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  1. what a bs Shame WG....shame....shame....shame...
  2. Natsu__Dragneel

    Kontenery „Prezenty” od Mikołaja 2018-2019

    5 mega szmaty i camo :/ znowu kolejny rok się dałem nabrać :/ z darmowych 50 szmat i 300 dub
  3. Natsu__Dragneel

    Couldn't get go navy rewards

    yeah me too I wasted time to get 175+ tokens I wasnt able to spend.Pretty pissed. I didnt get the memo ...and ofc you can say its entirely on me but events shoudnt be done like this its not common practice in any games.Its usually up for up to few weeks in any games to spend tokens in similiar events...I dont get it why was it a problem to leave it or postpone update its seems like a weak programming team.You didnt have to be genious to know what will happen and a lot of people will get upset yet they still went with it and yeah its their own right still they could just put more warnings maybe at game center main news screen or something like that.I dont sit on the site and read announcements.I enter the game I see if theres a mission I check reward and play or exit and I think many do the same.
  4. Natsu__Dragneel

    Steven Seagall gone?

    I spent time grinding for Seagal and I want him back.
  5. Natsu__Dragneel

    Bug Reports

    Am I the only one with sudden fps drop spikes?Ofc it can be a virus but no other game has this problem and it started happening after wows update.
  6. Natsu__Dragneel

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    40E spent on boxes all sizes basicly got free exp all the time +some flags and some camo I ve been scammed for last time.
  7. Natsu__Dragneel

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    I got only lepoop shtty cammos free exp from 10 .... waste of money
  8. Natsu__Dragneel

    Pan Asian Destroyers - They're a bit rubbish

    irs rubbish Im wont play this crappy deepwater line
  9. Natsu__Dragneel


    to mam drugi raz kupić max paczkę na Błyskawice by dostać flagę?
  10. Natsu__Dragneel

    World of Warships Q&A questions

    I wanna ask about High School Fleet.Wasnt collaboration announced like a year ago?Will there be any event or anything related ?
  11. Natsu__Dragneel

    The Arpeggio of blue steel and High school fleet stuff

    so when will we get HSF event or anything...did I miss it?
  12. Natsu__Dragneel

    How are you doing in the CotE event? Share your progress

    next time you need to choose wisely... I also wanted to join water but I saw whats going on also I knew how this gonna end up (this is a copy from events AW did so I already knew how its gonna work forging results etc)
  13. Natsu__Dragneel

    How French are you?

    Edited This post has been edited by the moderation team due to inflammatory remarks.
  14. Natsu__Dragneel

    Ranked Battles Season 6 - Matchmaking

    these ranked baattles cause more harm than joy Im at the point where I want to delete this game because of the ranked. lol just came out of the battle where we (I) start good ..I play DD and I torp one of the 3 enemy dds and sink it while I take zero dmg.orther dd pops out I take about his 95% of hp before I die...so single handed I basicly took out 2 dds...cool I look at B where 2 of my team dds ...(with the support of rest of the fleet loose to a single enemy DD ) soon after cruisers die and battle is lost with me on top of a losing team again no matter what i f do result is same... I cant kill whole enemy team even top players on this server woudnt be able to do that... Im sick and tired of this ranked and its "rewarding" system