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  1. I found very interesting site related to ships ranging from pre ww1 to early post ww2. You can also find information about ships from "minor" nations of ww2 and before. I think this would become quite handy if someone wants to make fan made tech tree - and just overall find out about the ships. Go have a look. :D !!! http://www.warshipsw...guage=E&period= Picture related in terms of describing my emotional response related to discovery of said site... wut?
  2. R0ni

    IJN Katori

    Interesting. Thank you for bringing this for us. We are so hungry for any info about the game :3 <33
  3. I found another rather unique design of a ship - this time from Imperial Japanese navy. Ise - class hyprid battleships were both aircraft carriers and battleships at the same time, their rear end carrying complement of up to 14 Yokosuka D4Y dive bombers and eight Aichi E16A seaplanes that were catapult-launched, but landed either on conventional carriers or land bases. They could also be hoisted back on board by using cranes. This was Japanese response to loss of numerous aircraft carriers during the end part of ww2. Original plan was to convert all IJN battleships into hyprid battleships - discount Mushashi and Yamato, but eventually only few older battleships were converted. Interesting. Actually.. I want one of these now :Smile_great:
  4. Very nice ship. Looks little light, but definately worthy battleship. Also, am I the only one who thinks that name makes it sound... eh.. manly? "Time to deploy Carlos..."
  5. R0ni

    Yamato Class Battleship

    Aah I see. Seems I should have looked into history little closer. The attack of pearl harbour just seemed so utterly devastating. Could any of these battleships stand alone against Yamato alone? I know germans had that frightening warship called bismark that refused to sink even when damn british fleet kept shooting at it for 90 minutes. Even that ships seems little small compared to Yamato though. o_O What is the most frightening / heavily armed / heavily armoured / etc warship US had during time of Yamato?
  6. R0ni

