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  1. WR is the best available metric. Especially alone. The aim of the game is to win.... Players that have high skill win more games ... so high WR = good player. Ships that are better than their competitors have a higher WR than those competitors. So yes, unless you want to go knee deep into statistics: WR is the best thing to look at. So yes ... seeing a Russian BB as highest WR for tiers 7, 8, 9 and 10 does give a good indicator that they might be a tad to stronk. Yes they might be inflated because 'new' and only the die hard gamers have access to them yet ...... But the trend is also visible at lower tiers, and getting a T5 takes about 3 hours, so that's not just the die hard players.
  2. Hummus

    Friesland... Sigh

    I know .. and I'm only just past the half way point for her in free expi. Once us scrub Dutch people finally get enough free expi to buy her she'll drop even more. If I even bother playing her. She a Dutch destroyer, so I'll have to get her..... but from what I've seen she's not doing good.
  3. Oke ... I might have done that slightly on purpose yes The problem here is that it is very easy to use statistics to prove whatever point you would like to prove ..... so pointing towards metrics does not actually proof anything. Especially not if you don't share those metrics with us ... In other words: your spreadsheet can prove whatever you want it to prove, and we will just have to believe you. (which we don't ... cause you know. This is the internet) And if you consider that: 1) The other WG title World of Tanks has a definite and blatant Russian Bias. 2) The top teams of KotS had a heavy over representation of Russian ships. these guys don't play ships because of feeling or ideals .. they will use the best ship available. And apparently for Cruisers and BB's this means Russian. 3) Some ships are just clearly over performing .. and in the top tiers, these over performers tend to be Russian ... Stalinggrad is just straight up better then Moskva. And Moskva is not an underperforming ship. Im not even talking about Smolensk here. That thing is more bad design than OP in my vieuw.... So that leaves us with the current forum that is positively teaming with stronk russian balance references. You keep saying that you don't have a Russian bias, that the data says 'balans'..... but in the mean time everybody I talk to is convinced this is going the WoT "Russian Balans" route ... I want to believe you... I want a game that is fun and balanced without a clear 'best' ship ... But currently my spreadsheet says I don't see any YY's in any games any more .. And everybody knows that you should bring a Kremlin to competitive games. If that is in line with the goals of you balancing department ... you might have a bias...
  4. You get to pick one of these Crysantos ... not both. New ships are either weak because we need to learn them ... or strong because the unicums get them first and make them look good ..... But you can't have both. Yhea .... but no. When you nerfed the YY you used s sledgehammer ... taking away 25% of the DPS .... When you nerf a Russian ship you use a feather..... That is not applying the same method to any ship regardless where it is from. And it is annoying that you only use the feather approach to Russian ships. But nerf the crap out of other ships with a sledgehammer. Even the Khaba was nerfed in many many little steps to get it where it is now ... but on other nations you just smack a 20% effective nerf on it in one go and call it 'balans'
  5. I watched some KotS yesterday, and oh boy the Bias clearly showed there. All of the teams where about 50% Russian ships. There where teams with 8 of the 9 ships being Russian.... WG can pretend that this is because of 'the current meta' .... but the current meta is that way because you have a Russian bias ...
  6. Well, it is good that they (finally) took notice. And I understand that as a company they can never admit to having a bias. But as a player with a working brain I can't help but notice that there are 6 or 7 nations in the game .... but half of the ships used in competitive come from a single nation's tree. Every time there is a new Russian boat coming there is talk about power creep .... But you manage to make an Italian line with nobody talking about power creep. Not to mention stupid stuff like giving BB a turret traverse of cruisers (<- pet peeve..... you figging let me play the Pepsicola with glacial turret traverse, but give a BB turrets that turn like a ballerina !?)
  7. Hummus

    Wishlist WoWs 2020

    What I would like to get in 2020? Dutch ships. Dutch ships that don't suck (I'm looking at you Friesland ...)
  8. Hummus

    Pensacola - Bad by Design

    Excellent news. The poor Pepsi is in dire need of some attention. The ship is difficult to play and gets punished very hard. But that turret traverse just makes it unplayable .... After i had gotten the hang of her I kinda liked her and played her once in a while ... but after the split I played two games and parked her back in the harbour. A ship at tier 6 should not have that many drawbacks.
  9. Hummus

    Is it really possible....

