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  1. DanB24

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    This change would be...
  2. No worries matey. Both are beautiful ships. :)
  3. That is definitely not HMS Dreadnought. It's probably HMS Iron Duke.
  4. DanB24

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    Someone at WG hit Send All accidentally on their mail merge.
  5. So clan wars is effectively Cruisers only... I can't even imagine anything more boring and less appealing than that. Thankyou WG you've saved me alot of wasted effort trying to get myself a T10 of my own as I no longer have any interest in taking part in what will be a pointless spam fest.
  6. DanB24

    Monarch thoughts?

    Indeed. BS fantasy ships when we had ship classes coming out of our ears is an insult to say the least.
  7. DanB24

    Ranked Battles Season 7 - General Feedback

    T6 ships simply are not anywhere near so much fun as the T7 ships where last season. T7 is probably the best tier in the game so revert ranked to that next time please. :)
  8. DanB24

    New ship class

    4 are in the game already? Kongo, Gneisenau, Sharnhorst and Hood. :)
  9. DanB24

    BB AP pens on DDs

    There's what 4 famous RN cruisers? Ajax, Achilles, Exeter and Belfast and Belfast is only famous because she was preserved? I don't know of any American or Japanese ones and I guess Prinz Eugen? But only because she escorted Bismarck else she'd be unremembered too. 2 famous DD's? Glowworm and Cossack? Again I know of no famous American or Jap or German famous ones.
  10. DanB24

    BB AP pens on DDs

    Yes you do indeed need to rely upon your team but unless you're in a division which isn't always possible you have to rely upon the haphazard help of others which sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't. Like the times at the start of the match when you say "Ok so we push A and B? Then noone replies half the team sails the circles in the spawn and does nothing, a few go to A and a few go to C all the while ignoring the in game and chat entirely and presumably the minimap too and you just think "Oh what's the point?" 5 mins later most of the team is dead and it was indeed a huge waste of time even pressing battle. Making all the ships reliant upon team work is a great theory but in practice it flat out does not work as everyone bar a few is a lone wolf who gives not one single damn about the fate of the team and is seemingly determined to lose. Indeed some players trumpet that fact in chat openly "Waah I've lost lost every match today so I don't care" and promptly sail off into the corner and do nothing or sail of by themselves and suicide deliberately. So for the game to work in the real work every ship needs to be able to kill every other ship alone and unaided. The Paper Scissors Stone set up does not work. :( And to answer another statement I am not a sniper I push, I always push because A sniping is boring and yes I spend alot of time in the Sharnhorst as frankly it's far more fun to sail than any of the others and B it only works when brawling. Pushing of course means I am reliant upon the Cruisers who often set out with me not fleeing at the first sign of the enemy and leaving me to die in a hail of torpedoes and HE spam. But of the 9 times out of 10 they do run like cowards and it all goes wrong. The few times they have some balls it works wonderfully and I've gotten several krakens that way. Give CL's some kind of bonus for killing DDs or staying within 10 clicks of a BB or something. Anything to make then stop breaking the game by being so gutless.
  11. DanB24

    BB AP pens on DDs

    When did I say they should be better? You're still making things up. How has their effectiveness in the war got anything to do with it? You're still talking cobblers and with every reply lessening your argument more and more. You're completely ignoring everything I said. It's hilarious. What I said was they're far more far, far more famous therefore many more people will play them. And fine the question. You're in a standard BB and you're being attacked by a DD what would YOU do? Turn in? Turn away? Shoot? Not shoot and hope a CL turns up? What would you do? Or how about you're killing your own argument by being a Edited. Oh my look at the size of your Edited . You've got no counter argument whatsover and so you just bleat. Waaah look at his stats.. Edited And since when do no more than a few BB's do more than a hair over 30 knots? DD's do nearly 40 you dipstick. Infact you both all just so full of crap. Enjoy playing with your make believe DD's. Shame they could do none of their "feats" in game in the real world ever. This kind of discussion is everything that is wrong with all of these games and the internet. Too many clueless kids with opinions they should keep to themselves. I do hope that WG ignore every single thing said on all of their forums. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to inflammatory remarks and insult
  12. DanB24

    BB AP pens on DDs

    You're still not answering the question. Are you a politician? If you're so insistent about your one obsessive non argument how about the fact that no one and I mean no one gives a damn about Destroyers or Cruisers. Their names don't resonate through history. Ships like Warspite, Hood, Bismarck, Yamato etc do. The man on the street has probably heard of those ships. I play Battleships because I've been fascinated by them ever since I was bought a book about them when I was little. I have books on Warspite and Hood/Bismarck. Even those nerdy Osprey books about RN BBs. More people play them because they're the most magnificent warships ever made. Sure they did a job but all the other classes are also rans. And for the last time ANSWER THE QUESTION.
  13. DanB24

    BB AP pens on DDs

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah. So no answer at all then. Edited. It's hilarious how people can think that Waaaah there are lots of them Waaaah is an answer? Edited How many of any given ship are being played could not be more irrelevant. No wonder these games all go to **** if they listen to that kind of non argument. How about you answer the question? DD coming at you, you're in a battleship, what do you do? If you don't have a good answer then you clearly have no argument at all and need to shut up and go away. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to insult
  14. DanB24

    Texas in Premium Shop + Stars & Stripes camo

    This camouflage looks grotesque! I hope there is an in game option to not be able to see it. Would be great for all the brightly coloured ones tbh.
  15. DanB24

    BB AP pens on DDs

    So go on then smart arse. What is your perfect battleship player meant to do then? Bend over and beg for your big torpedoes? You're 100% the problem if you blame everything on battleships. You're the reason the game is bent so completely out of shape that it might as well be space invaders. Indeed I doubt anyone would still be playing if that other game had gone for proper ships instead of torpedo boats.