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  1. Muppeteer

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Nice game with @Nautical_Metaphor You seemed surprised at how good your Jervis was ;) gg
  2. Muppeteer

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Saw a whole lot of forum ppl on my way to rank 1, but highlight was being smoked by @Flambass. Edit: The smoke came way later than this. Enemy dd and Guilio died before he used it. Was gg tho. Win.
  3. Muppeteer

    More Hamsters required for the servers?

    All is slow.
  4. Muppeteer

    British missions in new update a**e about face?

    How is this forcing you to division?
  5. Muppeteer

    Massive update.

    If that's the case then fine. I guess it could be adding everything to save doing it later. Still prepared to bet that a lot of stuff I already downloaded is being overwritten with same hence more download. I like rainbows. //merging 2 posts
  6. Muppeteer

    Massive update.

    So I am having to download all the Halloween stuff again. I have it in my game files already (unless they changed it). Still downloading same stuff again.
  7. Muppeteer

    Massive update.

    This is true, but I have had to play other stuff while downloading game assets that I should already have (what a waste of energy - WG assists climate change). Some sort of compensation is in order ;) Feel free to reply with tags to people who will sort this travesty out. *Edit: Subs maybe also downloading. Suspect I get all the other stuff I already had again though.
  8. Muppeteer

    Massive update.

    Has the first Halloween mission massively changed? Lot of downloading for something I have played before.
  9. Nice Hockey playing. I have been playing the wrong game.
  10. Muppeteer

    BB, the new Camping Class ?

    88.2% of statistics are made up as Vic Reeves once said.
  11. Muppeteer

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Fingers recognises the power. I have let the cat out of the bag.
  12. Muppeteer

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Ah hell now I gone and done it. I talked about Krispy club. Enjoy t5 ranked tho. Suspect I wont be there due to above.
  13. Muppeteer

    BB, the new Camping Class ?

    Yea this. Last game, first shot at pretty much max range landed a couple of cits on random Kutu. Citting CAs is not hard. DDs really don't like being hit for 4-5k at a time either. The pushing part is more tricky since if you do it alone you will be taken apart. Even slightly overextending can bring you a world of hurt(ships), so its always a case of what is with you and what they have got. But yea, pushing is fine situationally. Try and not die is plan 1 however ;)