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  1. Hummus

    Memorial for Smolensk

    Why is everybody going "I lost a range buffing skill! I MUST now slot the range mod!" ? How is 16 Km plus a smokescreen not good enough? The loss of firestarting I can understand people being (somewhat) salty about. But contrary to popular belief... you can actually shoot other targets than BBs and just do DMG with the shell dmg instead of just with fires. And it's not liek the Smolly was the pinacle of balans :)
  2. Hummus

    Memorial for Smolensk

    Yhea but the range was silly anyway, and we're getting 10% extra dmg on the HE shells ... so I don't think it'll be the end.
  3. Hummus

    Memorial for Smolensk

    What did they change?
  4. Hummus

    Help with silver credits

    Well, he can grind as many lines as he wants ...... just not quickly If you are in a rush: spend some money, get the correct flags and focus on one line... and find out how unprepared you are for tier 10 when you get there. If you plan on having fun in the game ... grind several lines, find out which boats fit you best. At tier 8 and 9 you'll have to play a lot more games for the expi anyway. But the cost for tier 9 and 10 boats is harsh. So don't plan on getting everything to tier 10 at the same time. Getting yourself 4 tier 8's is perfectly doable .... yes you'll starve for credits, but not by that much. Play a lot of Tier 7 and tier 8 to get the hang of things before committing too hard to a tier 10 grind (let alone 6 tier 10 grinds)
  5. Hummus

    Help with silver credits

    A Captain is trained for 1 ship. You can put him on a premium ship without retraining. So put him on the Cossack and he works fine but is still trained for the Jervis. So you can use him on both the Jervis and Cossack no problem. But what if you want to move him up to the Lightning? What you do is buy the lightning, move the Captain. Hit the retrain button (spend the credits) and he will be at half skill level and needs to get experience ..... BUT you can get that experience while playing in the Cossack. My Kamikaze captain is actually trained for the Shimikaze, so I us him on all shimikaze games and on all kamikaze games without retraining. Because the kamikaze is a premium. You always want a premium ship that uses the same captain setup as a few of your favorite ships in that Nation so you can use 1 captain for both the premium boat and the silver boat. (And you can use the premium boat to train the captain up after moving ship specialisation again if he moves up a tier)
  6. Hummus

    Help with silver credits

    The wallet option: - Buy premium time. (1 month is the one I used a couple of times. You can get good amount of credits in 1 month) - Get yourself a good premium ship to print credits. Play that a lot. (Cossack is great, you probably just need to get a little bit better.) The non-wallet options: - Slow down and Get good. The better you do, the more credits you earn. So don't rush the tiers and try all tree's. Focus on a few ships and tree's and get those captain some levels. Play ships that are fully upgraded and have the correct modules and a good captain to grind those credits. If you like a particular ship. Do not sell it. Let it keep the captain and use that ship as a fun way to keep the credits coming in. - Sell what you don't use. Old modules, old torpedo's ... can all be sold. Keep the ships you like, but sell the ones you didnt and don't plan on playing again. There is a lot of credits in that. - Use consumables smartly. Those flags that reduce repair costs ? ... You keep those for Tier 9 and Tier 10 ships (or tiers 8-10 when you've grinded enough of them) Use the extra credit earning flags on the ships you do well on, the ones with good captains and modules. - Play the missions, daily mission, and campains. In the campains you can repeat a mission by selecting it again (you won't get the reward again, but you will get the star(s) so you can get to the next part) The operations have some good rewards as well for the stars, so keep an eye on them and if you have a good ship for it try to get a 5 start game in each one (this will give you handy 10 point captains you can use on your new ships) Collect coal and buy some more 10 point captains (Dasha for example). Good captains can make a world of difference on ships, especially DDs. And keep in mind that it is not a race. You'll struggle at credits at first. But after a while you'll be swimming in them. If you play several lines at the same time the phase of buying the Tier 10 boats can be silly expensive! (as in .... months of grinding to buy yourself all 3 tier 10 boats if you grinded 3 trees at the same time) My most played boats are both low tier premiums (Kamikaze and Atlanta) Originally because they where my credit machines ... but now also because I like them best. They both have a dedicated captain of 18 and 19 skillpoints respectively.....
  7. Hummus

    What if this is all just an experiment?

    No. You can NOT look into this smoke screen! Yes I know you'r ship has radar ... but you used that a minute ago. So you can't see that enemy DD in this new smokescreen here! You can't shoot at it until 5 seconds after your teammate yells "I am using surveillance radar!" Expect that shimikaze to have at least 60 torpedo's on board. And it is going to be one disapointed AI when it activates it's repair party on a burning Conquerer and there is no new ship being printed out of thin air
  8. If you win the game in 5 mins instead of 20. And you get half of the expi of a normal win ..... You are still getting more expi per minute than during a normal fight. If you loose the game in 5 mins; git gut (I know, sometimes you just get the short end and can't do much about it ... just suck those up. At least it is over fast ...)
  9. Hummus

    What if this is all just an experiment?

