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  1. cookiemonster66

    Public Test of Update 0.8.0 - Discussion Thread

    *edited*. My personal opinion still stands, in it's present form the CV rework is seriously flawed, do they have time to correct these flaws or even to postpone the CV rework while they balance it correctly yes they do. Do i think they will fix or postpone the introduction, no i don't they will force through the changes and fire fight the inevitable forum storm it's rushed and untested mechanic creates. I await ban hammer but wont be forced to back something i don't believe in.
  2. cookiemonster66

    Public Test of Update 0.8.0 - Discussion Thread

    WG your *Edited* if you think this rework is good for the game, i predict a 25% drop in your player base almost immediately after the release of 0.8. ----- My old gran used to say *Edited* she must have seen the cv rework in that statement lol
  3. Some people are not here to discuss things on the forum just get there jollies from abuse and trolling...bans need to be much longer for for...for ...."lets call them people"
  4. Everytime you look at posts from people like you with hundreds or even thousands of forum posts it's the same thing ...just trolling around the forum, whinning and crying on other peoples post's. No real thinking or points of view just random acts of trolling and abuse. Maybe one day you could progress to something constructive...but i doubt that :). Have a great Xmas in troll land, wishing you many happy days attacking people from the safety of your keyboard. Your some kinda hero m8.
  5. I don't think players who are willing to pay for paid content mind paying but at these ridiculous over inflated prices not so much, i think people are beginning to say NO Wargaming, when your player base begins to drop you fix it by offering new content and good deals, not whacking your price tags into outer space so more people quit spending or leave, jesus wept WG can't you see it's better to have 100 people paying £20 than 10 people paying £50. Get a grip with your pricing it's bloody ridiculous. Don't you get it yet?....WoT player base is down 20% in 2 years and almost 40% from it's peak. Total War Arena's has been killed and ends totally in Feb, the forums tell you again and again it's too expensive, content comes too fast at stupid prices. As the player base declines you compensate by increasing prices more leav and you increase prices again forcing more to quit spending or leave the game. 1 dead game, 1 dying and this one with the first signs of illness...don't you learn lol.
  6. No thanks, 50 euro for a campaign.....your having a laugh right :)
  7. Well i think selling missions is a good way to get away from OP premium ships but 50 euro...for a mission, no thanks, sitting here card in hand to buy the Prince Eitel with a mission mainly because i work hard over xmas period and would struggle maybe to complete the grind. I find the mission and Eitel (only a T6 i might add) comes in at £72 whats that? 85-90 Euro's!!!!!for a T6 ship. Everytime i think WG come up with a great way of fairly monetizing their product and offering value for money the greedy greedy money grabbing company overprices by miles, I'm happy to pay for a product that offers value for money but to issue these packs with junk we don't really need or want and then bundle the mission in for £72 for a T6 or £42 just for the mission....Hell no. I already quit WoT due to ridiculous mechanics like gold spam, op prems and massive prices, WoW is already into the grasping stage it took WoT 7 years to get too. For the first year i have not bought crates or any packs and now not a new release, and you know what...i don't care, WOT have gone for the short term grasp at profits with no thought for the longevity of the game. Good luck to those that buy they may feel it's still good value, i don't. in a month of good cheer i have gone from ship collector to some one who may occasionally spend or never spend again. The urge has gone ....Merry Xmas all...and a great new year.
  8. cookiemonster66

    Xmas crates nerfed and reward basis has been changed

    *edited *edited Makes sense, but due to the relative high cost of the crates and the vague reference of don't stack crates in the description i would have been happier with a much more prominent banner highlighting the possible issues if you stack the boxes. Lets face it CC and streamers stack these boxes to make content, it shouldn't come with an added minefield. Thanks for all the positive replies and clearing up the system for myself and hopefully others. I feel a bit more confident purchasing now the issue appears to be stacking. Merry xmas all.
  9. cookiemonster66

    Xmas crates nerfed and reward basis has been changed

  10. cookiemonster66

    Xmas crates nerfed and reward basis has been changed

    Regardless of how or why, if people are missing the vague reference to stacking crate issues then as of now it should be made much clearer.
  11. cookiemonster66

    Xmas crates nerfed and reward basis has been changed

    Of course ships are not guaranteed, but the selling point is you get what you don't have in port, If CC's like Jingles, Tech deals and several other cc's are getting caught out by this, even with their pre release info packs and gifted crates what chance does Joe public have. If stacking is the cause then there should be a massive banner telling people about it. "Do not stack crate packs as this could result in doubloons compensation instead of a new ship being added to the port". Not some obscure half line reference buried in the description somewhere. Its a pretty huge mechanic failure. The trusting part of me wants to think it's a mistake, WG not expecting players to stack packs. Which should have been highlighted much better. The cynical side and tin foil hat side of me thinks, due to WG's past history it's all aimed at screwing people the first time so they buy a second set of packs. Either way now the issue is highlighted, WG should make sure it's clear and obvious to all that possible pack stacking has these possible results.
  12. cookiemonster66

