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    WoWs!!!!...and a little WoT here and there ;-)
  1. iChase has made an excellent video tutorial on how to perform a manual torpedo attack/drop. Give it a look:
  2. Kiath

    Suggestion: Autopilot control

    There should be an option to turn it on and off in the bottom section of the Controls settings. Cant remember the exact name of the setting/option but it is something with collision detection/prevention. Sorry I cant be more specific, I'm at work and do not have the client to check. Edit: Xevious_Red beat me to it
  3. Kiath

    Turning on Replays

    Great info! Thanks for sharing HunterNL! Perhaps this should be pinned?
  4. Kiath

    Matchmaking issue

    Wow... Guess a few more testers wouldn't hurt I usually play during prime time but even there, it seems hard for the MM to fill out 2 complete teams.
  5. Kiath

    Division start together

    I wholeheartedly support this! It is something me and my Platoon/Division mates have been missing since we started playing WoT. It is not a terribly big deal in WoT since the tanks generally move faster and the maps are smaller but in WoWS, the impact is so much greater since it takes far too long to gather the division. I don't know if it is some sort of attempt to "balance" divisions in random battles, but it kind of simi-voids the whole purpose of being in one.
  6. My last battle tonight had Hanszeehock on the opposing team. I all too often forget to check the team lists but did for this one. I immediately instructed my division mates to keep an eye out for him expecting him to be able to do a lot of harm to our team. One of my division members (Shadowthrone) managed to send him to the bottom of the ocean towards the end of the battle which we narrowly managed to win by destroying their last ship only seconds before time ran out. Great battle!!
  7. Kiath

    Smoke screens

    I had a few quircky experiences with smokescreens last nigt as well. In one instance, 2 detroyers deployed a smokescreen and fired spread after spread of torps at me from within the smokescreen while not appearing. Not one of them, and I was just by the edge of the smokescreen. Thankfully, they were not very good and I managed to dodge their torps long enough for the screen to disappear....And I almost instantly rammed into one....he was THAT close when he appeared. A few battles later, I am engaged with a BB and a DD in my Cruiser. The DD deployed his smoke just before my last salvo hit him and took him out. The enemy BB was very closeto us and was affected by the DD's smokescreen. I had some idea about where he was but he wasn't firing at me and remained hidden. He was low on health last I saw him so I sailed into the smoke screen to find and finish him off. I could see the smoke screen slowly thinning and started to wonder where that BB could have gone to in such a hurry since he wasnt there. The smokescreen finally cleared entirely and.... There he was! That huge lumping BB was RIGHT infront of me. Literally right in my face! He let loose a salvo that only flashed on screen due to the extremely close range before it hit me. A scenario that could easily be a definition of "point blank". How the hell can a huge battleship be so stealthy in a thinning smoke screen that he can be so close without being spottet? It seems like there is no middle ground for smokescreens. They are either on or off. It also seems like it does not matter what type of ship it is cloaking be it a BB or DD, the effect is the same. Seems a bit broken...at least...I hope it is ;)
  8. Kiath


    I am also fairly certain that removing stats will do little to no difference to how toxic some members of the community will be. A lot of them have or are likely playing WoT as well and already highly "tainted". I have seen a lot of WoT-like behavior in the in-battle chat. I actually almost laught myself to tears on the first evening of CBT. Some guy was going on and on about how his team was full of noobs....Seriously?? On the first day of closed beta? I tried to put it into perspective for him, reminding him that is was after all the first day of CBT and quite a lot of poeple had just gotten access that very day...but he was completely unreachable. Do you think hiding stats will change a guy like that?
  9. Kiath

    Favourite Military Song?

    Lol, having an "affair" with another game? Get back to testing WoWS you bad boy!!! ;-)
  10. Kiath

    Favourite Military Song?

    Great game indeed! And yes, that remastered edition was truly godsend. Sounds like the tune might even have stirred some emotions in you if it made you think of fond memories there SBS? That is what it does best in my opinion (although not always fond ones) and why I like it ;) And hey....where would music in general be today if people didnt have such different and nuanced tastes?
  11. Kiath

    Favourite Military Song?

    Mine would definitely have to be Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings used in "Platoon": Well...if a musical piece will be accepted instead of an actual song. If not, this will take its place:
  12. Kiath

    Toxic Behaviour

    Now this is something I can definitely get behind/support! If I should be lucky enough to get in, Im in and will actively promote and also try to inspire towards that kind of mentality
  13. Numerous confirmations already SgtToad. Here is a very recent one: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/6978-i-am-starving/page__pid__113420#entry113420 Hope it helps a little
  14. Kiath

    Premium Ships

    How about the USS Stewart (DD-224) as an IJN premium? I think it would somehow fit well