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  1. WolfGewehr

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Over 9000h in paint
  2. WolfGewehr

    Kurfürst Triple turrets

    Okay thanks for this info. By the diameter of barbette and turret weights one can also deduce which is twin turret and which one triple turret, but I still want to ask if you have any idea what those designations "C/42h2" etc. mean? With logic I can just say that the last number should point out the amount of guns in turret.
  3. WolfGewehr

    Kurfürst Triple turrets

    Always interesting to see such pictures/data. Do I read it right that C/42h2 is the twin 45 cm turret and C/42h3 the triple turret and so on? I might be blind, but where exactly does it state 45 cm/50 cm guns? By shell weights I can deduce that the C/42h must be the 45 cm gun and C/42i the 50 cm one, so are those C/42h+i some gun designations? Do you have other such drawings/ design data you can share etc?
  4. WolfGewehr

    For Snowflakes you need ships in port or 1st win ?

    Overall WG said this (missions to get Steel) was meant to be a special christmas thing. Would be also stupid to knock some Snowflakes in June.
  5. WolfGewehr

    For Snowflakes you need ships in port or 1st win ?

    Well, lets play a little thought experiment: With PTS Steel rewards on Snowflakes, I'd get 5700 Steel from all my T8-10 ships. I'd need then just 10 days to get Flint + Black + Bourgogne if I could farm those rewards once a day. Sounds good? Too good even?
  6. WolfGewehr

    Stalingrad OP

    Reading a bit further he does touch the subject: You can still citadel Stalin through bow like Moskva, though ofc you need to pray RNG. GK did once 30k through my bow, as I happened to be directly towards him. Not something that happens reliably, but still not imbossibru as some like to say.
  7. WolfGewehr

    I just blew 100,000,000 Credits

    While Steel is tempting, I can't be arsed to buy back the T8 ja 9 ships I sold just to get small amounts of Steel. This event did inspire me though to finally buy some T8 ships I have been planning to buy and grind, namely Kagerou and Charles Martel.
  8. WolfGewehr

    Offtopical Disco

  9. WolfGewehr

    Stalingrad OP

    I guess someone doesn't really understand what that "Beta Tester" group even means. It's just a forum group given to anyone who logged into forums during CBT + had access to it. This game doesn't have Beta Testers anymore per se. I.e. Alpha/Weekend/Beta Testers don't test anything anymore. This game has been released since September 2015.
  10. WolfGewehr

    Home sweet home

    I thought this thread would be about Alabama
  11. @MrConway I could hijack this thread to also bring on table one thing that has been f*cked up for at least 3 weeks now: The online users list. Also, when reading a thread, while it should show everyone who's reading it, but that's broken as well. Tried on different browsers and on mobile, no effect.
  12. WolfGewehr

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Putting aside the occasional accuracy wonkiness, Republique's 431's are imo one of the best BB guns ingame. Fast, hard hitting shells with massive penetration power.
  13. WolfGewehr

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Atago managed to reset me when there was less than a second left to get the second solo cap. FU
  14. WolfGewehr

    PSA: Free santa containers

    Thanks for the heads up, would have missed these otherwise. Got 50x Papa Papa + 2x Type 59.