    Xmas crates nerfed and reward basis has been changed

    Not so, the ships being duplicated were on Tech Deals sons account, a relatively unused account since creation and not even close to every ship on the list, and yet still 11 ships duplicated and a doubloons substitute added to the account instead of missing ships. It's been suggested in one of the replies above that possible crate stacking could account for this, even if true its a fairly massive glitch that the loot system can't differentiate between ships in different packs even after they have been claimed and added to the port, a glitch that is misleading many players into buying these crates over and over surely the system should be checking the port after each ship win not checking at crate purchase?. Whatever the cause until the ships specified are all in port doubloon credit should not be issued, people are buying these crates for the ships they do not have not the doubloons.
  13. Just watched tech deals Youtube video channel where he opened 240 ish xmas crates, the notes for the crates event states that if you have a ship that drops, the RNG generator will reroll and give you a ship you don't have in port, do not buy these crates expecting that to happen, Tech deals received 11 duplicate ships none of which rerolled for a ship he did not already have in port, simply giving him the gold value of the ship, all i might add were t6 and below. Do not buy these crates expecting to pick up a missouri or musashi if these are the only ships you missing for example. WG appear to have pulled the old sneaky switcharoo and changed the way the crates deliver. I was sitting here about to take the plunge I'm so glad i watched the crates being opened on Tech deals youtube channel before i cracked open the credit card, i'm short a couple of t6 dd and a few 7 and 8 so for me WG's pre sneaky nerf of the crates (if thats what WG have done) would have given me ships like missouri, roma or ashitaka, some of the ships i am missing. Maybe your missing many ships so any ship drop is good in that case it may still be a good deal tho the ships like krasny krym and monaghan seem to be the bulk of the ships now appearing in crates. If like me you were thinking of purchasing crates based on receiving ships you don't have i would now wait until it becomes clear from WG that what the xmas crates were supposed to provide still applies. Because it appears WG have secretly changed the crate mechanics. Now no reroll for a ship not in port just a t5/6 ship replaced by gold. WG clarify what is happening, Why are the ships not being rerolled for a ship not present in the port. If it's a glitch fix it if you have changed it then surely your selling these things based on false advertising and cheating cash paying customers out of hard earned cash. Suprised by this shady practice from WG "if" they have changed the crate mechanics...No not at all suprised.
  14. cookiemonster66

    Latest Leaks From WG Fest 2018 - Discussion Thread

    So 457mm guns on a ruski..guess we have to say for once they are not lying "YET".....they said yamato would have the biggest guns in the game...but lets face it 457mm....might as well be, it crosses all the auto pen barriers, cant trust WG to lie straight in bed lmao. Not surprised, these people will always make the Russian lines just that little bit better than other lines. Understandable as the russki player base is 10x the size of the EU but whatever reason its just the usual bias, and i know the stats have not been released yet but i would put my house on these ships late tier being the new monsters on the blocks, maybe 1 or 2% behind other ships on individual traits but as a total package, will be 20% better. all nations have weakness's good guns, crap armour and speed, good armour crap pen and dispertion, but these 8-10 at least will be close to the top at everything, great speed, armour, rate of fire and pen and great accuracy. Usual bias....can't wait to grab one :). Lets just forget historically the russian navy barely left port due to its ships being unseaworthy all the time and the crews were shockingly bad, which kinda explains russian laser accuracy at least to WG's mind. Simply disregard fact, make something up and therefore it is. Paper ships, Nelson but with better armour, T8 prem looks like NC but better accuracy, armour and dispertion hinted at, not much on th 9 but the 10 looks like a Yammy gunned, armoured and fast monster, and if they stick to the made up national traits laser guns with better pen and accuracy than the yammy...that is a scary thought. Don't get the carpet bombing for Brit carriers tho as the bombers were dive bombers and torp planes, carpet bombing was a land based heavy bomber strategy, another gimmick. But i guess i'm curious enough to wait till it's teased a bit better. Not curious enough to grind carriers but curious none the less. Finally, even tho i am sceptical i gotta say new lines is what keeps the game rolling, look at WoT and it's decline largely due to stagnation of the introduction of complete lines and nations. Give us more choice, and 3 new lines has to be good for the game.
  15. cookiemonster66

    Update 0.7.11: Rule, Britannia! - Discussion Thread

    It's not really [edited], even a single AP shell tearing through a dd would smash all kinds of stuff and frequently did, AP even in this game only arms if there is enough ship in the way to arm it, hence overpens causing relatively small damage in general when a bb round hits a broadside dd or cruiser, and substantial damage when hitting nose or stern on as the there are so many more solid objects and much more ship to arm the shell's. Maybe something at long range could have been tinkered with but now a dd at 3k torping you can expect no more than around 10k max damage if you happen to fire AP. I know it's an attempt at a balance mechanic but 8 or 9 16 inch shells at close range would still turn a dd into scrap, sink it or simply blap it into another universe And if i hit a dd by luck or skill at long range why shouldn't i be rewarded with appropriate damage rewards. How many people will now attempt long range shots at DD or when ambushed from behind an island simply can't defend himself. Does AP v DD need tinkering with, maybe but with an in depth look at shell type and arming values at varying ranges, but a blanket 10% max regardless of range, angle, shell type or area of the vessel hit is a bit lazy and a bit crappy, and one more weapon in a dd players arsenal, Torps, stealth, smoke, radar, speed and agility, HE spam and now a certain amount of immunity when attacking BB at close range. No for me it's a mechanic needs leaving alone or at least doing properly.