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  1. WG you lied

    Hehehe. No Invis shooting was done by DDs that could spot you and shoot at you form outside their detection range. All current invis shooting is done with another ship doing the spotting.
  2. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    Hell yes :) I'll definitely do this quest in either my Atlanta or my Khabarov .... but we looked at the guy's profile and he doesn't have an Atlanta. His highest US DD is the Nicolas... so he'll have to do it in the Cleveland I think.
  3. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    No the missions have to be done by T6 ships or higher. The Nicolas is tier 5. His best bet is the Cleveland, hands down. Just park behind an island and shower HE on BB's
  4. Having a Plan in Random

    Unless you're the guy who had the "Don't die" or "kill all" plans .... Those can work pretty well even after you meet the red ships. I've stopped doing plans in random games, at least at the start. Since the crucial ship will always have the chat disabled or does something really stupid or so. Once you can see which teammates have their brain enabled you can start making plans. Or in words the OP can understand: From now on it's going to be American Cruisers First! Working together gave us some bad deals! Really terrible, terrible deals. So from now on it's going to be American Cruisers first!
  5. Awful in world of warships!

    You can saturate an area of the ship (bow, midsection, backside) without killing the ship itself. Any extra damage you do to a saturated section does not do any hp damage. This is because if you've completely wrecked the bow of a ship you can pump shells into it as much as you want, but it won't get any more wrecked. HE shells will start doing less damage to sections even before they are completely saturated. Look for Wows satuartion and I'm sure there will be guides on this. The other option is that did a lot of module damage ... you can hit a turret and break it without doing damage to the rest of the ship. The same for the torpedo tubes ... you can hit and penetrate those without doing hp dmg.
  6. Isn't the easiest test to get in a training room with a bot BB and you in a DD and see if his guns track you? Guns always pointing at you: he gets the info of where you are. Guns not pointing at you: he probably doesn't know where you are.
  7. Football patch

    Cool ! Let me just select my country ..... oh wait, the Netherlands is not playing this year. Only the true footbal giants like Iceland and Panama made it to the tournament. *insert salty remarks from Dutch and Italian players* All kidding aside, I always really like it if a game does something like this.
  8. No more cruisers

    I played to rank 10 on the first day (yay for a National holiday on the first day of the season) and there where plenty cruisers there. I had 3 games without any BBs.... and only 1 game with 1 cruiser per side. I haven't played much at the T10 yet, but the few games had at least 2 cruisers per side.
  9. The only reason I can see for this is that they are expecting to increase the amount of planes per wave / planes in the sky by about 40-50% in the fabled up and coming CV revamp. (I'm assuming this will also lower the hitpoints of the planes by that same %) Because for the current state of the game, 50 plane kills in a cruiser is damn near impossible. I've got several AA specced boats and I tried my very best for the clear sky ... but never got past 29 plane kills per match.
  10. Where is the Atlanta !? Cause I'll be playing that
  11. Ship you have grown to like

    The Altlanta, hand down. She's usually not good, and can get vaporised by a single lucky BB salvo .... but once in a while you get a game that makes it all worth while (and then some) The silly amount of pew pew is hilarious
  12. Yhea it feels a bit mean to remove the event .... but to leave the achievements in .... On the whole I'm pretty disgusted that they went tot the trouble of removing the event for 1 server. In the announcement video I got pretty exited by the promise that I could get a Fuso .... But it turns out that was just for the rest of the world.
  13. Lose lose and again lose...

    I know the feels ..... I got a 12 game loosing streak a few weeks ago, and it was terrible. I wasn't even playing bad, but the teams just didn't do anything. In those cases you have two options: Sit it out and just keep playing while trying to not get frustrated. Stop playing and go do something else. I kept on playing and finally carried my team enough on the 13th game ( I did 140k dmg in my Isokase... and we barely won the game with that )
  14. Oh and to the OP: if you want to get past bracket 2 you'll see a lot of good teamwork and coordination in games. I play my Benson in ranked, and at least half my smoke screens are used on my friendly BBs while I spot for them and screen against torps. And I've learnt to hate radar boats and Bismarcks. In the lower brackets it's a great big mess of course, but what else do you expect. At those levels you can just carry the game by not being a muppet.
  15. If rank feels like a grind, you are on or near you skill cap. This is exactly as is intended, and one of the things I really like about ranked. For example: for me reaching rank 10 was pretty easy. I breezed through the games and get a 60-65% win rate. And when I loose, I'm often the top guy in the team, so don't loose a star. But then at rank 10 I get into the next bracket, and all of a sudden winning gets damn hard for me. I've spend 2 weekends trying to get higher, only to hover around rank 10 with 1 star. Every time I get knocked back to rank 11 getting up to 10 is easy .... but getting that rank 9 was damn hard for me. To me this means that my skill cap is in that bracket, and I will only get past it if I play better .