    In that case the future AI will be scared shitless of the capabilities of Russian made war machines. And it will expect the average human to be dumb as door nails .... AI protocols: - Overwhelming numbers of Human opponents (lemming trains) can and will be stopped by a token force of resistance. - The biggest concentrations of enemies will be found behind island / rocks, or in the corners of the maps. Regardless of the actual battlefield situation or tactical objectives. - School hollidays have a huge impact in combat capabilities of Humans. - So do weekends. - Ramming is a viable and much used battlefield tactic. - Expect a decent percentage of Humans to go AFK either at the start of halfway into an engagement. Yhea .... I'm not going to be too scared of any AI that uses these two games as it's learning experience
  10. Hummus

    proposal for a new player stat: average position in team

    Nah his post just doesn't make sense :) You can't have people have a win rate that does not match their skill level...... (ignore the 'two few battles to give a good figure' situation) How do you gauge skill level, if not by win rate? Because all the other metrics can be padded and played for much easier .... if you play to increase your win rate you are doing skill full playing. I was about to go say how we don't need this proposed metric and how win rate is everything. But then I realised that this metric does let you spot one type of players : people who get carried by their friends. When you division a lot of players who are better than you, you end up with an inflated win rate, and this metric would show that a bit. But I don't think there are so many people who get carried hard by their mates that introducing this metric is needed. You can look at solo win rate on most stat sites anyway.
  11. Hummus

    Why are secondary builds fun

    As an Atlanta player I can only say: "more pew pew = more fun!" Secondary spec is the only manly way to play battleships!
  12. Hummus

    Continous chat bans

    I like how he goes all caps in the ticket asking why he got chat banned :) Just stay calm and friendly and you won't get chat bans ... or vent and yell in chat and accept the occasional ban. It's not the end of the world either.
  13. Hummus

    Does WOWS make a profit?

    Just ask yourself .. how many Tirpitses do you see in game? Those are € 80,- each .... and for each one you see you can expect 50-100 that are just harbor fillings. That's a LOT of money on just 1 (although possibly one of the best) premium ship. Now look at how many premium ships there are...... They have the time and money to make a dockyard event with pretty visuals and everything! Yhea WG is pretty much rolling in cash as the moment. I consider myself a free to play player. I don't run premium and almost never put actual money into the game ( I don't need to.. you get so much free stuff nowadays that I can play as much Tier 1 games, with all the flags and camo's as I like and still not dent the stockpiles I have) But every year I have a drunk night where I convince myself that I REALLY need that shiny new boat, and dump some cash into the game ..... So when even their 'free to play' players put in € 50,- to € 100,- every year .... just think about the silly amounts of cash they get from guys who don't mind paying for a cool game.
  14. Expi gets awarded based on certain criteria (like damage) Some ships have a lower DPM or lower damage done potential because of low range or crappy dispersion or penetration power etc. These might not be bad ships per se (but some most likely are) but to keep their expi earnings at a reasonable level there's the hidden modifier. To prevent a meta that says "you play these 8 ships, or else you are punishing yourself" The Atlanta is a nice example: Insanely high DPM But low range, low penetration (needs IFHE), low HP and silly large citadel. This means that on average the Atlanta gets deleted quite often and has low damage impact on the game (you often hunt DD's in it so the impact it does have is not always from big damage numbers) But if you can work around this and get to pew pew from behind a safe island you can get silly large expi numbers in it due to the modifier. I just miss the time when it was capable of shooting down air-planes.
  15. I think this is because of the way the matchmaker works. Please keep in mind that most of what follows is speculation and me trying to remember stuff I read in patchnotes over the last 3 years and such. What the matchmaker does is look at the ship that's been in the que the longest and it creates a game with that ship. Then it starts adding ships to that list to see if it can get a game going that follows all the Matchmaker rules that are set. (so balanced amount of BB's cruiser and DD's. Preferring to keep T8's together etc etc) Because of the two CV's most of your que is probably already allocated to a game that wants to start but needs another CV. (assuming a T8 and a T10 CV that have been in the que the longest) So yes. If the que ignores some players it could very easily get at least 1 game going straight away. But instead it keeps you waiting for a bit trying to get the game going for the poor guy that has been in the que the longest. In other words: it's a que ... you need to wait your turn :) If you are in que longer then X amount of time, the MM will start cutting corners. And after Y amount of time even more corners. Up to a certain time limit where it just starts a game with whatever is has available. This causes some America server games to be 7 vs 8 if you play in the middle of the night. Edit: also there are too many BB's in que right now. You can only have 5 BB's per team per game (unless the wait becomes really long) so max 20 BBs can be included in the two games it want to make. Meaning the effective que is only 46 ships since the last two BBs get ignored for MM purposes at this point.