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  1. Kryostorm

    [TF57] Task Force 57 - casual/no commitment clan

    Hi, plenty of spaces left :) I can see your applications in the clan list but there's a cooldown after leaving another clan before it will let you join another one, it used to be 3 days but I'll keep checking as it says you should be recruitable an hour ago but the accept button is still greyed out, when did you all leave your clan ? a soon as its unlocked I'll add you! Cheers
  2. Kryostorm

    [TF57] Task Force 57 - casual/no commitment clan

    Certainly, I'll send an in game invite...
  3. Kryostorm

    [TF57] Task Force 57 - casual/no commitment clan

    I sent you an in game invite, after you have collected a few daily crates it should unlock the discounts :)
  4. Kryostorm

    [TF57] Task Force 57 - casual/no commitment clan

    Hi, we only have a few active members and probably won't have enough people for this season but maybe next year Cheers
  5. Kryostorm

    [TF57] Task Force 57 - casual/no commitment clan

    16 spaces available
  6. A casual clan for anyone that likes to solo or wants a team for operations and just wants the benefits of clan discounts without any commitment, no win rate required. Current Bonuses....
  7. Kryostorm

    Losing streak

    I'm only an average player (mostly play Tier 6/7) but I've had a 2 week losing streak even though I'm usually in the top 5 so hopefully it evens out :soon : -)
  8. Kryostorm


    I had 2 in a row yesterday and haven't had one since last summer so certainly felt like something had changed
  9. Kryostorm

    [TF57] Task Force 57

    Task Force 57 A casual clan for anyone that likes to solo and just wants the benefits of clan discounts, no commitment or win rate required.
  10. Kryostorm

    Tanky crusier with good AA

    Could always buy the Graf Spee, high hit points for a cruiser with heal and decent ranged torps, similar guns to Scharnhorst, with AA module and captain skills the AA isn't too bad, so long as you don't reveal your broadside it can take and give out quite a bit of punishment
  11. Kryostorm

    Warspite Back in the shop

    Prefer the secondary mods on Warspite, some of the best secondaries in the game up to Tier VI, up to 7.5k range, I've set on fire and finished off quite a few DD's that were still well out of torpedo range with her
  12. Kryostorm

    Lack of carriers?

    If Saipan comes with a heavy AS setup it will certainly stop me ever choosing a strike package on Ryujo again considering how many there may be
  13. Kryostorm

    thoughts on the ARP ships.

    Focusing on AA (currently at 43 with module and tier 1 skill) I have got 39 air kills in 18 matches on Haruna so seems to work quite well but am still wondering whether to switch to focus on secondaries instead, although its secondaries are not as effective as some ships (like Warspite) against low tier DD's its good peace of mind when you hear the guns going off against one that sneaked up on you and it could save you especially if it knocks out its torpedo's, engine etc or finishes off one with a low health. Choosing Secondaries you effectively have on a broadside 7 AP and 2 HE at 4km stock, 4.8k with secondary battery modification 2, 5.76k with Advanced Firing Training and 5% more with the Mike Yankee close quarters flag (which I earned over 100 with on Warspite) taking it to 6.05k which will certainly alert you to most Russian and US DD's sneaking up on you as well as panicking them. But then again there are more CV's around Tier V so a tough choice.
  14. Kryostorm

    Lack of carriers?

    Lots of ripe picking novice players ready to be seal clubbed till they L2P methinks
  15. Kryostorm

    Lack of carriers?

    I guess one way could be if they treated enemy cv's (the same as a friendly fire AFAIK) whereby strikes from aircraft do half damage just to CV's, would take multiple strikes then making it a higher risk move, probably only for tier VII up as tiers below that are not so easy in one strike.