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  1. The issue this season more so than others is the divisions. Clearly people are playing in divisions even though they should not be doing so in Ranked. You cant help idiots and usually later on in ranked it settles and normal players can progress. For me I get to rank 10 then repeatedly the other team are division to clan level organised and I get a bunch if Muppets. Bounced between 11 and 10 for the last 3 days.
  2. MightyMac22

    Skane, Bravo WG.

    A lot of opinions on one ship in this thread, I agree its the tipping point from useless to usable during Random game play. A CV game basically kills the ship to the point where you may as well not be playing. This season (16) of Ranked has really given it a place to shine. It Can carry in the regard that it can sit off then take caps/ direct fire for team mates and has the DPM to bully other DD's of the same tier from a cap later on in the game. Not all for sure but if you accept you will loose some HP them most will loose out to you. I am by no means a unicum DD player, in fact strictly average, I play all classes but enjoy DD play of late. I have a 10 pt captain and fully agree that given more HP and other captain skills it can only get better. Would I take it into a Random over other DD's in my port. No not with the CV threat. At the moment though its basically untouchable if you play it defensively in Ranked.
  3. @Hanse77SWE I was with you until your last bit about making "demands" I ASKED a simple question. You have no right to insult and lecture however well intentioned. You over extended yourself with that last bit. Some of you here have been very helpful with suggestions and ideas. To those players my thanks. Others downright disrespectful and even the odd ignorant Bozo just plain flaming for no good reason. To those players get a life. @ ColonelPete You obviously have a stick lodged somewhere concerning how the game should be played. To you. TOUGH get over it. You were WRONG in your assertion concerning which ships I owned and just so you know, the reason for not using either T7 ship you mentioned is because the community contributors I asked on the subject were actually helpful and suggested those ships wouldn't be good enough. Now I'm sure you won't be able to help but defend your fragile ego by looking up stats and posting them to preserve your perceived standing in a PRETEND community. Knock yourself out. I'm Not coming back here.
  4. @ Yedwy There is nothing wrong with the ship. I never said there was. I asked for suggestions for ships with a better chance of killing another ship off faster. People don't like that for some reason. I'm doing missions that need kills to progress. The only reason I give a crap at all really. So when you spend 2 days getting ALL your potential kills removed from play by others who were not firing on the ship before. Well what other reasonable conclusion can you draw except they are kill farming low health ships. I know about how the points and credits work. its NOT the point. A video on UTube the other day summed it up. A guy single handedly turned a game around and the last ship would be his Kracken Unleashed ( I'm not near that league yet) he asks overt chat if they will let him get it. Yes they say then team focus the ship to crap. Who needs enemies with friends like that. Mac.
  5. @ Panocek My fault for trying to be honest about why I was asking. As I said lesson learnt. @ ColonelPete Another reason why these forums wont hear from me once this thread is dead. Your making assumptions based on info you think you have regarding my account. Its very much not up to date. Also just by the by either ship would suck. @ DFens_666 I have contributed to and moderated forums for decades. How you ask really shouldn't be the issue. The flamers would be the ones out of order in any other forum and would be warned for doing so. Mac.
  6. @Bear_Necessities Oh I hear what you are saying. You are correct. So where is the Tiered 3,4,5 ranked events then ? I only Free XPed my way to Fuji to take part in teh Ranked sprint knew I wouldn't win, just wanted to see what the fuss was about. So while I have a new ship I take it out and try it in normal battle. obviously I need to learn how to get the best out of it. The shell arc is generally what caused the issue and as I am in the middle of a contest that requires kills I am feeling it more than would be normal. Other times I wouldn't care at all. The issue as I have learnt today is the community is, while peppered with a few willing to help and make suggestions not by and large interested in actually helping others. The very fact that you allow postings of others stats to belittle them as thiextar did while editing the word that describes a female dog pretty much sums it up for me. So lesson learnt won't ask for help here again as if I word it incorrectly the pedantic's will come out to play again. Never wanted an argument just wanted advice. Either give it or don't. That's how I conduct myself on forums. Thanks for listening. Don't know how your forum works but if any Mod's are about and its something you guys do this thread is finished as far as I the OP am concerned and can be closed. Mac.
  7. @ColonelPete kind of the point of wanting advice on a ship with better Alpha damage potential. Its not about damage farming or being greedy about kills no matter what thiextar might be getting all deluded about. I really wasn't expecting so many to be so petty about a simple question about an issue I am having. I get its part of the play style. I get its a team game. What in the name of all love is so bad about asking for advice on a better ship. On most of the logic here me killing ships faster is better ? No ? I really don't get why some seem to have an issue.
  8. @ thiextar I ask a simple question and for some reason you get all personal about it. Whats your problem ? Others can be constructive about it why are you being a jerk ?
  9. MightyMac22

