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  1. BrummBaerTiger

    Is it possible to disable chat in WoWs?

    No one cares what you like or not.... because of people like you, people like me look for such mod, too - they just don't want to read stupid comments etc.
  2. BrummBaerTiger

    Mandatory WGC

    Patch 0.8.0 and the "rework of CVs" that feels more like something half baked already let me stop giving you my money but having to use the Game Center makes it even easier to ignore WG games at all as soon it becomes mandatory. Well done.
  3. BrummBaerTiger

    Hall of Fame Rewards Issue

    I am also missing rewards (got 6910 points) .... i got 1 container lately but if that means you won't get the rewards for the prior levels it's not worth progressing past gold. In the previous event (US Navy) we always got everything from the lower ranks, too.
  4. BrummBaerTiger

    Indianapolis modules

    Just came across the following patch 0.7.5 feature (bug) regarding the Indianapolis which: 1. Is technically a New Orleans with 2. Cleveland Hulls and 3. A Mk8 Gun Fire Module that will REDUCE the firing range by 10%^^ It also crashed the harbor ui, making it impossible to select another ship or click on any of the following buttons: Port, Exterior, Tech Tree, Profile, Clan or <- To Tech Tree. Had to quit the game.
  5. BrummBaerTiger

    Game crash offen with patch

  6. BrummBaerTiger

    Game crash offen with patch

    Sounds reasonable - only have CTDs on the standard client with Ultra Sounds enabled. The steam client with high worked fine all time.
  7. BrummBaerTiger

    cheat possible in cyclone?

    Ok, don't know why I couldn't comment the quote in the same reply but what wilkatis_LV said is a short and simple definition for a "cheat". A mod is supposed to change existing options in a client, not to add new information or even an advantage in any kind - ever!
  8. BrummBaerTiger

    cheat possible in cyclone?

  9. BrummBaerTiger

    Crash Tester Achievement

    Just got it in the new Operation in my Scharnhorst as second achievement in this battle after Natural Selection. I guess you need to destroy ships (maybe even planes) by different means to get it. I had direct kills with all weapon systems available (guns, secondaries and torpedos) and one kill by fire but no kill by flodding. I also can confirm it has nothing to do with crashing into something that can be damaged, tho I ran into an island^^.
  10. BrummBaerTiger

    Possible Premium German DD

    I will never spend money on ships below tier 6. And for training crews: The higher the tier, the better. Imo only tier 7/8 is making sense. So a t4 premium German DD would be ok to get as a reward ship, or as I would say: A free port slot.
  11. BrummBaerTiger

    Battle results and rewards

    While other games already recognized that rewards (XP, credits) for battles shouldn't (only) be based on winning or losing a game, this still is a major issue with WG games. The mentality that winning should offer the best rewards is one of the reasons why the community behaves like it does: hostile and aggressive. If you lose, the game will be a bad game for most. No matter how they performed. But this attitude will not changed if further supported by game mechanics. WG games and WoWs in particular rely to much on RNG - and this starts with the MM - to award rewards based on winning or losing. Instead of having statistics for wins and losses it would be much more significant to have statistics for how a player performed in battle without taking into account if it was a loss or win. You could have played the game of your life and still lost because the rest of the team sucked like hell. It's not uncommon to end up in groups of the not very rare coward lemming type player that will crap themself when a game starts or at least when getting spotted, not to speak of getting hit and damaged, or players that die every game the first 2-5 minutes. While it might not encourage all people to stop yoloing or potatoing, the first victory of the day reward could be rewarded only to players finishing battles in the top third or even quarter - whatever side they end up. The game should not reward simply winning a game. At least not the way it does right now. Playing good, playing the objectives, supporting the team, playing the class correctly should be rewarded.
  12. BrummBaerTiger

    EU Premium Shop: Doublons

    There is some odd thing happening in the premium shop when it comes to doublons. For the 1 Buck (Euros in my case) you get different amounts of Doublons, depending on the package. Rounded to the next full number it is... 500: 222/Euro 1000: 235/Euro 2500: 250/Euro 5500: 275/Euro 7500: 273/Euro 10k: 279/Euro 14.5k: 290/Euro 30.5k: 305/Euro Based on the fact that there is a discount on larger amounts, 7.5k doublons don't fit there at all. A price of 27,00 Euros would be more fitting, resulting in 277 doublons per Euro.
  13. BrummBaerTiger

    PSA - Patch 0.6.10 problems

    As it is now 13:00h CEST there isn't some information that they fucked it up at all... If a CC screws a Vid up he is kicked from the program imediately but informing the community about problems will not happen at all or after the problem is resolved. What do they have Twitter etc. for? Promoting paid stuff only? As someone - no names here - said on his Graf Craplin review: People responsible for this should get [edited]fired. Or to calm things down: Get a training in how to properly do customer relations.
  14. BrummBaerTiger

    Update 0.6.9 Feedback - Other Changes

    I really don't like the way hiding works in the vanilla carousel as ships only get transparent. I really would like to have them hidden completely - as with ARP/Dragon ships - only good thing about them. But now with the latest patch 0.6.9 the game is not only performing worse, NO! now those stupid ARP captains are ALWAYS on top of all other reserve captains. Let us delete what ever we want, for example ARP/Dragon ships and captains or at least improve how the filter works. The current situation reminds me on how a Kindergarten is made up.
  15. BrummBaerTiger

    Kommt zu uns auf [SOFA]

    Grad das zweifelhafte Vergnügen mit ein paar von euch gehabt... viel schlimmer ging's eigentlich kaum. Nein Danke!