    I've been playing since closed beta, and I've spend about € 40,- on some dubloons, and bought an Atlanta (becuase Cmon ... that pew pew) and a Tirpits (that I never use) But other than that I play 'free to play' No premium time other than what is given , never bought a single flag or camo ..... I have 6 or 7 T10 boats and litterally thousands of flags and hundreds of camo's .... You 'll drown in free stuff if you are semi-capable and watch the events, ranks and missions. The most annoying part of 1005 free to play is retraining captains and not being able to de-mount modules .. some of those cost a LOT of credits .. and without premium, credits will be your bottleneck.
  10. Hummus

    does the game secretly aim for the player?

    The horizontal lead is actually really simple in this game. Most targets will be going full speed, which only varies a relatively small bit between ships within the same class. And because the game has warped all sense of distance, size and speeds, the shells take relatively little time to get to the target (and the target is pretty big). So you'll get the hang of how much to lead within 10-50 games if you have played any other shooters with lead time or are a bit good at gaming. As far as I know, there is no horizontal aiming assistance. You can test this in a training room ... bring a few stationary bots and shoot just in front or just behind them .... if there is a horizontal aiming assist you should hit the boat. If there is no assist you should mostly miss. Wait untill you run into good-great players who actively dodge shots by using the throttle .... then you'll notice how hard it is to hit somebody who knows what he is doing :)
  11. Hummus

    does the game secretly aim for the player?

    The game gives huge amounts of help in the form of vertical adjustments to make your shells land on target. This only happens when you have the target locked. (this is why everybody is talking about target lock in your "is the computer assisting my aim?" thread.) You can notice the amount of "help" the games gives you in the following circumstances: 1) Two enemy boats are close to each other, and your game decides to switch target lock to the wrong one .... your shells will go waaay off where you want them to go, showing you how much assistance is given by the lock. 2) When the target lock has a bug. There was a bug where shooting in the first 0.1 sec of locking would make shells fall short for a while .... these shells would fall short by quite a lot. Again, showing just how much impat the hight adjuster has. 3) Trying to take blind shots. It's pretty damn tricky to get the shells to the right height if you don't have a locked target. Good to great players tend to land a lot more blind shots then I do :)
  12. Hummus

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

    What are you doing to my language !? Please make it stop ! I'll be getting this boat when I reach the 1 million free expi ... so in half a year or so. I was really looking forward to it, but it seems to be a bit meh all in all.
  13. Hummus

    Friesland the Peculiar (wot? no torps!)

    The people that have 1 milion free expi banked to drop on a new ship the moment it becomes available are probably above average players. So I wouldn't put to much faith in the performance statistics yet. She'll drop a bit once all the poor casual Dutch people ( like myself) finally scrape together enough free expi to get her :) Unfortunately it looks like there are only two reasons to get this ship: 1) You're Dutch and therefore it's a no-brainer. 2) You have so much free expi that it doesn't matter / are a collector that needs to have every ship.
  14. Hummus

    New teased Pan Europian DD Friesland, tier IX

    Shouldn't it be 700k expi of it's T9? 1000k expi feels a bit exessive for a T9. I'm probably going to get it anyway eventually. But only because I'm Dutch
  15. Hummus

    Homing torpedoes for subs confirmed

    God this looks like like one big imbalanced piece of The sub just sank a DD with homing torps, while keeping the DD spotted .... and this is without an enemy team ...... As a DD getting spotted is half way to dead. These subs will wreck DD's .. and Dd's should be the counter ><