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  1. Matchmaking is broken

    Better than the usual story of people telling how a ship is "totally broken" while having 0 battles with her
  2. Stalingrad at KOTS?

    Come on, what can you pick after they nerfed Black Swan?
  3. Stalingrad at KOTS?

    This was (kinda) to be the case, but WG made it so that now you buy it with a grindable currency, steel. So eventually, over time, even sub 50wr warriors can have that ship by grinding prizes from low ranks and leagues. Sure it will take sh*tloads of time, but steel is grindable for everyone. Rest of the arguments are the usual stuff you read from Stalingrad threads, formed after gaining massive personal experience by playing the ship in question. Oh well
  4. Some interesting info around the world

    ST. New patches and emblems We added two groups of new emblems for clan and ranked battles: “Master of Clan Battles” and “Master of Ranked Battles”. Each has 4 degrees. There are new patches for Alpha and Beta testers and an emblem of Collectors Club with 4 degrees. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary. ST. Balance Changes. French battleships Jean Bart, tier IX and Bourgogne, tier Х. Duration of the “Main Battery Reload Booster” has been reduced from 30 to 20 seconds. At the moment, considering a pretty fast reload (26 and 28 seconds relatively), duration of "Main Battery Reload Booster" and some other modifiers, these battleships can fire several salvos during the consumables working time. This grants a significant advantage and surpasses other ships of their class in statistics. New duration of this consumable will limit the number of extra salvos and help curtail the feeling of the excessive speed of firing for enemy ships. American battleship West Virginia, tier VI We continue our work on the pre-settings of the ship; its characteristics are aligned with the gaming model. Detectability from other ships has been increased from 12.42 to 16.42 km; Detectability for firing with Main Battery from the smoke has been increased from 12.34 to 15.86km; Detectability from planes has been increased from 10.68 to 14.68 km; Anti-Torpedo Defense has been reduced from 35% to 22%. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary. ST. American battleship West Virginia’41, tier VI A permanent camouflage West Virginia has been added to the game: -3% detectability range by sea; -4% dispersion of shells fired by the enemy attacking your ship; -10% cost of the ship’s post-battle service; +50% XP per battle. There is a unique ship's horn while using this camoflage. A special patch and commander Dusty Roades have been added as well. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary. Discuss here
  5. Black Friday Dev blog

    Yeah https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/black-edition-message-management/
  6. As I read the statement, the only difference in permacamos on these Black versions of the premium ships is the color scheme. The stats you quoted are for the new expendable camo which can be used on any ship, like Ocean Soul etc.
  7. More like a bit bad wording. It references to the RN light cruisers which already are ingame. Ofc the RN heavy cruisers may come at some point, but in this case the sentence refers to the light cruisers.
  8. Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    After a stupid throw by my team and following diplomatic dialogue in chat, RNGsama tried to console me ^^
  9. How many ...

    878, only use them in competitive if I happen participate in such modes. Should have used one today as my Jervis got detonated by bot Icarus
  10. @GarrusBrutus as I said, I find Kronshtadt to be mostly a decent boat. Though requires broadsides to really make her shine. Did my personal damage record on her.
  11. OP Tier V Cruisers?

  12. [Question] What flag is this?

    It was some easy to get fun flag from summer 2017
  13. After slept night some ideas did come to mind, for which I'll say that we don't have Shenshado because we would lack the technology, but because we lack the resources(money/partners etc.) /will to actually implement it. In a sense Shenshadou is already practised with different militaries, like FDF uses the KASI simulator, developed by SAAB Training & Simulations. Basically laserbeams and receivers + computers that then calculate what happened and give feedback. That's a working solution, but sadly lacks the joy of actually firing the main gun. I think the KASI for rifles actually requires to shoot blanks to operate, but don't know how it actually works for tanks, aside from the fact that for tanks the laser equipment covers the muzzle, and thus making it nigh impossible to fire anything: Maybe for these tanks built specifically for Shenshado(see below) the barrel could be f.ex divided into two compartments so that the lasersystem would be in front, then there would be a cut (for the firing gasses to escape) somewhere at the rear of the barrel so that it'd be possible to fire the blanks. Dunno, but basically we already have the technology needed for Shenshado, only missing the option for loader to really operate the gun on his part and for the crew to feel the gun go live. Personally I'd build 1:1 replicas of WW2 tanks, with some compromises. Building method wouldn't need to be exactly same (like rivets can be replaced with welding), the tank just has to look mostly like the original and that's what matters. Same goes for engines; just needs to be around the same size and power output. Armor thickness doesn't matter either on these replicas if we use simulator like mentioned above, as the computer just simulates the armor and determinates what kind of damage the hit did. Though if we don't really armor the tanks, then their weight will be less and thus we'd actually need to use engines with less power to achieve the historical power/weight ratios. Lack of true armor would drive the costs down as well, though it wouldn't still be anything cheap to pretty much custom build small series of vehicles. Though if the Shenshado would be sold worldwide for many operators/customers, how ever you call them, thus increasing the sold tanks which in return would again lower the cost of a single unit by market principles... This planning could go on and on for all the different details, but I'll spare it now. The laser based system would also eradicate the small chance of your head getting hurt by some (un)lucky shell Overall it's not about technology, but about willpower to make it true. Though willpower alone isn't enough, you still need the resources to do it. If some rich/influential person really would want Shenshado to become a thing, it could happen.
  14. Finally watched the GuP das Finale ep 1. Beginning was a bit weird with that "underground" stuff, but then it did show to be true descendant of GuP universe. Humor, esp. when referring to things that happened in past brought a wide smile and laughter. While I don't play WoT anymore, I still rate GuP higher than any of the "ship equivalents". A fun show with nice tank animation and great OST/music overall. Some quick picks from the OST; Could just list all instead ^^ Oh boy if Sensha-do could be real