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  1. illy

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    can't finish a game.....i'll come back when they've stoked the boiler a little
  2. illy

    Jean Bart - unacceptable game spoiler

    is that the same Jean Bart whose citadel i squished in my Mushi today doing over 50k in one salvo as it came at me bow on?
  3. illy

    Is there anyone that likes this patch?

    i have no doubt that gameplay will be tweaked as they get more info how the patch is performing, only the 2nd day in and at tier 9 and 10 i saw CVs in only a couple of games, lower tiers seems the same as before but i have no doubts how people are playing will change, the game is different than before it's time to change
  4. illy

    To the person who approved the CV changes...

    things had settled down a bit this morning, playing the Musashi there were some games without CVs and more DDs around....seemed pretty normal, lower tiers are a CV festival though
  5. illy

    Call for boycott of the new CV gamplay.

    hell no...i can go out in my Musashi with 1 CV and ! DD on the opposite team, good times and going to have fun whilst it lasts...in fact with a zero AA build i even shot down 7 planes in it....it just gets better and better
  6. illy


    good and bad days...today was very bad...gave up after 6 games and punched myself in the face instead as it was more pleasurable
  7. illy

    From Reddit: Humble Bundle package?

    winner winner chicken dinner!
  8. illy

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    well i am using the same mods but through Aslain, choosing a different reticle seemed to be the biggest problem for myself, just to be sure we really appreciate the work that goes into the mods very much
  9. illy

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    yes, i had it happen all the time, removed the mods it worked fine, i then reinstalled them and the first few games were fine and then it happened again....i reinstalled the sam,e mods via aslian's mod pack and never had an issue, shame as the mod pack is more convenient imo
  10. illy

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    picked it up today, after 7 battles i like it so far, guns are better than expected and 6 citadels in the first game with her, After the bayern it feels accurate and handles like a cruiser.....i can't tell you how much i hated the Bayern
  11. illy

    Zero Damage Pens... how?

    had it happen a few times today, 0 dmg penetration ribbon would be great
  12. illy

    Unlucky or do i just suck at Tier X?

    well thanks all for the constructive criticism, i've gone back a few tiers to get my mind and gameplay more in order as to improve my own performance, i think my real issue is inconsistency....that i will work on massively and try to minimize those dreadful performances.
  13. illy

    Unlucky or do i just suck at Tier X?

    it was a DD kill that came from using radar, if there is nothing else to hit or nothing i can reliably hit setting a BB on fire and getting them to use their repair is a good option, it also needs the rest of the team to do their part as well, if everything sits so fat=r back that enemy BBs can just cruise through the caps and take real estate a Worcester isn't going to stop them,i can play kiss kiss chase chase with it but at the end of the day you just get focused as you end up in a worse position....and those sitting at back cannot reliably hit
  14. illy

    Unlucky or do i just suck at Tier X?

    i fully understand that, but this is a screenshot of my last game and has been fairly typical of at least today if not the last few days, i am trying to improve so that i can be an asset not just a hindrance to the team