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  1. NEW RECORD with MIDWAY close to 500K =)

    You'll beat him in your Saipan.
  2. Quality Poster Initiative

    Some spicyness is good for the taste!
  3. 4K resolution UI scaling request.

    They might test something regarding 4K next patch: https://sea-group.org/?p=3898&lang=en Might, work in progress and subject to changeTM
  4. New player - Progress report

    Operation of the Week can be played solo. The weekly operation changes, well, weekly. If you want to play operations that are not the current "Operation of the Week", then you indeed need to be in a division. Killer Whale is the current operation of the week, and can be played solo atm.
  5. WG removed credits from supercontainers

    I could buy one of these from your inventory. Is 10 million enough?
  6. It is there now. I knew I was too quick But as it seems that the GUI folder stays the same, I got the UI flags working with the old GUI folder I have. Thanks anyways for updating, hopefully WG could do the flags more logically so it wouldn't be such a work every time they add new flags.
  7. An update? I have played too long without historical flags now. There used to be a german modder who also did flags, but the german mod section is still under reconstruction. Though when I click on SHIP FLAGS + UI FLAGS, there are no files for download? The old files for UI flags should still work?
  8. ^ Oh you back Beaver (for a moment at least :P). This Yama match was kinda funny as our team didn't really play well initially, and people were crying in chat how this team is bad even on weekend standards. Well, some miracle rise from ashes happened and we won.
  9. Starting to like my FdG. Long story short, or what I did: go full ham to try to salvage the victory on my part. Went around the middle islands (around BC), rekt broadside Missouri, then a lengthy drive by on Yamato who was reversing (it took time but was successful in the end) and then rekt NO from distance. Almost got the GK as well: sadly thanks to my own mistake I failed to get dreadnought, as I didn't turn the back turrets around earlier to kill GK next to me in a brawl. Mistakes happen. I thought he'd ram, thus I didn't turn the turrets and that was my fate sealed. Or if given just a pair of seconds my front turrets would have loaded and I would have got him. Damned cyclone came to spoil this match, would have liked to shoot more. Opening salvo in this match was 49k to Henri @ 19km, leaving him at 200hp. He was finished off by teammates.
  10. the "carry harder!" thread

    I guess this falls into category "we could have tried harder". Even the fact I had @collin_mats in same team couldn't help it. Usual ret*rds aside, Mongueror is a one big black hole eating damage and spilling horsesh*t out in form of HE. That thing is like a cockroach, it just lives on no matter how much you try to kill it. Well, there was also another battle where I had to watch this abomination in action, myself in Musashi. After battle out of curiosity had to check what kind of player he is; 80k av dam on other tier X BBs, 120k on Mongueror. What the f*ck is point to make a ship you can't outplay by her peers? Regarding citadels, is it too much to have citadels on BBs, or would it destroy WG's business when ********s can't play broadside on, reversing without getting punished? How is it possible that Roma was released with above WL citadel? Come on, fix it asap. WG, even these ********s to whom you cater to like to see big damage numbers! Bang bang TONS OF DAMAGE. So just bring citadels back? Oh, I should stop dreaming. / rant over.