    Yamato Class Battleship

    This little boat sure is a real beast. That sure would be the ultimate warship of this game, but does it have any competitor that can stand against it 1v1? USA lost most of its heavy battleships during attack of pearl harbour and british navy mostly operated in European seas.
  7. Altimeter, on 17 September 2012 - 06:09 PM, said: Woah! Nice! And you know what's the funniest of all here; I'm Finnish myself; and I've NEVER EVER heard of these! :P BTW, LoL, the camo is a must! I suppose someone has been sleeping during history classes, no? :tongue:
  8. don_banan, on 17 September 2012 - 01:04 PM, said: Well yeah I totally support this. I want this thing in game. Complete with camo from last pic :Smile_trollface: Were there any more interesting Finnish vessels? Agreed there. I would totally love to sail around in armoured bush armed with 254mm cannons. :Smile_trollface: Unfortunately after the war there were such an restrictions placed on Finnish navy that it was actually allowed to operate only 1 frigate sized vessel and few smaller ones. Ilmarinen and Väinämöinen remained the last actual "battleships" of FN. Before this the navy was pretty much nothing, formed up of few ww1 era russian ships that were captured when Finland became Independent. Finland did have 4 submarines and 1 mini submarine which in their own way were very unique ones too, but submarines there wont be on this game. DkySven, on 17 September 2012 - 01:27 PM, said: Nice ships and good suggestion! Especially since the Russian Tech tree is bound to have some holes in it. It would also be a good homage to the great fight the Finnish put up against the Russians. Good that you like this. Definately I would play with this vessel - even if I had to buy it as premium. Lol. And the bush camo is must!
  9. Here are perhaps two of the most unusual warships of 1930s - 1940s I would like to feature two very unique ships of pre WW2 -WW2 that served under Finnish navy throughout the second world war. What makes these ships unique is their design and difficulty to put them into any class of warships. More likely they are very much the class of their own - although you are free tell what these two look for you. Finnish navy defined these ships "coastal defence ships" but some put them into category of heavy cruiser or monitor. These ships were small - only 93 meters in lenght, but they sure did not lack firepower or armour. The ships were called Ilmarinen and Väinämöinen - after heroes ancient Finnish mythology. These two armoured ships were designed specifically for shallow Finnish waters, where larger vessels would have trouble navigating between then hundreds of thousands of tiny islands - in contrast these vessels operated poorly in open seas and their operating distance was not so great. However, as these vessels were never meant to leave far from their home waters, this was acceptable. How much weaponry such tiny vessels could pack then? Answer would be much. Basically Ilmarinen and Väinämöinen were fitted with largest guns you could just punch into vessels of these size and number of secondary weaponry was not so bad either. These two coastal defence ships were fitted with as much armour and firepower as possible with expence of speed and operating distance, making them lethal opponent to ships many times their size in their home waters. Finnish navy had ordered these ships keeping in mind the Russian baltic fleet - to what they were supposed to be response. Ilmarinen and Väinämöinen would have been serious opponents to cruisers like Kirov or even battleship Marat. Unfortunately Russian baltic fleet never left the port near Leningrad during WW2, meaning that the ships could never engage their adversaries in actual combat. The weaponry: [Early] 4×254mm/45cal. Bofors (2×2) 8×105mm/50cal. Bofors DP (4×2) 4×40mm/40cal. Vickers AA (4×1) 2×20mm/60cal. Madsen AA (2×1) [1941] 4×254mm/45cal. Bofors (2×2) 8×105mm/50cal. Bofors DP (4×2) 4×40mm/56cal. Bofors AA M/36S (1×2, 2×1) 4×20mm/60cal. Madsen AA (4×1) The four 254mm Bofors guns were massive for vessels of this size, and they could hurl a 225 kg shell up to 31 km. The secondary artillery consisted of eight 105mm dual-purpose Bofors guns in four turrets. These were the primary defense against fast torpedo boats and aircraft. Additionally, the ships were equipped with four 40mm anti-aircraft guns (initially British-made "pom-pom" guns, which, after mediocre performance in the Winter War, were replaced with Bofors guns) and two 20mm Madsen auto-cannons (later increased to eight). Displacement: 3,900 t Length: 93.0 m Beam: 16.864 m Draught: 4.5 m Propulsion: Diesel-Electric powertrain four Krupp engines 875 kW, two shafts. 3,500 kW (4,800 hp) Speed: 14.5 kt <-- Like an turtle. Range: 700 nm The vessels were obvious the very backbone of Finnish navy and enormous effort for nation with less than 3 million people on that time. While Finland was never afraid to use these vessels during WW2 instead of just hiding them, they never met in any actual naval engagement due to absense of their enemies. However, these vessels did support ground troops with their massive artielly and during winter time were parked near strategically important harbours to boos their anti air power. Russians tried to sink these vessels several times with bomber and torbedo planes, but damage remained minimal. The flagsip of Finnish navy, Ilmarinen however sunk in 1941 after hitting sea mine in operation Nordwind. The two Finnish coastal defence ship participated in Operation Nordwind on September 13, 1941, in which German forces were to take the Estonian islands of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa. A group of Finnish and German ships were to be used in a diversionary operation to lure the Soviet fleet into battle – away from the real invasion force coming up from the south. Another German fleet, including the cruisers Emden, Köln, and Leipzig, waited further away to join the battle if the Soviets turned up; however, the northern fleet remained unnoticed and an order was given to turn around when they had reached a point some 25 nautical miles south of Utö. The formation was led by minesweepers, but some mines had escaped being swept. The crew of Ilmarinen failed to take proper notice of the dragging paravane cable. It is likely that the ship had caught one or two sea mines in the paravane, and when the ship turned, the mines struck the bottom of the hull and exploded. The explosion blew a large hole in the ship, which soon developed a strong list and keeled over. It sank in just seven minutes. The loss of flagship Ilmarinen was the largest single loss of Finnish navy to this date and huge blow to navy so small. The remaining period the war, Finnish coastal battleship Väinämöinen - now flagship of Finnish navy mostly operated near home waters, protecting trade routes or working as an mobile anti aircraft platform to protect strategic locations. Especially near the end of war, Russians hunted down this vessel fanatically, but failed to sink it. Besides the design of these ships as unusual was the camo used. Finnish navy took great care and effort with keeping these ships hidden from the enemy and during the winter these ships got nice completely white camo, while during summer they had woodland camo - slightly unusual for warships that normally had standard navy blue or gray. Even today all finnish warships have woodland camo instead of navy blue. This is due to number of Islands Finland has and naval doctrine that utilizes the use of islands as cover and means to hide and lay ambush from. Seriously. Have you ever seen better camo than this? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My suggestion for the game: While I am fairly certain Finnish navy will not be included in WOW, it could exist on Russian tech tree, as Väinämöinen was sold to Russia after WW2 due to enormous compensations Russia demanded from Finland after winning the war. While Finland remained unconquered unlike its German ally, it eventually had to surrender or face the same fate. Russians were eager to make peace due to heavy losses the Finnish forces were inflicting and their race to reach Berlin before Allied forces did. Finland, despite so small, tied dozens of soviet divisions to northern front and would have required far more than what they could afford to after their mass offensive was halted in summer 1944. Finland saw that ultimate defeat would eventually come, even if they could last longer than Germany, and therefore peace was made. Finland - as loosing side - had to give away conciderable amount of its territory and resources and restrictions were placed on its army. Väinämöinen was sold to Russia where it joined the baltic fleet and served under name Vyborg. Perhaps this vessel could be some low - mid tier "mini battleship" for those who cannot just yet afford / research true battleships but want the firepower already. This vessel obviously would be powerful and heavily armoured for its tier, but in contrast lack speed and manouverability. Any opinions?