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  1. Madoka E4-6 watched. It's fun to predict the plot/what happens next while watching. Also it really makes you think about the themes presented. From what I have seen so far, (spoiler means spoilers ^^) So far I have liked the story and setting.
  2. I thought using child labour is illegal
  3. A jaw mouth dropping ending
  4. Nice work indeed
  5. Only time I check player stats before battle starts is when I play with CV, to see whether I stand a chance or not . Also if someone starts the usual noob-rant in chat then I'll play the "guess WR" game...
  6. Episode 3 watched now and must say the plot deepens Will continue next night, next 3 episodes. Biggest struggle was to find it 1080p Kalafina's music is pretty nice I must say. (Though I "found" Kalafina already months ago.)
  7. Two first Madoka episodes done. E3 is the "game changer"? Anyways, the show is already a bit psychedelic at times
  8. ............................ Really don't know what to say now... So embarassing that I'm just laughing Well, I just got full blinded by inspiration sigh ... Time to commit sudoku I guess And to be honest, for a moment I really thought why would you recommend School Days anyways :P @Aotearas I know it, and it's not winter here despite the temperature
  9. Same here First thought "What did WG do this time?".
  10. For some odd reason this gave me an idea to draw my first picture with the tablet Here, a 30min masterpiece Brainfart alert, don't open if your face is already full of facepalms Would be still better than western series
  11. Well, Black Lagoon has also been on my "to watch list". As I tend to search all the more darker ones for summer to balance the sunshine here ^^. During dark finnish winter I mostly watch more fun/lighthearted series .
  12. Hmmm, maybe should start a series today as want to do something else than game (and play around with the new drawing tablet ). Prolly Madoka I think
  13. I think the doctor above has serious symptoms of underage horses and needs more severe actions of observing and surveillance of brain waves.
  14. At least there is now a news section in game apparently. Though whether people will read patch notes is still a different story ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. Weird? Is the client completely up to date? Let the client update if it wants to. After that one step is to reinstall the whole client. If the problem still exists, then I can't really help much more and suggest to go to the support service of the matching region.