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  1. Not really sure what's going on here but that Iowa tantrum and Bongou's reaction to it made me laugh my as5 off
  2. Collectors club

    That's just your own interpretation of my vague sentence. There was a theoretical possibility for individuals to get accepted into alpha and thus earn the Iwaki. A possibility nevertheless. If you didn't get chosen to alpha then sucks to be you. Me too as I wasn't there either. I guess I could have phrased my sentence better to avoid possibility for semantics and reflect more what I meant, i.e. everyone as individual entity had a chance to be chosen and thus there was a possibility. CBT was more accessible true, but still not free for all. First you had to be lucky to get in, like during alpha and only after some time WG brought the option to BUY an access with Sims/Gremmy/Yubari. So you got in by being lucky or using money. Here the people who couldn't afford the money could say that "there was not a chance to get Arkansas because WG decided who became closed beta tester for free and who didn't". After preorder packages were implemented people could decide themselves to join CBT yes, but not for free, thus still excluding some of the people who wanted to join. Whether people could decide themselves if they got into specific phase of testing or not doesn't matter. The principle is that Iwaki was meant as an exclusive reward for those, let them then be called the lucky ones, who got in. Same principle goes for Arkansas. If you weren't there to get them for whatever reasons, dependant on you or not, then ouch. People can twist the name as much as they want, but the name itself doesn't really matter so much. It's the model and stats that make those ships unique. You can ask for a sistership of Iwaki, with different stats, model and perks/consumables for all I care, but the time for acquiring Iwaki and Arkansas itself is over. Those ships were meant to be exclusive rewards, and as such they shall stay. That's all for me on this topic.
  3. [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Sorry, we need our precious energy elsewhere to spam other threads, byeeeeeeeeeeeee *runs into horizon* Choose the cake: (Contains, well, Higurashi spoilers, you have been warned.)
  4. I just refer to myself once more: Yes, Lolson has good AP.
  5. N E L S O N Any BB with good AP that isn't using mainly that AP is a f*cking genius.
  6. Jesus no. With Nelson 95% of time AP. (This became our new discussion thread I guess )
  7. the "carry harder!" thread

    From yesterday but whatever. When I understood the team was beyond repair I yoloed into A and still managed to achieve more than the rest. Then this game. With @Skyllon we met @loppantorkel Sadly our efforts were down the drain. From this into this.
  8. Collectors club

    Selling those ships even without Alpha/Beta in their names was brought up about two years ago, and my opinion still stays the same: Absolute heresy! If WG has any sense of dignity they need only 5s to consider that request to come up with the only answer that is NO. There was one possibility to get Iwaki and Arkansas, if you didn't get them just suck it up. They were pretty much WG's only Thank You for those who took part in the closed phase testing, and still some people who didn't take part dare to ask for those ships If you want Arkansas without Beta-tag, there is Wyoming. At least Iwaki is completely unique. She resembles Tenryu, but she isn't the same class. Alpha/Beta in their names or not, those ships were intented to be unique rewards for those who played during certain period of testing. You can still become a supertester and earn your Alabama ST, thus that ship isn't in same situation.
  9. Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I guess RNGsama heard my cursing prayers while I took two games with PoY before ragequitting.
  10. When shells land just efficiently: B cap was mine, had to do tanking myself, but we won so all good I guess. Lost both rear turrets, well who needs them. It's not all about damage:
  11. Azur Lane Collab

    Maybe now I could get a dedicated captain for my Payfap I mean fast and actually start playing with her
  12. Is Yamato still worth the grind?

    Not as distinctive as it used be. The fact the sounds on other ships have improved also lessens the difference/uniqueness Yama had with her sounds. Well, I'm just again yearning for those old times
  13. Is Yamato still worth the grind?

    Yama is demanding as always and the game around her has changed, but she is still worth it. I still want to get back Yama's gunsounds from early CBT when she had so distinctive gunsound that you could easily tell when she fired just by using ears. It was so distinctive roar when everyone else had rather lame sounds.
  14. Limited ammo

    What about new upgrade called SDSC (Scuba Divers Suicide Club)? Found in slot 1 they swim around the ship and wave a flag when they spot an incoming Long Lancer On topic itself, just no. Reasons have been told already.
  15. Kudos to icelandair1 for DD'ing. With Elsaß I like to go balls deep into enemy lines. What would it be So our toptiers were utter shieet and have overall no idea how to play. Maybe those bigmouths have inverted exp table or something, as bottom must be the place for best and stronkerest players right? In triple BB divisions we trust Anyways, to the last game of the day: