable. You are hitting the FPS cap, Open engine_config in Notepad++ and unlock FPS by setting it higher, 75FPS is default cap. This line
  10. Bug Reports

    +1 on invisible islands, no mods, replays enabled, no corrupt files or such. All drivers up to date.
  11. Slight update, aside from WG breaking their own mod policy and skipping the warning step and immidately giving second strike instead of first. And WG support clearly stating themselves as an independent contractor with no relation whatsoever to WG and no way to even contact WG. Why dont WG just replace them with an automated chatbots that quote FAQ, like carriers(cellphone kind) did back in the day? If you are gonna shaft your consumers you might as well let them know. Anyways, Nvidia announced driver level post-process filters https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2018/01/07/geforce-experience-freestyle-ansel-ces-2018/ And more importantly, on the list of supported games on launch day (9th january) https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/geforce-experience/freestyle-games/ And approved by WG There is Sharpness and Clarity under the Details filters Adjustments Still, the silence from both the community and WG about the blur issue is quite worrying. Sucks to be stuck with an AMD card that will have no equivilent alternative.
  12. Bug Reports

    Patch reintroduced crashes on startup solved it (the patch marked as Fix in the updates folder). Never crashes ingame, only on startup. *edit* no it happened during login now as well. Windows 10 64-bit, up to date, latest drivers installed, seemingly unrelated to the crashes however. crashes.zip
  13. Suggestions thread

    Id suggest to get rid of the forced layer of blur, posted a thread about it but got no traction.