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  1. illy

    server interruptions, 19h

    just making sure you need to pay good hard cash to get that Puerto rico more like
  2. illy

    If you take forever to load in to a game...

    i was having long load in problems, got a SSD for £26 and now i am one of the first, i like simple solutions
  3. illy

    Get forward !

    we all have bad games, but sometimes it seems unavoidable that you can only do so much because of of what your team is doing.......bloody CVs for you that is
  4. illy

    Get forward !

    well if i ask the BBs why they are hiding behind islands doing nothing whilst i am getting focused i lose karma quicker....two 0 PR games today due to that exact playstyle
  5. illy

    Get forward !

    and i thought i had some teams that wouldn't move.....i believe in this situation it's de rigueur to blame the CVs
  6. illy

    And I Sigh

    yesterday bad...today good....tomorrow?....who knows
  7. illy

    Armoury coupons expiring

    Smolensk looks a bit boring to be honest
  8. illy

    Armoury coupons expiring

    Thunderer on Thursday then with jingles as the Captain
  9. thing is...it is just a game, i never thought i'd move on from Tribes...Tribes 2...Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield, Planetside, Battlefield, Battlefield 2 and most importantly...World of Tanks...enjoy for what it is and when you no longer have fun find something else
  10. illy

    BB’s. JUST. DO. YOUR. JOB.

    had a frustrating cruiser day today with the BBs, absolutely no commitment, got absolutely slaughtered in my Buffalo when the so called support turned and ran, why did they run? the enemy had an extra cruiser on that side.....run away
  11. illy

    Double CVs at tier 8 is a nightmare.

    i had a 9 vs 9 Tier 8 battle today with 2cvs per team....yeah that MM is certainly fuxed....i mean fixed....oh and spreadsheet said we all had fun
  12. on a plus note a similar scenario again today but turned in and missed all the torps, this topic instantly came to mind when it happened
  13. did it today again, sailing around an island to delete a DD knowing full well there are torps coming, spot the torps and then decide to turn away from them instead into them, yeah i took each and every torp because of that....why oh why
  14. illy

    Fix the Amalfi pls

    definitely needs a buff if you ask me, i dev striked a Des Moine in her today....i wish i could have heard his reaction to that
  15. illy

    Fix the Amalfi pls

    Tier X battle is a worse case scenario, surely any battle depends on how your team plays, moves and spots, had a lot of camping BBs today and those battles would have probably ended the same way regardless of the ship i was in, i like the way they play and i can understand how many will not like them or want to play them, i totally get that but it's nice to have the choice with something that has a different flavour