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  1. I think it's just a leftover from RU translation. Can't come up with any better explanation.
  2. Establishing collector thingy at EU would spoil us too much Seriously though, it would be so nice to have this thing at EU too. I personally would like to test WiP ships and give feedback on them, but I can't commit time to be ST nor do I have time/will to become CC. (Anyways as CC I'd had nothing new to offer, nor skills or equipment to do commentaries). On the other hand, "Collector" status would enable me to test those WiP ships with smaller time investment than being ST/CC. I'm not probably the only one who'd like to give some feedback and test the ships without straining oneself into much consuming roles of ST/CC. Like jesus WG EU. There is a working concept at RU and at EU there are (at least 1 lol) players who are willing to put some effort to test ships under this "Collector concept". If I'd be you I'd take the benefit from these enthusiasts. Maybe one day. Probably maybe. Probably not
  3. I can also derp if I'm online, just ask in case you need more fillers for operations or somethin.
  4. Decided to take one morning match. At times I was already screaming internally, but then our team did something right and we won. GJ for that. And what a match it would be without reports from players (one of the Bismarcks, surprisee ^^) who clearly have understood the game mechanics... Wtf even is CFG mod? Gun Fire Control Sys. Mod. 2 upgrade is a thing, but that gives only extra range, not RoF and Kii can't even mount it. I assume he thought I'd be using hax called Main Batt. Mod 3, which gives faster reload. But Kii can't even mount that either. GJ WUGM (well understood game mechanics). He was apparently amazed as I could shoot my turrets in 10s intervals, guess he has never heard that there is also other options than just broadside fire.... And apparently ship upgrades are cheats these days Nothing new in the wonderland.
  5. Ok. Thanks for effort. I'd just like to see the inside thoughts on how they'd squeeze Musashi into tier 8.
  6. Now I want someone with real Nippon skills to confirm this, instead of google derplator.
  7. I have come into conclusion that aliens have invaded these forums lately.
  8. Must be, as Conq is so hard to play that it's just more entertaining to solve some brain teasers.
  9. Well, there you have a brain teaser now.
  10. HE of the RN BBs is a wonderful, balanced decision. It's implemented so well that you truly need to master it to get most out of it. Overall, RN BBs are made so well that it's just excellent! Finally a BB line where skill floor is so high.
  11. Nine battles, each of them a roflstomp ending into our loss or win. Faceroll matches are so f*cking boring and frustating. How in f*ck the MM can excel so well in creating the most unbalanced teams. Like seriously, how *********** unlucky one can be. And again, it doesn't matter do you win or lose in a faceroll game. Those matches are just pure pain. Was such a great and joyful night that I really got headache from this. When MM f*cks you into as5 Also, Kii dispersion decided to f*ck my brains too: NC at 11km, full broadside, 3 broadsides from me -> 1 citadel. It was just amazing to watch that dispersion. So lucky RNG today. GG WP.
  12. Not Cleveland, but Iowa class turret ^^
  13. This race called Bottleshipfus Sniperismus was discovered years ago
  14. Though sadly they did lower the citadels on high tier USN BBs. Yeah, they can still be citadel'd rather easily if showing broadside, but the punishment is not as guaranteed as it was.