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  1. Dracula

    Time to scrap saving star in ranked

    Some of the most [edited] i read in a long time ! What guarantee that the player on topp have done most off the work ? Is very easy to be on the topp just camping on max range with a BB to secure that star.And when the outcome of the match i clear then you move forward with a full hp pool to farm eaven moor.
  2. Dracula

    Win Rates

    And you come up with this greate idea after 280 battles in the game ?
  3. Dracula

    T-61 - Goodbye balance in T6

    It's not the ship,it's the player behind the ship............you can take a tomato /potato ( you name it ) and put into any ship.And yes maybe he get a better score from time to time.But he will never dominate the match anyway.The Belfast is suposed to be OP ship and was used a lot in ranked........But there was so maney bad players sailing around it so it become no problem at all . A tomato will allwayes ba tomato it dosen't matter what ship he sail.
  4. Dracula

    Premium shells in WOWS

    Are you out of youre [edited]freaking mind ? Get out of here and get lost ! please deleate the game and never come back !
  5. Dracula


    Best map and the hardest to play in the game .No places to hide.If you camp far behind you lose on this map ! LEARN TO PLAY WOULD BE MY ADVICE TO YOU.
  6. Dracula

    [TROLL] Norwegian clan recruiting

    Troll med opprykk,har plass til Clan Wars intreserte spillere.
  7. Dracula

    [TROLL] Norwegian clan recruiting

    Tar gjerne i mot flere søkere.............................
  8. Dracula

    Hard to Play with High Tier Destroyers!!!

    I have 1200 matches in the tier 9,Z-46 and 63 % win ratio .You need to learn how to play high tier DD ! You realy think personal rating have something to do how well you do on high tiers ? It dosen't matter how much damged you do or how maney ships you sink.......all that is nice for personal rating. But the only thing that matters is to win and you don't have to be a unicum to get a nice win ratio on a ship,You just have to do more moore smart moves then stupid once.......and if youre thoughts is correct ,that radar need a nerf,then why do i have 63 % win ratio in 1200 battles with the z-46 . Hope you get this IT'S NOT THE RADAR THAT MAKES YOURE WIN RATIO BAD ON HIGH TIERS.........IT'S YOU AND THE WWAY YOU PLAY IT:
  9. Dracula

    T9 MM = 90% T10 matches

    What's the problem ? you can't handel fighting tier 10 in a tier 9 ship ? then stopp playing !! And by the way playing tier 9 vs tier 10 gives you moor xp and credits then ,playing tier 9 vs tier 8 .
  10. Dracula

    Hard to Play with High Tier Destroyers!!!

    I have 1200 matches in the tier 9,Z-46 and 63 % win ratio .You need to learn how to play high tier DD !
  11. Dracula

    Too many T10 ships driving around

    It's because of the last added campaigne ! why do a mission on tier 8,when you can do it on tier 10 ........blame wargamming..........they have not giving this a lot of thought...like allwayes....nothing new !
  12. Dracula

    [TROLL] Norwegian clan recruiting

    En plass igjen.
  13. Dracula

    [TROLL] Norwegian clan recruiting

    Kun noen få plasser ledige.
  14. Dracula

    [TROLL] Norwegian clan recruiting

    Har nå utvidet til 50 plasser.
  15. Dracula

    [TROLL] Norwegian clan recruiting

    Utvider snart til 50 plasser,er fult for øyeblikket.Men send en søknad du, så skal vi se hva vi kan gjøre.