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  1. Mucker

    Armor Penetration Curves

    Now to the French BBs:
  2. Mucker

    Armor Penetration Curves

    Before I'll add the French BBs, i'm still owing you guys the Roma:
  3. Mucker

    Armor Penetration Curves

    I'm not sure if a plot with all T10 BBs will be helpful, since I have to cramp 7 different curves in one plot with lots of overlap - I think we should limit such comparos to 3 at max.
  4. Mucker

    Give all cruisers heal?

  5. Mucker

    BBs as Fire Starters

    I'm currently running a data collection project to determine whether AP or HE shells yield better results on average. For BBs that is. One part of it is the real world fire chance per shell, and it is indeed way lower that what is shown in the shell stats. Which is a good thing btw, otherwise HE would be indeed the only logical choice of shell.
  6. Edinburgh gets my vote. Crazy concealment, crazy heal, prints dreadnought achievements like no tomorrow. Can stealth torp... and the List goes on.
  7. Do we have an ETA on the USN cruiser split? 7.3, 7.4 or later?
  8. Mucker

    RN Cruisers - jump from T7 to T8

    @ OP Are you running your Edinburgh with maxed out concealment mods/skills?
  9. All I really wish for Dunkek is a 360° rotation for A turret. The visual clearance is there, and it would make her much more convenient to use in kiting scenarios. Other than that, i'm totally happy with the Dunkship.
  10. Mucker

    Gascogn French Beauty on the horizon

    With an IFHE skilled commander On Gascogne, you can significantly enhance the effectivness of both secondary gun calibers: The 100 mm shell pen increases from 17 to 22 mm, so both high tier DD hulls and high tier BB superstructures will start to take HE pen damage. The 152 mm shell pen increases from 25 to 33 mm, so high tier CA hulls and high tier BB hulls will start to take HE pen damage. So yeah, increase the base range to at least 6 km, better 7 km, and Gascogne will have great synergies with secondary build captains for Alsace and France. For me, that would be a huge selling point for that ship.
  11. Mucker

    Year of the cruiser when?

    Well, the MM algorithm has to cover much more than just he feasibility of a certain ship class in a certain tier range. And how exactly is the MM for T7 cruisers better that for T8? Just because they face +2 MM somewhat less often? T7 cruisers face much harder pressure from lower tiers than T8 crusiers do. Most T8 cruisers comfortably bow tank most T6 BB shells, while T7 cruisers can't bow tank even measly 305 mm shells from T5 BBs. T8 crusiers also have access to the concealment module, T7 don't. So with basically the same same or worse stock concealment as T8, they are spotted sooner for longer. So no, T7 cruisers do not have it much easier due to MM, since they can't farm lower tier ships as easily as T8s can. And even if that weren't the case, that still does not change the major issue high tier cruisers face: being outspotted by DDs and thus being hammered by BBs without a reasonable countermeasure. Only RNG decides whether the first BB salvo will eat 10%, 25%, 60% or 90% of your health pool. And that is exactly the issue that should be addressed, and can be most easily addressed by heal.
  12. Mucker

    Year of the cruiser when?

    Well, tier 6 is certainly debatable, but T7 cruisers also face a rather harsh environment. I don't see a hard cut between T7 and 8 at all.
  13. Mucker

    Year of the cruiser when?

    I'd say extend that to T7 as well, possibly even T6.
  14. Mucker

    Understanding WGs Armor Penetration Curves

    Those data are mined directly from the client game files. As for the formula behind the penetration curves, take a look here: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/560yg2/wows_ballistic_model_penetration/