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  1. Aikki

    How to Gneisenau?

    Hello dear captains and sailors After few days of struggle with my new ship...Gneisenau... i have decided to turn to you for help, because i really dont know what else to do. Few weeks ago i started playing WoWs again and i decided to try german BB line...and suprisingly enough i was mostly a very pleasant experience... i had never before such a easy games and never before i felt so invincible in my ships (well maybe with exception of playing with Cleveland during the beta ) Few days ago i finished my grind trough Bayern (in which did i pretty well ...in most of the battles i have ended up victorious with 3-5 kills and 80k-110k damage + i have managed to survive...which i consider a good result for a casual player like me ) and i bought the Gneisenau. But now...with the Gneisenau...i just dont know what to do ...i rarelly have more than 50 000 damage at the end of the battle, and i rarely survive... When i try to push, i die imediately due to crossfire of enemy BBs shells and DDs torps...and when i try to keep distance and snipe i end up as last surviving ship against whole enemy fleet with no damage whatsoever... I really dont know what i am doing wrong ...i play the same way like before, the matchmaking is actually pretty similar as it was with my Bayern at T6, on the paper the Gneisenau, looks better in almost every way... I really dont know where the problem is ... Well... there are two problems i have noticecd so far... -Firstly , when i play Gneisenau... i seem to have undivided attention of every fu..ing ship in the enemy team ...(srsly when i was playing Bayern or Konig, enemies mostly ingored me unles my team went full potato and decided to camp in the corner of the map which resulted me alone engaging whole enemy fleet ) ..really most of the battles it seems like whole enemy team is shooting at me, even when i am surounded by friendly light cruisers...which should be much more tasty targets -Secondly ...I cant hit a crap ...really...just today for example i had a battle in which i have fired two salvos at broadside Myoko at 7.2 kilometers away and i did not hit him even with a single shell (and it was not due to bad aiming i have aimed properrly at the waterline, but some shots just fell short and others overshooted...) ...in other of my BBs when i meet a broadside cruiser under 13 kilometers, that cruiser is dead within few seconds after i spot him, but not with Gneisenau... the shell dispersion is absolutely horrible...which is strange because again, compared to T6 Bayern the dispersion on paper looks pretty similar... So if there is any skilled Gneisenau captain among you fellows , i would really apreciate some advice how to play this ship properly...Thanks ;)
  2. Too many captain skill are practically designed only for destroyers :/ while cruisers almost benefit from none ( except +3% fire chance and +20 % AA which are both on same skill tier:/) [edited]for survivability expert ..it should scale not just by tier but also by ship class...
  3. Aikki

    The Reality of Tier 10

    Hello everyone I have just recently bought New Orleans and i get to the tier X matches pretty often. Most of the matches looks like this: Battleships camping at spawn ... Destroyers hiding behind battleships and shooting their insane torpwalls at the general direction of the enemy... Cruisers just wandering aimlesly between friendly battleships and dont know what to do ... Whoever tries to advance to the enemy quickly dies due to torpwalls and battleships salvos ... ...That is really not fun I think that two main reason for this are: - Overpowered Japanese destroyers and their spam of torpedo walls - Too high repair cost on tier 8 and higher (srsly that repair cost at tier 8 is pretty bad , i guess i dont even want to know how much costs repair of tier 10 ships ... )
  4. Apology accepted ;)Btw , dont worry about your accent, its fine ;) Just prepare yourself better next time and it will be perfect ;)
  5. Aikki

    XVM... for WoWs?

    OMG! XVM is the absolutely most stupid thing i have ever seen in online gaming! I hope that I will never see it in this game! I am tired of all those whining noobs in WoT which use XVM and quit or whine at start of every match because same stupid mod tells them that based on some retarded statistics enemy team has 51% chance of winning , so they think that battle is lost before it starts!
  6. Aikki

    Why do battleships gun barrels have cloth on them?

    Because they are shy, and they dont want to be there naked
  7. Aikki

    Radar Through Islands - Fix it please...

    I have to agree there ...Radar really should not detect ships behind islands ...if you want to detect ships behind island you should use Hydroacustic search instead... On the other hand ... I think that duration of the radar consumable should be much longer ... because those 10-25 seconds are really not enough , especially considering how big the radar cooldown is .
  8. Aikki

    Public Test General Feedback

    Hello everyone ;) After some intensive weekend testing, i would like to share my opinion about the patch 0.5.5 changes with you all So...surprisingly...I have to say that this patch looks actually pretty good Both game changes and implementation of the test which alowed us to test everything without any restrictions. Now when i am thinking about it, its probably one of the best patches since open beta... Pros: + Weather effects - Very nice looking + interesting from the tactical point of view + New maps and map changes - Also very nice they offer good gameplay +New animations - Very good looking, especially sinking ships +Targeting reticicles - Nice and useful, good idea. + Info in Port - Adding more information (like shell velocity) was very good idea, i like it + Loading times - Loading times are indeed slightly better ;) Cons: - Port changes - Night New York was better - Japanese destroyers - Buffing their torps is really not good idea, they are already way too powerful + i am kinda disapointed that some bugs and issues that this game suffers from still havent been fixed Issues that needs to be fixed: -Carrier are still bad - bad squadron setups on US carriers on low tier. And on the high tier, planes die to fast under concentrated AA fire... - Destroyers ruining the gameplay - On high tier those Jap. Destroyers are still too overpowered...I mean... addition of radar was nice ...but its just not enough - Bugged German ships - Nurnberg oversized citadel area and Yorc AP shells are still extremely slow - US ships are underpowered - Srsly why have US ships (especially cruisers and destroyers) so slow shell velocity and so bad arc of the shells ??? US ships are practically unplayable At least most of them...
  9. Aikki

