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  1. Kryostorm

    Russian Twitch Stream

    Was just watching and something seemed familiar
  2. Kryostorm

    Premium Shop Price Decreases

    The 3 year anniversary was September 14th last year so I'm assuming there will be some kind of discounts this coming weekend, hopefully this isn't it ?
  3. I agree, information relating to anything that is likely to be a 1 time only offer should be made clear on the news item, would be useful if the emailed newsletter could include all news items too to save people having to check the website every day
  4. There are loads of one off permanents like Halloween/Space each year (plus Arctic/Russian/French ) that tend never to appear again and they become collectibles I suspect Black Friday will be the same with different ships this year
  5. Kryostorm

    Combat Missions in Update 0.8.7

    Ideally some day a ranked Tier III-IV season for players that have played more than 300 battles (to prevent too much seal clubbing), no CV's though ;-)
  6. Kryostorm

    Double CV games

    I only have Arkansas B to play in low tier which I still enjoy playing and TBH most ships T3-4 have such weak AA all they do is put up a firework display but for peace of mind if there are CV's always try and stick close to a friendly ship with AA especially a US BB just not an Arkansas B :)
  7. Kryostorm

    0.8.7 AA Changes – Credits Compensation

    Sounds about right, also if you have received the credit, purchase a replacement for 500k and sell the old one for 250k you are not out of pocket and a very fair way of doing it. <edit> For those that sold them and replaced them when the module sale was on you made 125k profit from the credit
  8. Kryostorm

    0.8.7 AA Changes – Credits Compensation

    When this happened there was a 50% module sale so it was only 125k each until last Friday I replaced 6 of them at that price but seeing as the replacement was only 250k in the sale it only really cost 125k for the replacement at the time so I'm not that fussed <edit> just logged in and received 1.5 million which I assume was compensation which matches the 6 I replaced :-)
  9. Please also consider others in the future, here's a couple of screenshots from the excellent colour documentary The Fighting Lady showing some of the brighter US camouflages used in the Pacific...
  10. Kryostorm

    AA Defense Changes

    <Edit> Quite a big change on the Benson C Hull going from B I think that works out as a gain of 18 Continuous damage per sec (from max range) and 70 extra damage in an explosion in exchange for a main gun :-o Explosion / Continuous damage Long Range Benson B 1400 - 77 Benson C 1470 - 67 Hsienyang 1470 - 63 Loyang 1470 - 63 Mid Range Benson B - 0 - 0 Benson C 0 - 49 Hsienyang 0 - 70 Loyang 0 - 49 Short Range Benson B 0 - 60 Benson C 0 - 39 Hsienyang 0 - 56 Loyang 0 - 39
  11. Kryostorm

    AA Defense Changes

    Yeah I had forgotten about that, will sell them when the discount ends on the 30th and replace some of them with armory smoke mods for a bit of coal instead which fits in slot 3
  12. Kryostorm

    NEW AA

    the Tier IV cv's have been improved quite a bit and play well +/-1, especially having 2 torpedo's per salvo makes them very viable now
  13. Kryostorm

    NEW AA

    The Smoke Generator mod for coal in the armoury fits in slot 3 so I think I'll just sell them all as a loss and spend some coal instead :)
  14. Kryostorm

    NEW AA

    Fair point, have to wait until the 30th though as the current discount makes them only worth 125k each then will cost 500k each to replace after the 30th, I have 6 affected DD's with the useless mod, its tooltip still says for mid and long range so looks like they overlooked that in the update
  15. Kryostorm

    Update 0.8.7: French Destroyers – Part 2

    6 of my dd's have that mod = 150 doubloons to remove then can only sell for 125k until the 30th now, the mod is still available to buy for dd's that can't use it so people will still get caught in that trap, I wonder if raising a ticket with support would get a doubloon refund