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  1. CloakingDonkey

    German cruisers vs other nations cruisers

    WG can't balance for crap?
  2. CloakingDonkey

    German cruisers vs other nations cruisers

    They all have torps but they all only have 6km range or less... it's going to be the update of useless crap torpedoes.
  3. CloakingDonkey

    Jingles Grem video taken down.

    hilarious spam bot thread necromancy xD
  4. CloakingDonkey

    German's ALERT

    nono you don't understand. He's german AND offended. That overwrites literally everything. Embarrassing the rest of his countrymen with reckless abandon. *sigh*
  5. CloakingDonkey

    Thank you

    USN Bomber Squadrons just have more "tries" because they have 2 more bombs to drop. it's like 1.5 IJN bomber squadrons. Just look in the video around 22min... Not a single hit and he was doing pretty much all he could... just no luck.
  6. CloakingDonkey

    Thank you

    Sure but then, on both sides you are laden with the RNG nonsense that is Dive Bombers. =/ Carriers are just a mess...
  7. CloakingDonkey

    Thank you

    That's not entirely fair. Remember that their livelihood depends on these games and by extension on wargaming. They probably can't afford to be hyper critical and it is in their interest to keep people playing these games as well. I don't make money off of this. I could switch to another game tomorrow, lose a couple hundred subs and not be off all that much worse for wear. I'm in a rather priviliged position to criticize.
  8. CloakingDonkey

    Thank you

    Yeah well , I'm no longer a beta tester for this game as it is out of beta. I'm now a customer and it's not my responsibility to tell them how to fix their stuff... If they can't figure that out by themselves, then they don't deserve my patronage anyway. I'm just telling them that their game has issues and I'm even nice enough to tell them where those issues lie. Thanks for sharing my video =)
  9. CloakingDonkey

    Most spectacular release of all times!

    pathetic. and way too early anyway.
  10. CloakingDonkey

    Destroyers - is 'smoking' it up a selfish habit?

    Again, this is because doing stuff for your team is actively punished by the game. Don't blame players for the game's shortcomings ;)
  11. CloakingDonkey

    Destroyers - is 'smoking' it up a selfish habit?

    Ok here's the simple truth to all this "why aren't you supporting us poor battleships" bullcrap: It doesn't give experience. Whether it is spending 3 minutes trying to get into position to provide smoke cover or driving alongside a battleship as a Cruiser, out of range of any enemy ships just shooting down planes. It's pointless, it's not rewarded and as such, why the balls should I waste my precious time and potential xp/credits to marginally help out my teammates? Selfish? Yes. Is this game set up to promote selfish behaviour? AAAAALL the yes. So as soon as wargaming either rewards smoking allies/shooting down planes properly, or as soon as Cruisers/DDs get an ability to bill their teammates for their exp/credit expenses, you will see DD and CA players do these things. Until then, we shall be busy getting our own experience by dealing damage, like everyone else. =)
  12. CloakingDonkey

    Imaginary Patch Notes

    I would argue that the Aoba probably has a higher winrate because it's played by a smaller group of more dedicated players. I mean Tenryu and Kuma aren't exactly your typical Cruisers and Furutaka used to suck quite hard... By the time you reach Aoba you just HAD to have learned some stuff about the game. The USN Cruisers are a lot more forgiving in that regard. I'm not saying the Cleveland is still the exact same crazy OP ship it was during CBT but it still is stronger on average because it fairs a little better in matches where it isn't top tier. Tier 8 is pretty nightmarish in the Aoba, when your lack of DPS really comes to kick you in the bollocks.
  13. CloakingDonkey

    Imaginary Patch Notes

    I'd like to see some changes to smoke and module health on destroyers at higher tiers. Or generally some reason to actually play that line past tier 5. Other than that your notes look pretty reasonable. Addresses a lot of problems the game has. Well done =) P.S.: Your long version spoilers don't unfold for some reason =(
  14. CloakingDonkey

    What changes will the official release bring?!

    Seeing how rushed this release is, a bunch of new, completely untested ships would probably just make me flip the table anyway.
  15. CloakingDonkey

    Doing a cruisers job..

    dude you shot down 53 aircraft.... FIFTY THREE.... and you made with a tier 10 ship what people make in a decent game with the Murmansk?... You'd probably have gotten more exp had you abandoned your BBs and just gone on to sink another ship... Yeah you got that experience for sinking ships and dealing a buttload of damage... not for shooting down a few planes. The OPs point is to say that escorting BBs and shooting down attacking planes is pointless because it's not rewarded and he's 100% correct.