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  1. Hummus

    Is "Concealment" the new "Situational Awareness"?

    My Khaba says hi. (and the Tashkent waves to you as well) For some cruisers I don't see it as top priority (AFT first for the Atlanta, and IFHE for the Wooster) Other than that... yhea, it's a pretty darn good skill.
  2. Hummus

    Bad Destroyer (DD) PLayers

    You realise much of the above is contradicting itself right ?? - If you don't go cap ... you get yelled at (see 1) - If you do go cap but you get killed fast because 3 enemy DD's went there hunting for you with radar backup.... you get yelled at ( see 4) - If you all go to one cap to hunt the enemy DD ... you get yelled at (see 2) Oh and if you do this, you're also not allowed to ask for backup (see 3) Your 5th point is actually valid... second line torping is inexcusable. But lately I've seen a lot of flak towards the destroyers from people who have no idea how to DD ..... The DD meta has changed quite a bit with the high amount of radars and 'hunter killer DDs' in the games lately. If you keep loosing "because of stupid DD's" you might need to ask yourself what you are doing to support or help them?
  3. Hummus

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    A 33% nerf to gun DPM and a nerf to the torps feels like a bit much. You can't even call that a hit with the nerf bat .... that's a hit with an actual bat. I guess this means I can stop grinding that tree ...... But this also leaves me with very little incentive to grind the Daring. It would only get nerfed as well when I'm close to reaching it...... Who the hell though that 33%!!!!!! is an acceptable nerf percentage!!? With those kind of changes I don't feel the slightest incentive to try it out on the PTS and leave feedback ....
  4. Hummus

    Tech Tree not updated

    OMG .... That's a LOT of ships that you have in your port ..... And it also nicely shows how big the tech tree's would be if you include all .... Would feel like a bit daunting to most players I think (if you see how many ships there actually are my wallet would go "NOPE"... while taking it a tree a time with a few gift ships thrown in it's not so bad actually)
  5. Hummus

    Tech Tree not updated

    Kamikaze R, Arkansa Beta, Iuaki alfa (or however it is called ... the closed alpha ship) And the ships are not "missing" they are not tech tree ships. The tree's are big and complicated enough without adding all the special ships that you can probably never get anyway. If you want the stats and layout I'm pretty sure you can find them without to much trouble .... I don't want to have my tree's cluttered with ships I can't get.
  6. Hummus

    What kind of weapon do you prefer?

    My most played ship is the Atlanta ...... Turns out I'm a 'more dakka' man
  7. Hummus

    Old IJN dds are fine?

    They are still mostly fine .... But they used to be much better.
  8. Hummus

    Khaba-Tashkent build suggestion

    This is absolutely true ... but in these ships you are running speed boost module of course. So between the long speed boost and the cooldown between the boosts your 3 speed boosts will last 13 mins or so? (I haven't done the math... but assume you boost after 1 min of starting the match and leave a minute between it coming off CD and using it... since I almost never chain them straight away) If I'm alive for more than 13 minutes (and the game hasn't been won yet) I've pumped out at least 300 shots .... so BFT will be 30 extra shells ...... I take that (and te extra fires) over the potential situation that I ave a game of 13+minutes and need a boost at the end. (I thought about this long and hard, but BFT is better than DE I think, and I prefer both of them above SI )
  9. Hummus

    Khaba-Tashkent build suggestion

    The T9 and T10 russians have no use for concealment. They exist to shoot stuff. Use the heal and speed to survive, not concealment. For OP: BFT all the way. An extra heal is nice in some games. 10% more pewpew is nice in all games.
  10. Hummus

    Gameplay is now a joke

    Yhea, you've lost me at those two. The game is about being a game ... you know.. fun. Not about realism or historical accuracy. And complaining about dying in seconds in a BB ... which is the only class that does NOT risk getting deleted in seconds is a bit much. Burning down a BB takes several minutes. Try playing a cruiser or DD for a bit and get one shotted by stuff.
  11. Hummus

    In game economy

    On my T10 boats : yes But not on my credit grinding boats ..... It would be a bit silly if I mount 3 premium consumables on my Atlanta when I go out grinding the credits..... I "earn" 66k per game by driving around with the normal consumables.
  12. Hummus

    In game economy

    I have no idea how OP can be struggling for cash. I have about the same amount of games played, and OP has a higher WR than I have and plays lower tier on average ..... I have 5 tier 10 ships and enough credits in the bank for a 6th. Yes I've had to do spells of credit grinding in the mid or lower tiers ... And it helps that I frigging LOVE my Atlanta (which is probably my biggest credit earner) But I play without premium, and mostly in the high tiers..... (I've bought some dubloons over the years, but mostly for retraining and skipping the occasional T9 ship) OP must have a huge credit drain somewhere (using premium consumable?) or the biggest stockpile of parts in his inventory or something ...
  13. Hummus

    What ship with Radar can I play in the lowest tier

    The opinion of the Atlanta can be divided into two groups People who see the devastating effect of the rain of death, and decide the thing is OP, unfair and the manifestation of gods wrath on earth. (These are usually the people without an Atlanta) People who have an Atlanta or gotten used to playing against them. Who know the thing is a floating citadel that gets focussed by everything on the enemy team and can be countered by just about any boat if done correctly ( exuding some gunboat DDs ... they are worthless vs a good Atlanta) I love the Atlanta .... but it's hard to call it a good boat. So go ahead OP .... buy an Atlanta and go DD hunting. For a DDs there a re few things as scary as a surprise Atlanta popping up :)
  14. Hummus

    It's official - the weekend has started

    I'm sitting at work .... counting down the seconds to when I can finally get a beer and start the weekend. I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for your loss....... Nope ... just can't.
  15. Hummus

    Navigation sign for BBs

    I think this is a leftover of a time when we had shallow waters between the islands. BBs couldn't cross shallows, and you has these signs warning you. WG removed the shallows at some point because it was to difficult :)