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  1. Nice game won with @Estaca_de_Bares although we pretty much won our flanks separately due to spawns.
  2. Muppeteer

    Piracy Event only on NA

    Sorry for resurrecting this (is only a few days old, the body is still warm) but I felt the thread spreading thanks and goodwill about the event on NA that we didnt get to play was worth posting to round it off. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/239442-mega-thread-thank-you-hapa_fodder-and-wg-for-pirate-event/ Seems many enjoyed it although there seemed an amusingly high amount of people complaining that the Pirates actively tried to stay alive and play well. Also since the thread has now run its course on NA they will be confused by the views due to this maybe :)
  3. Was a few days ago, but killing 70 Kaga planes (including only 6-7 fighters I think) with my radar Neptune was a recent highlight. Funny thing was our Georgia also killed 43 and the Kaga was still attacking at the end of the match
  4. Muppeteer

    Piracy Event only on NA

    Ahah when I posted this I didnt anticipate the amount of WG bashing it would provoke (although in retrospect I should have). Relative size of player base making it more of an issue on EU was also something I didnt consider, but I guess the logistics of getting and organising enough pirates (or whatever) to make the event meaningful would be a bit of a nightmare. I will go play with my Lindwurm while having a look at some American streams to see if we are really missing anything :(
  5. Muppeteer

    Piracy Event only on NA

    Hi, Sorry if someone has already posted about this (did a quick search and couldnt see anything) - NA seems to get these events from time to time but to my knowledge we have never had anything similiar on EU. Looks like a bit of a laugh. Any chance of something like this on EU at some point? https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/238625-so-you-want-to-be-a-pirate-apply-within/
  6. Hilarious CV match very late last night. Maybe a good solution to cheer up all the CV haters.
  7. Was an awesome game - I did play a bit of "touch the pink guy" on the Gneis who teamkilled at start when he overlapped me on flag after I had capped mid match. Best to let enemy get him and not retaliate :) Didnt get to watch much of what was going on elsewhere while we won our flank due to guns remaining hot for most of the game but felt the support from team. People actually setting fire to the Alaska I had flooded when I mentioned he had repped was nice. Was appreciated. Had a chat after the match with our Neustra who was our DD on the other flank who confirmed that the whole team played good (apart from our one sad lonely teamkiller of course). Good game mate. o7
  8. One of those games when it doesnt matter if you tell your team that most of enemy are one side (as they yolo one by one into them). Happens :) o7
  9. Its kind of lucky you couldnt see chat on our team - there was a whole lot of capslock rage from the first minute of the match, although I did enjoy one guy demanding we "GO TO LEGOLAND" which I felt was a nice variation on the usual "play lego", "play barbie" comments. Good job to your team anyway. On the plus side, beat @Sunleader and division in a t6 match later (top spot for him) so 1-1 vs forum people on the day :) o7
  10. GG as always. Was receiving a whole lot of rage on the night in question (mostly from enemy players who didnt appreciate my attention - was finishing CV damage mission for Hizen) so was nice to see a friendly face. Also ran into @Europizza and his div in an earlier game though only noticed afterwards due to being busy keeping most of the enemy team spotted. o7
  11. Muppeteer

    Another WG lie and another...

    Pretty sure the hybrids are a non starter after we broke them in test.
  12. Always a pleasure. And its hardcoded into the MM algo - if you are in game with me then its loss regardless of whether we on same team or otherwise. This only works for @Estaca_de_Bares. Also epic match with @Ze_Reckless and his division last night. Hope you passed on my compliments to your guy in London. Salute to all.
  13. Muppeteer


    Got round to playing a ranked game - first try. Full respect to enemy with no shaming. Was gg
  14. This game, yes you were in Lightning :) And am only talking in chat to try and help team - sometimes they listen. gg