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  1. Most definitely seconded, could have put some missions in that required a visit to the ship in order to enter that meant you could grind the ship.
  2. MightyMac22

    Wish List

    Dear Wargaming. I quite like the addition of the selection of upcoming ships with some details being shown and then being asked to add these ships to a wish list. However. I find it impossible to add anything to a wish list that I have no clue to the cost off. I realise that the whole concept may just be to see what is popular and then put them behind the pay wall of Research bureau etc. If this is not the intent then please let us know what these ships will cost because while I may be interested in some ships if they are to be RB in cost then I can want as much as I like but wont ever get them.
  3. Ah yes I was waiting for you to turn up. Was begining to think I was going to get away without but alas not.
  4. I had a game yesterday where I flanked in a BB we had the other team penned in one cap me with a crossfire and still the main if the team couldn't focus out the 5 I didn't get. Sailing away from uncontested caps. Not even trying. Do you think Ranked dies something to their brains ?
  5. Thanks for the replies, What I am taking from then is that there really is no reasoning behind it. Its bloody infuriating but it is what it is.
  6. TST server to check out the new submarine developments. I don't really have an interest in the submarines but, well you can't make an informed opinion unless you try it.
  7. MightyMac22

    Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

    Seems to me they are turning off the torp warning as it would be very confusing getting all those warnings going off and you could turn to avoid and give broadside to the enemy. What will happen now is that a cap with any BB in it will get spammed from both sides and let a higher power sort them out. It was literally the first scenario I thought off now when you have an enemy BB going to ram you cant do nothing to help as you might kill the friendly. Now you can just fire at the pair and only damage the enemy. This idea works for other scenario's as well as ramming. any time a group of BB are in close contact really.
  8. Just curious, does anyone have any idea's or theory as to why the experience is so totally different between co-op and ranked or randoms ? In Co- op and on the TST server for that matter you get a situation where if your playing a DD then the second you spot an enemy all hell breaks loose and your team focus fire that ship. You play randoms or ranked and call out the target and get ignored. I realise that the perceived "help" is just people being greedy and trying hard to kill ships before others do for missions most of the time, however wouldn't you think that at some point the penny would drop that "hey this actually works well " It just seems that the same people are playing what is after all the same game totally differently depending on the battle type ?
  9. MightyMac22

    Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

    Having trouble understanding people with an issue to the question regarding leaving early when your ship has sunk. Of course the easiest fix here is for Wargaming to answer the question. Other forum members chiming in does not help the OP get his answer. I would also like a direct answer to this from Wargaming and not someone who thinks its pretty clear. As someone who has been given a leave early warning after my ship has sunk, I am very interested in the answer.
  10. MightyMac22

    Brawls in 0.10.1: The Next Step

    Bottom line is this, CV in a random 1v1 mode is plain idiotic. Mr Community manager can "Advise" me not to log out, i will do as the game dictates. Wargaming are well aware that people do not like these stupid games where something so overpowered anyway can play. It's only being done so that they can count each game played by a CV as a tick on the spreadsheet to skew the numbers and say that more people are playing CV.
  11. MightyMac22

    Brawls in 0.10.1: The Next Step

    The whole Brawl thing is now dead in the water to me though its basically roulette if you bring the right ship its an easy win if not well just log out and take the pink for 3 games as its not going to be fun or worth your time. yes I survived a CV in a DD but the amount of drops missed was comical. A half way competent CV player would have finished me in literally seconds.
  12. MightyMac22

    Brawls in 0.10.1: The Next Step

    Well sorry to burst your bubble but I just survived and won against a CV in a DD, no I did not hide in smoke the whole time I used WSAD hacks.
  13. MightyMac22

    Causing fire damage

    Hello, I was just wondering, when as in the missions at the moment you have a cause damage by fire part of a mission chain, does it count the initial HE splash damage ? or does it just count the actual burning damage to the ship ? In other words would you be better using a BB with high fire chance or a DD that can start lots of little fires in a shorter time (well ship dependant) obviously but I hope you get the idea. Thanks
  14. The way Ranked is split into a very rough skill based set of groups I think is providing much more enjoyable game play in my opinion. The only real issue is the CV which you can work around of course but they are much more powerful in this mode if played by a competent user. Having smaller teams is a huge factor, I think most people would settle on playing Silver League as I have. This is mainly I feel because as with ranked before, when the good CV players have ranked out after a little while, all the really good CV players are now playing in Gold. Bronze was just as bad as random play with the potato's having as much if not more saying on the outcome much as they do in Random game play. What do people think about splitting random game play the same way ? Discuss.
  15. MightyMac22

    Game mechanics broken

    Having thought about it for a while, the obvious culprit would be server lag. As both ships were stationary it would be easy to miss it.