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  1. Cruisers for me are the hardest to play at the moment. Very unforgiving, like a giant DD without the smoke or concealment. You can get get some nice damage but BBs will destroy you very quickly.
  2. fletch67

    That feel when 100% losses

    Glad its not just me that has a bad run every now and then lol
  3. fletch67


    Most games are won and lost by taking and loosing capture points. Its all well and good staying at max range early on, but at some point people have to help cap mid to end game or your team will loose. Time and time again I have lost games where the enemy team has capped and ,my own team are busy sitting in the middle of no where lobbing shells from one end of the map to the other.
  4. fletch67

    Maps Likes and Dislikes

    I wonder if they could make a random map generator. no two games would be the same !
  5. fletch67

    Kawachi, why is it so hard and can I skip it?

    I enjoyed my time in the Kwachi.
  6. fletch67

    Is the stock Fuso crap or is it just me?

    The kongo is a great ]ship. Fast and hands out Citadels left right and center. It takes time to make the change to Fuso, once you get the hang of it and your firing accuracy up the sheer amount of firepower of the fuso will not fail to impress. I did well in both ships. The kongo is more iconic for me and I do regret selling it. Had no hesitation selling my fuso its an ugly brute.
  7. fletch67

    Nagato, welcome to citadel city, population: you!

    I have exactly the same problem with Nagato. Boom ! there goes 90% of your HP total in one salvo.
  8. fletch67

    New Mexico: at Tier 6?

    I love the New Mexico.
  9. fletch67

    Fuso and New Mexico

    I had a lot of joy in both those ships and there is not a lot of difference between them. I do prefer the look and feel of the Mexico though. Fuso is so Ugly. Game play wise they are both powerful beasts and much fun to play both ships have a lot of fire power.
  10. fletch67

    Cant decide, Colarado or Nagato

    Thanks guys you make some excellent points, I did not know those ships were bad with the stock hull. I love my new Mexico and do quite well in the Fuso, just getting itchy feet to get into the next tier. I think the Colarado is a brute of a ship and hands out citadels like a London warden does parking tickets,it looks like a bath tub though compared to the sexy lines of the Nagato. I will however save my free xp for ship upgrades in the future. Thanks
  11. fletch67

    Cant decide, Colarado or Nagato

    Got some free xp to use cant decide on witch to advance to first Nagato or the big C What you folks think?
  12. fletch67

    Why is the Pensacola so visable?

    I am trying to like it, I want to like it , but It feels like a German cruiser without the decent guns or torps.
  13. fletch67

    Torps apppearing too late

    Its really not rocket science avoiding torps. When something is going to be firing or dropping torps on you there is only 2 directions your ship should be traveling. Directly at the threat or directly away, Look for a plane drop anticipate the drop point and turn into the planes just before the drop. If the planes go around for another attack always turn into them and never away, turning in you might take one, turning away can be fatal. Sometimes though you simply have to take your hat off to the other guy for a very well executed attack run.
  14. fletch67

    Rumors about new tier 8 DD

    Could be Australia
  15. fletch67

    BUFF German cruisers

    Good ships good guns, armor sucks. You can citadel them with 6 inch AP shells.