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  1. piper_mxm

    Cannons not able to shot and aim

    I just had a nasty bug, for some reason my cannons wasn't able to fire or aim. And I couldn't target anyone. Seemed like my cannons didn't line up. When I looked at something while zoomed out the direction of what I looked at would change when I tried to zoom in. I had a green "circle" indicating cannons were ready to fire but nothing happened when I tried to fire. And cannons wouldn't aim in the direction I pointed in. I asked if the enemies would pls not kill me so I could figure out more details but of course they didn't listen However I had another guy telling me he had seen the same issue as well last week. I was playing in my Cleveland
  2. Well just to clarify this was just a place holder for the finding. I know that there are probably more important content than this right now, but in the end this fix would just add to the nice game exp. As would the whirlpool from the propellers when u speed up the engine. I am not complaining just mentioning things as I come across them, I guess that is the purpose of beta testing or...? BTW is there a special place where these observations should be posted (sry for my lag of knowledge about this)
  3. Hi Just a minior detail. The propeller on the ships are always spinning also when ship is brought to a complete stop. Br Stig
  4. piper_mxm

    Torpedo loading icon

    Maybe but now u don't have to press alt key to see them ;) Now they are always visible when torps are chosen.
  5. piper_mxm

    Torpedo loading icon

    Thx for all the replies. It seems like WG to time to look into the problem I now see seperate loading bars over the torpedo icon
  6. piper_mxm

    Torpedo loading icon

    Hi I am bran new to this game, so sorry if the question has been raised before. Tried to search for it but didn't find anything. I have been playing the carriers for a little while and I have noticed some undesired behavior with the torpedo icon on the bottom of the screen. The Icon will show the reload time for the torpedoes, but for the carriers, I have played the torpedoes are linked to each side of the ship. Meaning if I fire the torpedoes on the right side of the ship I have to reload new torpedoes, but because the torpedoes on the left side are still loaded my torpedo icon will show that the torpedoes are loaded and ready to be deployed, though the right side torpedoes are still reloading. This mean I am not able to see easily when right side torps are ready to be launched again. A feature I would like to see implemented was 2 separate torpedo loading icons, one for each side (just like for the cannons). Thx for a great game btw