    Annoying scotish? commentator

    I dont know nor care who that commentator guy was, but his performance was pretty bad, it felt like he has no idea what he is talking about ...I think that someone like Jingles should commentate that game (yea now i when i think about it, Jingles would be great since he is much better talker than player anyway ) or maybe Ichase , since he at least know something about this game actually
  10. Omg what a disappointment... I mean... making a showcase match of World of warships to promote this game was a nice idea, BUT...due to the poor execution of this match i think WG made more harm than good... :/ Especially things like bad camera management, bad commentary (srsly, that commentator was horrible, he got no idea what he is talking about ) and bad teamplay (especially on the german team side) absolutely killed this show match... To summarize my feelings about this...it felt like a World of warships parody to me :/ Only good think about the whole show match was that there was Jingles in it...
  11. Aikki

    0.5.3 Commander Skills - Behind The Scenes

    So ...Light Cruisers having a longer fire range is bad ...but ...Destroyers having a longer fire range while staying invisible even when firing is ok ...wow ...that helluva logic there :/ Not mentioning the fact that with turret rotation speed nerfed, all light cruisers will be totally useless. Srsly WG dont you realize that this is how the light cruises should be?They should be ligh , fast , maneuverable and fast firing so they could hunt destroyers ...that is what light cruisers are for!If you nerf their turret rotation speed they wont be able maneuver and fire at the same time and they never be able to hit those super fast super maneuverable destroyers! Ships like Konigsberg,Omaha, Kuma or Cleveland will be destroyed by this nerf! I would really like if someone from Wargaming team could explain to me, why cruisers are being constantly nerfed ,while those overpowered destroyers keep growing stronger and stronger every patch... Srsly if you would be fair you would nerf all low calliber guns or none of them ...not just the light cruiser ones. Besides ...if you say that main reason for nerfing light cruisers is the fact that they are easy to play and popular amongs players ...Are you trying to say that you are going to nerf any ship which becomes popular? I srls fail to understand logic behind such reasoning...Are you want all your ships to be difficult to play and hated by players? Or what?!
  12. Aikki

    Public Test General Feedback

    Sorry WG but this patch is just bad...Instead of balancing the game, it makes it even more unbalanced :/ Captain skills : While few of those changes seems to be nice (expert loader and preventive maintenance seems as good improvement for battleship captains) ...most of them are absolutely horrible.The worst of all is the nerf to the 155 mm guns (thanks to rework of basic firing training, expert marksman and advanced firing training), this change absolutely destroys all the light cruisers that relly on 150 and 155 mm guns and makes them unplayable! (Srsly WG if you make this nerf to 155 mm guns you will ruin this game!!!) AA rebalance: This is another thing that makes this game even more unbalanced imho...basicaly all ships that have bad AA and relly only on low calliber AA guns will have even worst AA now and become defenseless against carriers and ships that have already strong AA will become even more powerfull against CVs ...so overall really bad change... As for CVs and AA ...US carriers are still mostly useles thanks to their bad squadron setups (either they chose fighter setup and will be useles against ships , or they choose bomber setup and will be raped by enemy fighters) ...and IJN carriers are loosing planes extremely fast under enemy AA fire...so ...if this chages goes live even less players will be playing CVs ... :/
  13. Aikki

    New Commander Perks Feedback

    Omg, some of those captain skill changes (nerfs) are horrible! Instead of balancing the game , they are making it even more imbalanced! Lets see at the practical result of those changes skill by skill: Basic firing training = 10% slower reload for light cruisers Expert marksman = slower turret rotation speed for light cruisers Expert firing training = -20% fire range of light cruisers guns Torpedo acceleration = destroyers torpedos will become even more deadly Last stand = even low level destroyer captains could have unstopable destroyers survivability expert = destroyers (yes , only destroyers since for other ship classes +400 hp per tier is negligible) will have more hitpoints. therefore they will be even more harder to kill. Manual fire control for AA armament = kinda usleless for most of the ships , since most ships are using mostly low calliber AA weapons (20mm oerlikons , 40 mm bofors, 37 mm flak etc. so buff to high calliber AA does not help them at all)... ...On other hand ...ships that have lot of high caliber AA guns will become too owerpowered agains CVs ...so overall bad skill i would say... And now ,dear developers ...Tell me ...WHY THE HELL ARE YOU KEEP BUFING DESTROYERS (WHICH ARE ALREADY EXTREMELY OWERPOVERED thanks to the fact that they can fire and stay invisible + their insane torpedo damage) AND KEEP NERFING LIGHT CRUISERS (WHICH ARE ALREADY ALMOST USELESS)? Srsly , ships like Cleveland, Omaha or Konigsberg will become total garbage (especially thanks to slow turret traverse) ... or...Let me ask another question ...Why are you killing your own game?Do you want it to fall to hell like a world of warplanes did?
  14. Aikki

    Low FPS after todays update

    OMG Wargaming what have you done? I was playing on 45-55 fps until yesterday...Today, after the update , the game drops suddenly to 7-15 frames per second in almost every match what the hell is going on?!Its being unplayable now :/
  15. Aikki

    Does the Cleveland need a buff?

    OMG ! Ofcourse it needs a buff! With that retarded slow shell velocity it is impossible to hit anything unless you are in point blank range! At 10 km range even slow american battleships can easily dodge your shots!