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  1. Again dude ... i have a whopping 62 games in BB's (as you yourself mentioned) I am not someone who is going to tell you or anybody what to do with a BB .... All I am saying is that cap C is already lost, cap B is contested by the Z-52 who has no support. And that from there on in you where either sailing to the A line or camping at the A line ..... You can't win all games ... but for a DD this one was a clear cut loss due to a severe case of "not even a little bit of support" Ship happens .... jut don't complain on your DDs for a game that was lost by a team effort of potato-ing ;)
  2. Oh noes ... it was actually 2:36 into the game instead of 1:30 ..... woo is me, that's a huuge difference :) Please note I only commented from a DD perspective. Cap C was their in your first shot and never got contested. The Z-52 tried at B ... but since the only "support" that got anywhere near the cap was a BB that was driving by on speed boost. And he was contested by a Yugi From a DD perspective that is called "NOPE" Love the stat link to my shiny 55% WR from a 52% WR player though I have no idea what you where expecting from your DDs in that game... but from a DD perspective that game was lost in the first few min. And nobody in your team did the slightest to turn it around. Next game ... maybe don't run to the A line and expect your DDs to contest caps. (the wooster is the main bad guy in your screenshots btw ... he could have pushed a cap just by being close... but as far as I can see he never had a decent shot on the caps)
  3. That's 1:30 into the game, and you only had a shot on that cap because you where passing it on your way to the A line ( you are heading there in that screenshot.... hell you've got your speed boost activated to get away from the cap at full speed) Yhea I don't think your DD is counting a single BB passing by on speed boost as "support"
  4. You sailed to the A line at start and stayed there ..... At no point of that battle is there any support on the caps (not a single boat anywhere near the middle being able to shoot at the caps .....) Don't blame your destroyers for that match.
  5. WG, this bs has to end

    The purpose is either: 1) Historical accuracy. There are some famous ship detonations (cough * Hood * cough) 2) Monetary gains .... you can buy those anti-frustration flags you know ;)
  6. WG, this bs has to end

    Don't get me wrong, I would celebrate the day they remove the 'fun and engaging gameplay' feature from the game. But since you have the flags, and you can get the flags quite easily (as OP is showing ) it's not a huge deal. Just play some lower tier DD games to get 500+ flags, and apply a flag to all higher tier DD games and to some cruisers that are prone to detonations.
  7. WG, this bs has to end

    Time to start using the flags on your cruiser I would say ... problem solved.
  8. Low frame rate at low utilisation

    I was getting pretty horrible frame rates last few days as well. Dropped to around 20 (while it was above 60 before) yesterday, which was unplayable. Restarting my comp did get it back to 50 ish for a while, but there is definitely something wrong in this patch.
  9. You almost had a good event WG, almost...

    OMG !! you're going to miss out on free stuff unless you get lucky or pay some moneys!! It's almost as if WG wants you to think "is it worth it to spend some money on this? " You can complain all you like ... but this is a great event that will get me lots of free stuff. I don't care I can't do every single mission to get every single reward ... I probably don't have the time anyway to do every mission. Just like you probably won't get all of the hall of fame boxes .... You guys are making a big deal out of missing out on a few boxes and maybe some flags ......
  10. spotted by plane bug?

    Do you have the replay or some screenshots at least? Cause without those it's going to be hard for us to explain what happened.... I'm going to guess magic.
  11. I would love to .... but my work doesn't really like paying me to watch game streams
  12. What's with the DD meta these days?

    Staying alive isn't noobish. Trying to fight for a cap while your closest ally is 10+ Km away to the back is. DD's can be a great asset to your team and teamplay (spotting, screening etc) but they need decent support to be able to do this. If you don't know how to do this support (or even how it looks like) you can't complain when your DDs don't do
  13. What's with the DD meta these days?

    If nobody is spotting anything ... you are not "pushing a flank".... you are all hiding behind islands. If you have no targets, even while all the enemies are shooting you are positioned waaay to far back, or behind an island. If you where in a correct spot, you would have spotted them yourself. I play mostly DD's and teams of camping BB's that are behind their spawn location, or behind islands is what annoys me most. Capping is mostly suicidal at the start of the game due to Radars and lots of pew pew DDs. Spotting gets you nothing at all, so you only do it for good players.
  14. People like Stats but which ones matter

    In that system you get the most fun gameplay by sabotaging yourself first. Start session ... take out a fast boat, drive up the middle while making yourself a drink. Get shot and sink. Rinse and repeat 5 times. Now your all the way down and can start carrying your team in your actual fun boats. You'll get matched vs potatoes, so you'll have great wins. I quite like the current system and MM.