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  1. Kryostorm

    stutters, fps drops since new patch

    I'm sure we will get a patch very soon as more people verify this works but until then this seems to fix it
  2. Kryostorm

    stutters, fps drops since new patch

    Nice find, this has completely fixed it for me too!!! Cheers
  3. Kryostorm

    No sirens for the Stukas?

    They used to sound good when we had them in 2018 (starts at 1:02)
  4. Kryostorm

    CV's: not fun

    Was in a match with a tester that was playing Manfred von Richthofen last week and he took well over 50% of my Zao health in the first rocket pass, lesson learned don't broadside German planes
  5. Kryostorm

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    May not be relevant but there was an unclear message in the instructions about login out then in again, wasn't sure exactly what it referred to but when I first linked my Amazon I didn't get anything in game after 30 minutes so logged out of the web portal for wargaming then next time I loaded the game the purple chick with the mans voice was waiting in port
  6. Kryostorm

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    Took about 5 minutes after claim to arrive, shame Duplicates are allowed as have a second Azuma now to add to the tons of other Japanese female captains sitting idle :/
  7. Kryostorm

    Armada: Z-35

    This review sums it up nicely, it looks pretty good if you play it as an HE spammer and not a torp boat
  8. One reason there may be a few extra at the moment is the weekly Directives have CV tasks
  9. Kryostorm


    Are you playing in divisions when this happens ? saw someone mention that somewhere else, personally I have never had the loading bug (I rarely division) only occasional in battle crashes
  10. Kryostorm

    AA builds worth it anymore

    If they increased the visual flak clouds (to the level seen in documentaries) even if they don't do much damage to planes it makes it very difficult to line up a rocket attack if your screen is full of flak
  11. Kryostorm

    AA builds worth it anymore

    Only reason I had slot 3 AA modules was for the extra 2 flak clouds, not really for the extra damage as they can be dodged but because occasionally if you put up enough it could be enough to block the view of the planes at the last second on a rocket run, now they are pointless
  12. Kryostorm

    ARP Ships on 31st January ?

    Haven't heard that one yet, I currently have Thea Kreutzer, Hood, Azumer, Haruna and Hiei which all seem reasonably calm but all the captains are available under audio settings so may have to try out the rest to compare
  13. Kryostorm

    Poll: Royal (token) Bundle drop chance

    bah, finished directive 4, used all the tokens and one pops up, hopefully there will still be some in the daily's :/
  14. Kryostorm

    ARP Ships on 31st January ?

    Just like when everyone got a free Murmansk on NA
  15. Kryostorm

    ARP Ships on 31st January ?

    I think they said the other 5 (?) which includes the other Myoko's and Atago's will only be available from the store, as they were a lot harder to obtain originally so Nachi should be there