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  1. Entombet

    Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    Todays battle 6 hits to broadsided Roon under 5km 0 dmg.
  2. Entombet

    Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    Still think main guns are mess. Funny thing my 152mm hit 4 times atago for 7127dmg and killed it wit ap.
  3. Entombet

    Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    Yeah better to let the sea go aflame. This game long ago become World of Flames if you consider how inconsistent ap shells are. Some bbs even when you show broadside to them still spam he becouse it not require aim and brain.
  4. Entombet

    Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    Well i played 10+ games with it, had no problems with turrets, but hitting other ships give me headache .Hits on cruisers with ap often result with pathethic dmg. And spread of the salvos even below 10km is sometimes just sad. They should really rework he on her, more pen with low fire chance.
  5. Entombet

    Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    She is decent ship, but the guns i dont remember more inconsistent guns, its pitty that wg decided to give it anemic he instead of sap which could be flavor of italian bbs.
  6. Entombet

    Warspite on sale - but in a bundle

    This greedy company will never [edited] learn.
  7. Entombet

    Black Friday on EU server

  8. Entombet

    Tier VII - KM Yorck

    In couple of months this game will hawe playerbase numbers on WOWP level and then nobody will care.
  9. Entombet

    Halloween Event?

    What did you expect?. Game is going WOWP way time to milk it when they still can, later will to to few ppl to do it.
  10. Entombet

    Soviet destroyers suck!

    Yeah, bad. I find them great to hunt other dd and then focus on other things.
  11. Entombet

    Will Nürnberg be another Furutaka?

    Well as one of Polish comedy groups says it's a martering trick
  12. Entombet

    Destroyer's Invasion?

    They only kill ppl when they sail in straight lines, plz play dd and then moan. I dont fear any dd in cruiser if you watch your suroundings there is nearly 0% you will be hit by torp.
  13. Entombet

    Konigsberg impressions

    Thats one better, but still ship is at most medicore.