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  1. That ntc sounds like an horrible idea from some devs who have given up finding solution and only see what they want to see. Those buff are damn crazy. For me with a decent number of TX you wont convince me to start AGAIN a line of ship i have already grinded. Same thing > boring > nope. But in addition to that when i will see same ships than mine with dumb buff i'll drop the game. What is the point ? I won't like to play unfair match against wallet warriors or crazy no lifer anyway. Doesn't sounds fun at all > nope > quit game. If you want a customisation system and still a buff you can implement some B-project hulls that offer a different experience but at a cost. "you ll be able to drop a turret for the shima and add an other 5 torpedo tube instead". Okay. Seems really strong but at least it's a trade and the ship lost gun power. "you ll be able to drop some secondaries on your BB and take torpedo tube" or "your secondaries gain 25% max range but cant fire on target that are under 75% of the max secondarie range". Those are really strong buff but at least it cost something. Plain buffs are moronic at best...