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  1. MightyMac22


    Hello, Can someone please explain or suggest how it is that I have never really had an issue with Torps then I spend 3 skill points on vigilance and get a full broadside turn up about half a ships length away ?? Are there circumstances where its of no use. This was an open water incident. Thanks Mac
  2. MightyMac22

    Why not help people instead of being salty ?

    @ rnat, Yes the scenarios you suggest sound very familiar, It would seem that I am almost trying to play to an ideal while others not so much. If I support a flank I generally didn't expect the cruisers to go hey here's a slow BB lets get out of it while they concentrate on him. Tough lesson well learnt. Guess at the end of the day I must play as others do and not how I would like to. Thanks for the reply.
  3. MightyMac22

    Why not help people instead of being salty ?

    @LadyJess + Evergreen Thank you, I will look out for you online.
  4. MightyMac22

    Why not help people instead of being salty ?

    Thanks for the replies, @ 250swb No double standards here, the resentment and frustration is in being thrown a dummy one time too many. When Playing a BB I tend to look to support. All too often the very ships you are looking to support bug out turning superior numbers into me getting team focus fired on by the 3 ships the 5 of us were looking like comfortably beating. You look up and half the others are at the edge of the map. Then once they have full health ships they come in and as I stated "mop up" the cheap XP. At the end of the day as you say a win is a win but its bloody frustrating. Thanks for the advice.
  5. Hi guys, I have been playing for a little while now, couple of months. I seem to have reached a rather nasty level in the game. I have tier 5 ships and it would appear that the number of people who actually want to help team mates is far far exceeded by those just looking to hang others out to dry them mop up cheap XP at the end. This is in and of itself up to them I guess I can learn from that. However it seems that if I hang back and let others get into it, sometimes just bad positioning in a really slow ship, I just get stupid remarks. Here is an idea guys. Help us mid tier players to learn to be better teammates ? There are some very good team players out there and playing with a leader and a group that will listen and support each outer is a rewarding game win or loose. The other type of game makes me want to throw it all in. How about introducing a support mechanic into the game so that if your within a set distance of another ship you score some points ? That would stop the grave robbers at the end of the game. Yes I know a clan is probably the easy answer but due to work the times I play at are very varied so a clan tie up wouldn't work for me. Mac,