    Bismarck uptired every game

    In my experience you need the ship fully skilled and upgraded before you can even break even. Obvious I can hear you cry, well yes but bases need to be touched. I play it like a battle cruiser or heavy cruiser. use islands and for god sake stay out of spotting range or detection. I have made the most money out of any ship I own with mine. Sit back early close behind cover mid game then bow tank the buggers late on.
  10. Thank you to those with actual helpful replies. To all those chiming in with the its a team game song well let me ask you this. Whats so team eccentric and team spirited about letting someone spend 30 seconds draining the health pool of a ship then taking it out yourself ? For those wondering why kills matter, well I guess your not taking part in competitions/campaigns etc that require these things for progression. @ Panocek The damage saturation mechanic is something I didn't know about. i'm not a WOT player but the general idea was gotten across. Now I understand it better it will help me to be a better player. A good outcome for all concerned. Well on my teams in the future anyway I hope.
  11. @thiextar Grow up please. Its a valid question and yes it would be nice to gain at least some of the points and so XP and so Credits to enable myself to work up the lines. Its how the game works in case you didn't know ? I get its a team game I like how the Fiji plays, its just not getting the kills. So I thought why not ask on the helpful forum. Maybe i'm doing something wrong Maybe I will get some (helpful) suggestions In your case I guess not. @Panocek Thanks I will look into the things you suggested.
  12. Hopefully the title says a lot of what needs saying. I ground out a Fiji for ranked sprints and because I have not really played the cruiser lines much before and thought why not ? Well the why not is becoming obvious. 15 shells in the air Boom nice chunk of health Repeat until target is on low health then 15 shells in the air....and... ... target gets peppered from all sides by other ships. So rather than [edited] about it (well not too much just that bit there to explain) Any suggestions for a similar ship that deals more Alpha damage so I could kill things off faster. All suggestions gratefully received. Thanks Mac
  13. MightyMac22

    Rentals in ranked - discussion thread

    For all those complaining that rental ships work poorly, While I realise that a lot of players out there wont listen, I am in a situation where I play rentals a little in ranked and would love to assist and be assisted more. Why don't you try suggesting advice ? Most games start with a couple of guys asking "Plan" no one wants to take a lead a lot of the time, when someone experienced does take a lead and people follow its rewarding. You not going to stop the idiots that just ignore team play and sail for a cap on the other side of the map but isn't it better to try and be constructive rather than just [edited] about us rental guys ? I have had games ruined in all game types by people with higher tier ships either taking my water and leaving me stopped in a rental tier 10 that takes a hell of a lot of damage while getting going again. Or ships that set off in formation then just change course and go without telling you. had a 3 on 1 with a DD 2 days ago and the other 2 cleared out !!!!!
  14. MightyMac22


    Hello, Can someone please explain or suggest how it is that I have never really had an issue with Torps then I spend 3 skill points on vigilance and get a full broadside turn up about half a ships length away ?? Are there circumstances where its of no use. This was an open water incident. Thanks Mac
  15. MightyMac22

    Why not help people instead of being salty ?

    @ rnat, Yes the scenarios you suggest sound very familiar, It would seem that I am almost trying to play to an ideal while others not so much. If I support a flank I generally didn't expect the cruisers to go hey here's a slow BB lets get out of it while they concentrate on him. Tough lesson well learnt. Guess at the end of the day I must play as others do and not how I would like to. Thanks for the reply.