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  1. Muppeteer

    is Aquila worth it?

    Not quite sure why people assume Aquila isnt useful against DDs. From experience of playing it a lot in test its not like striking a DD with German AP rockets which obviously dont do a lot - the sheer volume of rockets it puts out coupled with very quick prep/aiming time mean that you will likely hit if you have half a clue what you are doing and the damage is actually pretty good (although no fires ofc). The torps as mentioned above are slow but hit hard and their slowness plus decent range means you can quite easily crossdrop targets. It wont be for everyone but im not sure it deserves the tag of "worst T8" especially from people havent played it.
  2. Muppeteer

    Do you have a warships goal/fetish?

    I confess to having far too much fun in secondary specced Giuseppe Verde - its hilarious being able to smoke cap in a BB (situationally ofc) while spraying SAP secondary fire around. I do tend to enjoy the "path less travelled" I suppose since I also enjoy a lot of ships/lines that are considered bad which is maybe my masochistic tendencies manifesting themselves :)
  3. Respect as always @Estaca_de_Bares especially since you were playing radar Edin (the only way to play Edinburgh imho ;) Game was over too fast sadly but nice win for us :) You always seem to see me when im in Duncan (insert your own joke here). See you next time.
  4. Muppeteer

    San Diego nerfs - discussion on the NA forum

    I assume its out of NDA now and I could indeed tell you some tales of why it needed balancing, and btw does it really count as a "nerf" when the ship is still in development? I'll return when its actually live anyway just to be careful.
  5. I noticed you late in the game and not sure I even got to shoot you (we had just managed to win A but you had South tied up having got BC at about same time) and I confess - I charged into B a little too aggressively. We took some of you down with us at least and I think only three of my team managed over 1k xp with most in the low 100s. Some of us gave you a fight at least :) Well played cu next time.
  6. Muppeteer


    Yeah completely agree and to be honest I wasnt contemplating trying this anyway. Thing is this guy openly bragging in chat about playing both ships at the same time is advertising he is breaking game rules (I assume) and is actively reducing his teams chances to win. And does he do this sort of thing in other ways such as sync dropping in two CVs so that he doesnt have an opponent CV? Its not unheard of for some CVs to just yolo at the enemy at the start which he could freely do with his second "burner" account. Once again I would be interested to hear the official line on this and whether its worth sending a replay to support of him admitting his crimes.
  7. Muppeteer


    As title, is this actually allowed under the EULA? I kind of assumed not - although maybe hard to identify unless the person brags about doing it I suppose (see below). I only ask because I was in a game last night where we had a Graf Zep/Blys division and from the start the Blys was playing quite oddly - sailed to the island by our CV and sat there just afk for maybe the first 4-5mins of the match. Predictably enough, the Graf eventually pushed a flag with the Blys hugging him and smoking him and they both got sunk in short order. Now, secondary Graf Z with DD smoke support divisions are funny and good luck to the people who try this sometimes, but when I asked the CV in question why division with a Blys since there are surely better options for smoke cover at T8 or even T9 he proudly informed us that he hadnt finished the grind for a better ship with his DD account (but was working on it) and he was playing on two PCs and even said he needed another table and PC so he could bring a full division. We won the game despite this but I was curious if this is something that WG should be looking at. Its potentially abusive (in this instance for the team they are on since the person in question wont be playing the DD or CV particularly well if splitting their attention between the two) and could be abused further in different ways that I wont outline here since I dont want to encourage people to do this. The fact this guy was doing it made me wonder how many others are doing it too. Anyway just curious what the official line is on this - I saved the replay so can send that to support if relevant.
  8. Yeah was hard work since I was only one trying to defend our flag from you lot. Game was lost 5 minutes earlier without me I guess, so fair enough. Made one small error at end but gave team enough time to cap your flag but sadly they got themselves sunk trying this :) gg
  9. Muppeteer

    Anyone else getting weird disconnects today?

    I didnt note the time but I had a DC earlier (wasnt my end - internet up and running) around mid afternoon. There wasnt any notification of battle results after I managed to log back in so im assuming that everyone was kicked at the same time. Not ideal but at least I wasnt sat around AFK in the match I guess.
  10. Muppeteer

    Hornet: Why I despise Discord.

    @WWDragon, they really dont perform in the same way though since they are dropping double the amount of torps each time with a very short arming distance meaning its possible to get some very nasty cross-drops on DDs etc. The slow planes thing means you will generally want to be dealing with only the nearer flank and staying mobile behind your front lines, but the speed wont matter a lot when actually attacking assuming you have some speed boost left and are paying attention to angle etc. As with anything adapting to the ships weaknesses will help improve its strengths.
  11. Dont often get round to posting on here but another thread irritated me enough to get me to login, so while im here and since the ship is now released I thought I might post this - was literally in my last game in Atlantico before it left test for the final time a couple of weeks ago (so was pretty much the same as release version). Normal disclaimers anyway since was WiP at the time :) The ending was hilarious (subs should really learn to surface if they want to cap) and we turned it round from something like 3-7 down. o7 to any who were on either side :) Edit: For the record the above was something around 2.7k base xp.
  12. Muppeteer

    Hornet: Why I despise Discord.

    I find it incredible that after all the responses you have had that you still stick to the "glass cannons" thing. Its almost as if you cant accept you might be in error or that other people might be a bit more clued up than you. The planes arent fast but they are more than capable of attacking pretty much anything and often with both strikes (with the torps). The caveat to that is if you waste all your engine boost getting to the target (and its an assumption, but im guessing you rarely stop holding W) then you wont be able to get through the AA as easily when you arrive. You should probably work on things like approach angles and dodging flak judging by your performance in it as well. And yes, for the record I have played the ship WAY more than you but im sure you will continue to ignore any (more valid) opinions that dont match yours. Also, having run into you in a few matches its a bit insulting to have you question the competence of CCs/STs. We come in all shapes and sizes but pretty much all of them know the game better than you. Congrats on getting me to login to sigh and shake my head in your direction here on the forum anyway.
  13. Not ideal when both flanks retreat back to where their cv is :) Good game anyway - almost turned it around.
  14. I dont often have time to post here but met many forum ppl recently. Was almost always nice matches. o7 to the THESO guys in several games and to _V_e_n_o_m_ for some teamplay :) Also many others.
  15. Muppeteer

    Are you guys not bored of giving me chatbans?

    Completely agree with the OP, although not in the way he would hope I suspect. If people cant manage to show some emotional maturity and instead end up swearing and abusing people (in a game) when it doesnt go as they want, and they still keep doing this after numerous penalties/warnings then maybe WG should start introducing actual account bans rather than just chat bans for repeat offenders. You wouldnt be missed.