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  1. Archen

    0.8.0 PTS - Bugs

    1) Same issue with dive bombers sound on Lexington 2) I know, there is a policy on non-displaying persons in game, but can be there a small exception for pilots of planes with an open cockpit? Those empty planes look bit scary :) Thanks
  2. Připadá mit to, jak když nějakou část vývoje klanů zahodili a dělají jí znova. WG musí být jasné, že klanové hraní jim tvoří jádro komunity dlouhodobých hráčů.
  3. Archen

    K-25 Design Studies

    Maybe can be this design used as premium ship. Many Roayl Navy fans would appreciate it.
  4. Rozhodně stojí za přečtení ... http://technet.idnes.cz/cesky-pancir-zachranil-britske-lode-db2-/vojenstvi.aspx?c=A140402_143125_tec_video_kuz Sorry to all who donť understand czech, but many czech fans here, so this is specialy for them. You can try google translator or just see the photos. :-)
  5. Deamon93, on 15 April 2014 - 05:28 PM, said: In theory it should come, when who knows. I guess this will be 7th nation in game. At this moment it is US Navy and Imperial Fleet implemented. During open beta Royal Navy and Kriegsmarine will join. Then it will be decided by number of players, so Russian fllet will come, then France ships will appear and finaly Italian. But its only my guess Speaking of Marine nationale ... who recognize this ship?
  6. Detailed scheme of class ... hope we will once meet this class ingame
  7. Archen

    HMS Rodney (Nelson class)

    I am really looking forward to gameplay of this ship. Could by quite unique due to turret placement.
  8. Will King George V best ship in gamo or yes? :-)

  9. And how about bit of Royal Navy? :-)
  10. Archen


    He writes in Czech language, that he can't speak English. But don't ask me, why he's making a new thread for it. It has to do something with that he can't write even in Czech without tons of mistakes. :Smile_teethhappy:
  11. Archen

    British Navy

    One of my favorites ...