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  1. Best wins and losses of the weekend; The Bourgogne match ended in a 1v1 versus the enemy Yama who was in much better shape than me after a very hard fought comeback from a losing position (I had literally used every consumable by this point). Base xp of 2.1k not bad on a loss though. The Georgia match was a bit of a procession where I lead my flank literally round the whole map clockwise through all four caps - ended game not far from where I had spawned to start with. Some really nice games over the last few days anyway. o7 to any forum people I met.
  2. Dont often come to this den of iniquity but some nice games tonite with and sometimes vs @Ze_Reckless, @Excavatus and @El2aZeR. Apologies for your teams etc. Nice games.
  3. Lost the match but was told by enemy cv (in German) that he would be reporting me with screenshots. Asked him to upload the replay so I could enjoy the match again. Work in progress disclaimer. Edit: Was gg - wp any who were there :)
  4. Muppeteer

    Pan Euro DDs - Visby WTH?

    They really were a bit too strong in test, but havent played the "final" version of Visby et al yet. I assume that they will still be agile and pretty tough, with accurate guns and fast reloading torps. I tended to use the torp acceleration perk as you dont really need the extra range. Below was a pretty good game from a late version of Visby, but 100k dmg games werent unusual. Will go and have a look at how it performs now.
  5. Muppeteer

    DPM difference between Fiji and Edinburgh

    Fiji cant radar. Radar Edin is the best ship in the game (only my opinion).
  6. Obligatory weekend Bismarck carry. 2889 base xp in a tier 10 match (fairly even amounts of 8-9-10 to be fair). Also o7 to @El2aZeR in a different match - sorry about your melty team. Nice kraken though. Edit: Later actually on same team and a nice 1-2 with Shok and Bourgogne, and later still Lex vs Shok which didnt go so well for me. Call it a draw @El2aZeR?
  7. Muppeteer

    Test Changes to Pan EU DD's

    Agree - and was a gr8 kami counter due to the amazing guns. WASD and heal while killing them,
  8. Muppeteer

    Best ships for ranked?

    Played radar Mino once and it was hilarious. There is no better counter to Smolensk.
  9. Muppeteer

    Test Changes to Pan EU DD's

    Just curious how many have played them? The nerfs were sadly needed on a few of them. Visby for example used to have 5.5km stealth and could murder good kami players without much effort. The changes I assume were based on how they performed in test so far? Work in progress disclaimer.
  10. And a really nice game vs @BLUB__BLUB. Sorry to kill u just after I said hi in match. To quote you "wp, but your [edited]is grass now". Alive at end ;)
  11. I'm not here that often so missed this. o7 @Estaca_de_Bares I seem to remember u doing a good job - always a pleasure to see u, tho preferably on my team :)
  12. Bismarck once again reminding me why its one of my favourites in the game. Yes I was top tier, but some carrying was required :)
  13. Muppeteer

    Merry Christmas One and All

    I'm terrible at noticing forum people, but have met an awful lot of you in battle over the course of the year, many of whom were anything but awful :) Best wishes to all - hope you all had/are having a wonderful day! Happy Christmas and New Year! o7
  14. A @MortenTardo sandwich in top 3 of a nice win (my div mate was in front and I took up the rear). Compliments exchanged. o7 Edit: Minds out of gutter please before you go there. Shame on you.
  15. Muppeteer

    The Puerto Rico Dumpster Fire...

    Have no intention of doing the grind but have managed to farm 5k free xp and 100 signals so far from just setting it in motion and using tokens from things I was doing anyway.