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  1. Hummus

    Tox me baby one more time

    How to decrease toxicity in 3 easy steps: 1) Git Gud. You'll see a lot less whining and negativity if your team is winning. Play smart, play team based (do the spotting as a DD, do the radar cruiser deletion as a BB) and support your teammates when they need it. Or warn them if they're going somewhere they won't be getting any support.... Which bring us to: 2) Communicate. Communicating clearly and friendly is half of the game. Let someone know that you'll be spotting, or that you won't be spotting. Let someone know when they need to turn back or become isolated. Let someone know if you'll be hunting the enemy DD down etc etc. Don't make negative comments like "you suck" or "don't do X" keep it positive and affirmative. ("turn back please" sounds so much nicer than "don't go there!" ) 3) Ignore the ignorant. Feel free to just ignore the negative comments. They don't add anything and giving feedback on a negative player just keeps him/her spouting more salt. "if you can't say anything nice .... I will opt do ignore your comment" :) This won't solve all the games and chats ... but it'll definitely help. Most of my chats are pretty positive. And the negative ones are usually pure comedy gold (people complaining about the guy that is proceeding to carry the team etc.)
  2. Hummus

    what would a legendary comander jingles get?

    He should be the only captain that doesn't have situational awareness as a standard free skill. So unless you take priority target you have no idea if you're spotted or not.
  3. Hummus

    The Ranked One thread (post here when you reach Rank I)

    19 battles in total. Didn't loose a single star. On the few losses that I had, I played well and ended up as top of the team. On the games where I went full potato and died without any damage I got carried by the team :) Great season for me :) T-61 was great fun.
  4. Hummus

    Is the Daring as bad as the Jutland?

    As Hardrider said. The Jutland and Daring have better normalisation angles and a shorter fuse on the AP shells (just like the brit cruisers) This means their AP shells will perform better. They will never over-pen and will pen even very angled targets. They also have smaller guns, so their HE shells won't do any damage without IFHE On the T9 and 10 you want to take IFHE as a 14 pt skill ( 10 pt = CE) And you want to use AP all the time until you get the 14 points, and still use it a LOT even with IFHE. Edit: and yes there are people who opt to not take IFHE on them, but these people either know what they are doing, or don't have a clue :p For general play and average people ... go for IFHE
  5. Hummus

    CV rework and premium game time

    Yhea ...... about that ....... I have a feeling we will see a 'slight' increase in planes and CV players when the patch hits. As in : maximum numbers every game. Lets just say that my Arkansas beta is not going to see much play after the patch hits. (the Arkansas beta is a tier 4 battleship with no AA whatsoever)
  6. Hummus

    Benson Upgrades. C:

    C hull is needed to use Defensive Fire AA consumable. So the only reason to ever use the C hull if for DFAA.
  7. Hummus

    What If?

    We had this in beta. The current system is way better. Small mistakes by teammates should not cost you half your hitpoints.
  8. Hummus


    Download it to your computer, close Wows, and doubleclick the file. It will be opened by the wows client (which is why you have to close wows before clicking) It contains only the ships and player inputs, which is why it is so small.... all the rendering and stuff is done by your own comp when you play the replay.
  9. Hummus

    question for everyone

    And to answer the question: "NO" If the brexit (and similar but less well known referenda) have taught us anything it is that the majority of people are stupid. And WG is a mostly Russian company... and Russians are not really know for being overly democratic or very interested in the will of the masses.
  10. Hummus

    Upcoming AA rework (= removal)

    I was really looking forward to playing ma Atlanta after the CV rework ..... But it appears WG doesn't want to discourage the new CV players by something as silly as a dedicated AA cruiser .... :/ I play mostly DD's ... but those are going to put on hold when the CV's hit the live server. Soooooo I guess I'll go looking from which cruisers have fighter planes...... Feels damn stupid If I'm going to play my Omaha instead of my Atlanta to counter all the new planes ...
  11. Yes well, the poor man's Flint has 2 of the 3.... And although the risks of playing an Atlanta are pretty big .... the payout on a good move is more then enough to merit playing the darling all year.
  12. Atlanta all the way! If the flint is allowed the Atlanta is allowed as well... and she's definitely the most fun ship to play. Is 2019 going to be the year of the carrier?
  13. Hummus

    Is "Concealment" the new "Situational Awareness"?

    My Khaba says hi. (and the Tashkent waves to you as well) For some cruisers I don't see it as top priority (AFT first for the Atlanta, and IFHE for the Wooster) Other than that... yhea, it's a pretty darn good skill.
  14. Hummus

    Bad Destroyer (DD) PLayers

    You realise much of the above is contradicting itself right ?? - If you don't go cap ... you get yelled at (see 1) - If you do go cap but you get killed fast because 3 enemy DD's went there hunting for you with radar backup.... you get yelled at ( see 4) - If you all go to one cap to hunt the enemy DD ... you get yelled at (see 2) Oh and if you do this, you're also not allowed to ask for backup (see 3) Your 5th point is actually valid... second line torping is inexcusable. But lately I've seen a lot of flak towards the destroyers from people who have no idea how to DD ..... The DD meta has changed quite a bit with the high amount of radars and 'hunter killer DDs' in the games lately. If you keep loosing "because of stupid DD's" you might need to ask yourself what you are doing to support or help them?
  15. Hummus

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    A 33% nerf to gun DPM and a nerf to the torps feels like a bit much. You can't even call that a hit with the nerf bat .... that's a hit with an actual bat. I guess this means I can stop grinding that tree ...... But this also leaves me with very little incentive to grind the Daring. It would only get nerfed as well when I'm close to reaching it...... Who the hell though that 33%!!!!!! is an acceptable nerf percentage!!? With those kind of changes I don't feel the slightest incentive to try it out on the PTS and leave feedback ....