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  1. Armor Penetration Curves

    Here you go:
  2. Alsace T9 Battleship

    Now one has to wonder- will we see Richelieu or Gascogne in the tech tree?
  3. I think WG made a big blunder with Orion placed at T4. For all it's worth she is just as strong as Iron Duke - thus a perfect T5 premium ship. The Colossus class would fit T4 much better with 10 x 12" guns and is a more logical step up from Bellerophon. However, if impemented, the outrage would be epic.
  4. Armor Penetration Curves

    Nice find, thanks a lot. Is that page being updated from time to time? Would be nice to acquire the data from there, Anyhow, I have revised the plots for Conqueror, Lion, KGV, since the numbers changed significantly. I left those for Bellerophon, Orion, Iron Duke, QE and Monarch as they were, since those plots would barely change. Nelson was spot on.
  5. I really don't care about a Dunky sigma buff, i manage the same MBH ratio as with the super snipper Warspite. What I'd really appreciate though is to give her 360° rotaion on her A turret.
  6. Armor Penetration Curves

    New Entry: Giulio Cesare Reference Points Giulio Cesare Armada Plot 5 km 439 mm 548 mm 10 km 416 mm 414 mm 15 km 320 mm 314 mm Here we have another proof reading fail in the Armada video, they obviously meant 539 mm for 5 km. Anyhow, she places solid 3rd at T5, right behind NY/TX and Kongo.
  7. Musashi specifications

    750k free XP I guess?
  8. Here you go: For Cd and Krupp i took Moskwa's numbers, makes a rather nice fit for 9 and 18 km, a bit too strong at 27 km though.
  9. Suggestion for the next free xp ship

    A Hipper class CL (12 x 15 cm) at T7 or T8 could also be an interesting possibility.
  10. Suggestion for the next free xp ship

    Make that T8 and i'll happily shell out 600k free XP for her.
  11. Get the 420s. They feel more powerful and consistent than the 406s especially at longer ranges.
  12. The navweap tables have a wide range of results, also different conditions and definitions. Our armor and ballistic models are way simpler. For instance JP NL yields 22,6 " at point blank range which fits rather well. I have estimated the drag coefficients based on the values of similar shells in game, which have been mined: 2 crh is roughly Cd 0,6 (Example: Ishizuchi with 0.58) 4 crh is roughly Cd 0,45 (Example: Nikolai with 0.46) 10 crh is roughly Cd < 0.30 ( Example: Dunkerque with 0.28) crh values come from navweaps and/or http://incfar.net/images/our_stats/pdf/identification-of-the-parameters-of-naval-artillery.pdf Keep in mind though that the devs can tweak the curves via Cd and Krupp as they see fit. These curves should just give a rough idea what to expect.
  13. König. Jack of all trades, master of none. It isn't the fastest, nor the most heavily armed, but it has terrific armor, great AA. More importantly, it does not have any glaring weaknesses that can be exploited.
  14. missouri - AFT or manual AA

    Manual AA gets my vote too.