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  1. mmmbeer

    What is the accuracy curve for German BBs?

    Russian developer...german ships
  2. mmmbeer

    Missouri 750k free xp ?

    I got 3500 free xp in a container...only 214 to go
  3. mmmbeer

    Missouri 750k free xp ?

    I would have considered it at half this price and I think it would have earned a lot in converted free xp at that price. They went way too far with the price to make much money this time. Will be interesting to see how many few players buy it from the start. My earned free XP is usually spent on modules so to get this ship I would have to convert XP.
  4. And those puny guns in the video above detonating a Yamato...says it all.
  5. This game is one big RNG-fest with the detonation being the crown jewel. Although a detonation puts it all into a fast conclusion it is also annoying to have the RNG giving you miss after miss, when your opposing ship scores hit after hit, all because RNG does not want you to hit in that battle. And then in another battle it is vice versa, you hit good while the enemies shells are draw away from your ship by the magical RNG. I really like the concept of this game, but I can not stand how the ships performance varies from battle to battle because of the RNG. Give me a a ship with guns that perform consistently like they should from one battle to the next battle.
  6. Of course more realistic gameplay would be better. Unfortunately it takes developer resources and a lot of people don't care. So here we are. At least you can't be torped or radar'ed straight through solid islands right...
  7. mmmbeer

    ESL for Warships?

    You claim that bad RNG could happen for 5 * 20 salvoes in a streak randomly every now and then...do you know the odds for that? You claim I don't know what random is yet you seems to think random can do anything. It can't. If you play the roulette on RED and lose 10 times in a row...yet possible you are most likely being cheated. -Laws of probability.
  8. mmmbeer

    ESL for Warships?

    No, if you get RNG stacked against you for say 5 btls of 20+ salvoes each that is not random but rigged. I am sure a math wizz can calculate the exact number of the probability, but it is so high it might occur once in your lifetime at most if it was truly random. There will be streaks in a truly random RNG, but not for battle after battle with only bad RNG or battle after battle with only good RNG. So long streaks indicate a system of handicaps and blessings. It is not mathematically possible for that to be the result of randomness between salvoes, exept for that once in a lifetime. Yet it happens every day.
  9. mmmbeer

    ESL for Warships?

    Missing the point altogether...did you even read the thread? The question was; is RNG random only between salvoes or can you have a whole battle or group of battles with bad RNG (or vice versa with good). Calling my claims stupid when you misunderstand so blatantly is not very good... The more random-factors the less competetive. A bit random is OK. +-25% is too much. A few steps more (say +-50%) and you have a ESL of playing BINGO.
  10. mmmbeer

    ESL for Warships?

    Still not answering the very clear question... I think because the answer is, "yes, I have noticed that"..and it does not fit into your view. I'm pretty sure the great players have streaks of battles that are not very good...better than the baddies ofcourse, but not consistently good results as you claim.
  11. mmmbeer

    ESL for Warships?

    No, those 10 people did not explain this the same. Did you notice any of these effects or do you have the same level of RNG no matter which group of battles you assess, in 5 battles today and 5 battles tomorrow and any group of battles for eternity? You shouldn't just call a quits to the discussion without answering any of the relevant questions, that's not fair. Wide spread and possibly rigged RNG is the most important reason why the game in it's current state is not good for fair competetive play. Even if it is not rigged the share widespread RNG is too much for ESL. Without being hounded for evidence, was not that what ESL concluded with the last time this was on the table?
  12. mmmbeer

    ESL for Warships?

    Hehe, funny. But more people have noticed the effect, if you read above. It's just our interpretation of why this happens we seem to not be in agreement of. When I ask directly if people have seen these effects only one so far claim that he has not. We must be playing different games, because I have very clearly a different level of RNG in one streak of battles vs another streak of battles.
  13. mmmbeer

    ESL for Warships?

    Verdius: You are one of a handful of people writing in this post, if you are not claiming anything then have a nice day. I notice you don't bother the other posters with having to prove their claims. I was waiting for some answers from those who were claiming things.
  14. mmmbeer

    ESL for Warships?

    So, did you notice the last survivor effect?
  15. mmmbeer

    ESL for Warships?

    There are claims going both ways..and more than one. You can spare me the personal comments and answer some of the questions if you are truly interested in this. I know you must have noticed the last survivor effect at least. The ones claiming RNG differs only between shots and nothing else, no proof there either.