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  1. illy

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    not tried playing a sub yet but after playing ina sub game i thought it unfun and unengaging....it was a boring boring game
  2. half decent game in the Mikoyan...a miss aimed volley from a Kraken....that'll teach me
  3. killing a submarine on my first attempt.....
  4. illy

    Would you charge in when enemy dds inside cap?

    just charge in and don't worry your team will back you up.......... i would be careful doing it if the DD hasn't launched torps within the last 30 or 40 seconds, you're setting yourself to be dev striked
  5. illy

    European DD's

    got to keep those torps going and build that damage up, they are very useful in stopping a team pushing and great for torping smoked up DDs, i love playing them, got the Oland today but it was a bit meh due to the teams and low skill captain with it
  6. fun days play in the Skane, it's my current favourite ship by far
  7. illy

    EU Destroyers getting tyred of them

    totally wrong, the best way to avoid my Skane torps is to sail is to straight predictable path....and that is is the honest truth...scout's honour....grave of my dead mother...honest
  8. finally got my 10pt captain for the Skane, some favourable MM made for a very fun game
  9. illy

    EU Destroyers getting tyred of them

    i hate to say it but my aim can be so bad those torps have a habit of hitting a ship you weren't aiming for, same effect though
  10. illy

    EU Destroyers getting tyred of them

    it is i agree, but, staying alive and keeping that damage going is the key, nothing better than a dd smoking up in a panic and torping the crap out of it, those fast frequent torps can be a great deterrent against teams thinking of pushing
  11. illy

    EU Destroyers getting tyred of them

    never knew there were European Union DDs in the game, i do like those Pan European DDs though, those fast torps do smack into BBs in a rather pleasing manner
  12. lots of fun and torp hits in the Skane, be even more fun when i finally get a 10pt Captain
  13. my first kraken in the Visby, makes up for the otherwise crappy day of play
  14. if you have a poorly performing team and get steamrolled in 5 minutes what then? Had a fun day of cruisers avoiding the fight until the game is almost done, getting a couple of kills on virtually dead ships getting some ok XP but still a loss, what then?
  15. illy

    Cursed Ships and Cursed Days

    i get the same dispersion, just can't get any consistency out of it at all, stopped playing it as it's not any fun to do so