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  1. Mooncatt

    Really ?

    i dunno mate, ive done 85k torp dmg with my t4 dd before...i avg 40k i dont see many other tiers doing the same dmg on a regular basis.....of course im not a great player with other ships
  2. Mooncatt

    Really ?

    i used to play BBs but since i believe that manual torp drops are op i went over to DDs. they are NOT easy to play by any stretch of the imagination, especially the US line at low tier. 5km torps with a higher surface detection range make them hard to play. a decent salvo from a CC or BB is enough to make your day a bad one!
  3. Mooncatt

    Shooting at own team

    yup ive done it before myself....the tunnel vision thing....i always apologize. unfortunately they didnt really do much about it in WoT, i cant see them doing much about it in WoWs.
  4. Mooncatt

    sorry if this has been asked before

    thanks mate. i thought the option in the nvidia control panel that says "overide any application settting" for anti aliasing might have helped but i guess now
  5. hi peeps. was just wondering if anyone has been able to eliminate the horrible looking cables/aerials/guard rails on the ships yet? mine look stripey and horribly aliased (jaggy) ive tried all settings and the settings in the nvidia control panel and nothing seems to improve it. everything else looks great. running this...fps aint a problem so if anyone can suggest a setting somewhere in the nvidia control panel that might help id be really grateful.. cheers i5 4690k devils canyon @ 4.8ghz 16gb corsair vengeance pro red 1800mhz GTX770 2gb asus maximux VII ranger.
  6. Mooncatt

    lock up after micro patch

    just started up WoWs tonight and DL some small patch. i can load the game and all seems fine, when i go into battle and click start battle everything locks up and nothing works.....everything was ok last night. the error says this..... the bigworld client has encountered an unhandled exveption and must close (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION: 0XC0000005 @ 0X01397D55 WRITE @ 0X10B10000 Any ideas?
  7. Mooncatt

    CV Bombing.

    yeah the % drops after t6 coz BB players should and are on the ball by then and know DDs will be shooting torps. but yeah Tbs could have the dmg lessened that would make up for the close rnage drops that are impossible to avoid. +1 for u
  8. Mooncatt


    whats peoples opinion of this ship? i only encountered it once in my amagi and close range and i couldnt do very much dmg to it at all, even with 5+ shells landing i was only getting a couple of K dmg, while he was rapin the crap outta me. is it that good or was i just unlucky??
  9. Mooncatt

    CV Bombing.

    i think what i mean is when a good CV player uses manual drop for TBs there should be at least a chance to be able to avoid them! i was using a t9 fletcher the other day while visiting my bro at his house, i hit a yamato with 4 torps and took off 75% of his health.....that seems excessive to me. anway back to the point, at lower tiers the dmg is fine and acceptable but at least give the CV and BB a chance to dodge them, i had 2 TB squads drop about 10 torps at me and they dropped so close it was impossibe and 8 hit! i was dead....(amagi) :/
  10. yup i smoked a very close range BB the other day, he sailed into my smoke and i couldnt see him no more, he of course couldnt see me either. btw, DD players need to turn off anti air if they are in smoke to avoid been spotted from the air, if anti air is on and they fire, smoke is useless.
  11. Mooncatt

    AP even more useless now

    im very confused over this too, i was playing amagi and squared off against CC or another BB cant remember. i was using AP at about 10km range, 4 shells land and 500dmg. a bit odd if u ask me
  12. Mooncatt

    CV Bombing.

    well CVs really shouldnt be in that situation in the first place imo. i do however have a strong opinion of the manual drops for TBs, i think they can be dropped FAR too close to the target and that needs to be adjusted big time.
  13. Mooncatt

    Need help with high tier US Cruisers

    i was told to use the BBs as a brawler, get in range for secondaries and watch them tear cruisers apart. ive yet to get that close though lol
  14. Mooncatt

    Need help with high tier US Cruisers

    yeah someone was saying in another post that cita hits are now harder to come by, i play cleveland and it seems to play the same as before patch but with a higher turn rate. do u crusier guys use AP or HE?
  15. Mooncatt

    carriers need to be same tier battle

    i know what u mean, i started playing carriers and every match i was up against a tier higher carrier who could just rape my planes and nothing i could do. i dont play carriers no more, they deffo need to be balanced against the enemy carrier