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  1. Hummus

    #Make Jingles crap again!

    Oh ... and if it was up to me, I would make Jingles the only captain that does not get situational awareness for free. Yes... that means he would objectively make him the worst captain in the game ... So maybe put situational awareness where we now have priority targeting, or combine the two or something. In regards to the recording ... doesn't he have a pretty good mic setup at home?
  2. Hummus

    Harugumo vs Khabarovsk

    The Khaba is great! She has a bit of a unique playstyle though. As in .... you dont do any of the regular DD things. You take the heal instead of the smoke. You take AFT instead of concealment expert .... you're going to be shooting 80% of the game anyway ... so screw hiding. Forget about caps at the start of the game. Just go pew pew at the first thing you spot (preferably a big BB ... be a bit carefull of Zoa's and ohter laser gun cruisers) Use your speed to not get hit (half rudder one way ... then half rudder the other way.... to zig zag a bit) If you spot an enemy DD with little support you can rush him with your 45 knots top speeds and hunt the little bugger down. Or you can harass BB's from max range and rack up that potential damage :) Just never stop moving. Keep an eye on the minimap so you don't overcommit on a flank (you'll need to get used to how fast you can run out of friends in that thing :) ) Use speed boost often, but tactically. Oh and you want the increased speedboost duration module.
  3. Hummus

    #Make Jingles crap again!

    Excellent! Definitely put in the misidentification! It's amazing how bad he is at identifying things in his video's... or keeping track of them. Alternatively, when a destroyer gets spotted, let him say something like "I wish somebody would do a bit of scouting", "let me refill my drink" or some other random line that has absolutely nothing to do with what is happening. Sinking a destroyer should get a 'cruelty to small ships' line as an option. I would love to see you include his iconic laughter in the game... maybe for one of the devastating strike option (Ideally when you get a dev strike with torpedoes) On the torpedo warning you can use the 'lets dance' soundclip he uses (no torpedo beats in Jingles video's ... those are for Yuri) ... the one that goes 'carneval' with the Benedict Cumberbatch gif. And as other stated... please dial back the voice filters a bit. Jingles has a lovely voice ... no need to adjust or modify it. ( I feel the filters tried to make him sound more Brittish ..... which is a bit silly because they're pushing him towards a 'queens English' accent which he doesn't have. Just let him have his regular accent.)
  4. Hummus

    fix your crashes WG

    Well .... I've only had crash to desktop on two separate days in the last 4 years ...... So unless you provide a teensy bit more information on what happened, what specs your comp has etc. etc (you know, the stuff you generally send in with the support request) I'm gonna go with "it all works perfectly" Mr Conway and Chrysantos won't be able to help you with this. They have a support department for that. But when in doubt: Don't use addons. Update drivers. If it persist, reinstall the game ( i know that's a pain)
  5. Hummus

    Naval battles: suggestion

    How about no? Your clan should be able to explain how the button works. And i personally like the limited amount of tries. Lets me dally most of the weekend and try-hard on sunday afternoon for the high amounts in my fav ships
  6. Hummus

    Can screen resolution effect aiming?

    Sounds like he was reversing. Replay?
  7. Hummus

    Suggestion: Key binds for AA sectors?

    This please ! No need at all to make it complicated. Single button ..... if you want to go full Russian you can make O the default, but we'll rebind it to something normal.
  8. Hummus

    KITAKAMI RETURN confirmed (maybe?)

    No, and please no!! I would like to get my hands on that little gem without having steel please. And the whole fun of it is the torp wall .... if you make it DW torps you screw with all the fun. (God the joy of popping out near an enemy DD that has hydro and just going "dodge this" would be so much fun) People that don't know how to torp should not buy / use this boat.
  9. Hummus

    Invisible ships

    Yup. Just close wows and doubleclick the replay file. This wil start up wows again and play the replay.
  10. Hummus

    no gun fire sound effect?

    Same here...... only the Cleveland is silent.
  11. Hummus

    Has anybody else had shells falling short?

    First off: nice post. Pretty interesting read. Second off... in my examples I'm fighting at 5-7 Km ranges .... at these ranges you're not aiming at the ship .... you're at parts of the ship (sometimes I really want those torps to get disabled) The low shells that we're talking about are not within normal dispersion. This is the height adjuster going wonkers. It's pretty rare so I don't really mind all that much. It fixes itself (I only get it on the first salvo ... second salvo is on target, while I'm aiming at the same spot) I'll keep my eyes open and will upload a replay if it happens this weekend.
  12. Hummus

    NAVAL battles and again baseXP. wargaming.. do it

    10k games ........ doesn't know how expi - base expi works. Wow .... just wow.
  13. Hummus

    How does Skill effects WR?

    Using your own stats as "proof"is a bit counter productive ..... Fist off, you are a single player, and for statistics a single example has absolutely no value. Second, you can't look at your own data objectively... these are your own stats and games, and by definition you have feelings about it. Feelings and statistics do not mix. I'm fairly certain my 56% WR solo is not due to RNG or luck. (I should had very few platoon games, since I mostly solo) It is due to an over representation of Kamikaze games (66% WR in that baby ..... not sealclubbing at all ) ..... but i feel that is balanced by my games in the Atlanta (which is on average a weak ship, with low expected WR) I have had to do quite a bit of hard work and carries to get that WR up. If it was all due to RNG, everybody should move towards 50% WR and outliers like 58% should not be possible. Unless you feel some people get special treatment from the MM and WG .... but that is a whole different tin foil hat discussion.
  14. Hummus

    Has anybody else had shells falling short?

    Nah, there's definitely a bug where you can get your entire salvo falling way short. I dd quite a bit of close range fighting with the Atlanta and DD's and whenever the bug happens the entire salvo fall short of the target, by a bit. At these ranges the dispersion itself is tiny... so it's clear the auto-aim function decided to "help" by setting the guns waay to low. As said, I mostly have this happen with the first salvo after just acquiring a target. Although now that it's mentioned. I have had troubles with getting hits on stationary targets as well.
  15. Hummus

    How does Skill effects WR?

    Well of course skil effects win rate. Easiest way to see this; ..... go looks at your different boats. My 'skill' BB's is horrible ... and my WR in them matches that. (bit of a low sample size though) The boats I feel most comfortable with and most skillfull in, are the boats with the highest WR. Even my Atlanta has a WR of 58% which is quite a bit higher than both my own average and the global Atlanta average. Because I love that silly little floating citadel :) If it would be all luck and random, I wouldn't have a 60% WR in the Kamikaze, and a horrible 45% WR in any new T9 or T10 I get. (seriously ... for some reason, my first 50-100 games in a new T9 or T10 is always between 45% and 48% WR .... )