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  1. This sounds to me like a good way to go for DDs, but I have to disagree about the reload time for torpedo launchers. For me it is part of playing DDs "well", to know when to launch how many spreads. If the reload is too short, people just fire away as soon as they are loaded and there will be a stupidly high saturation of torpedoes. So for me is part of the skill to play DDs to "plan" your torpedo salvos. On the rest I can only fully agree. There are way too many planes airborne on high tier matches. In my opinion the air detectability of DDs should be reduced (maybe 1 - 1,5km) and catapult planes should not be able to spot at all (not only no DDs, no ships at all!). Maybe as a little balancing they could be a little more reliable on fighting enemy planes. Also on higher tiers the BBs are way more agile than low tier BB. On top of this basically everyone and his mother has this spotting module for the big ones (since the camo thing doesn't make any big sense), and if I'm not totally wrong this also increase your spotting range for torpedoes. These 2 thing make it way easier to dodge long range torpedoes with BBs. And for those that are still getting rape, are the ones that never learned it on low tier and are most likely to never learn it at all. Just my 2 cent.
  2. Malkavor

    Update 0.4.1 Aircraft Carrier Changes

    This! Since people are now forced to take fighters in IJN, they should be more useful! Don't get me wrong, I like the enforcement of fighters for IJN. For me it always felt kinda stupid to play any CV without fighters, but they need to be able to stand their ground! I think one big reason why people tend to play strike layout on IJN carriers, was the fact that the fighters are basically just target dummies anyways. I also really never got it why Japanese squadrons were reduced to 4 planes, especially for IJN fighters this really hurts them if they take on US fighters. In my opinions all squadrons should be back to 6 planes. I guess it would also make balancing them out easier for the developers. Most likely torpedoes & bombs for IJN attack crafts need a little tweaking to reflect the increased numbers of planes, but it shouldn't be a big deal to keep the overall damage at the same level.