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  1. Mount Everest and K2
  2. The good ol' days. I remember in my childhood just watching those tsillion different Nokia phone leaflets, wondering how damn many models they had. Jesus, we even had the phone factories in Finland before someone got the great idea to seek for cheaper workforce... Indeed, those were the days when you could get a robust, simple phone for basics aka calling and messaging with sh*tloads of batterytime. The real people's mobile phone. Good ol' times which will never return...
  3. Old, but in case not seen by someone: Can be used in CBs as well.
  4. Wondered why this was tagged as guro, but then got it: She's a lady.
  5. Needed to get 1 torpedo hit. Went full ham then because that's how you get the hits right? Citadelling is fun! Indeed... Obviously Kamikaze is not only a torpedo master, but citadel king as well Must say it was prolly the weirdest Kami game I've had: Yoloed Iron Duck behind the island, then driving by the Omaha and having a gunfight with him, and winning. Next Kuma, same recipe: citadels and torps. Kraken came by flooding the Haruna. Weird game, but intense and fun af. Then after long pause a Yama game again.
  6. Nah, I was (i.e. the service is completed). We have in Finland this thing called conscription, and thus military service.
  7. Nah, I don't have such syndromes. That ~15h was after some military overnight excercise, I was just tired as f*ck after all that.
  8. 9h isn't even that much if I'm really tired. Don't remember exactly how much is my record, but I think it's around 15h after a "forest camping" excercise
  9. I need about 8 hours to feel refreshed, and 9 hours is my "natural sleep time" aka after 9h I wake up without any alarms. It indeed is easier to wake up earlier if you go to sleep early as well, but still I'm just not a morning person myself at all.
  10. I wonder in which anno Domini we'll get a new rank for clans, designed for CB team handling so that we don't need to use that Recruiter trick anymore... inb4 Soon.
  11. It seems you don't know the definition of Soon. :P Have some Zuikaku for motivation:
  12. Early mornings are hell. And some off-topic in off-topic (Xzibit intensifies):
  13. Loran Shipyards eternity project. Estimated early launch date : Soon. Estimated finish date : Before a thing called "WG's Year of the CV" occurs.